A Day on the Seven Seas

My parents and I spent a wonderful day in Gloucester. You know how I said yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and perfect? Today even topped that.

But before I jump into the fun part, time for my Sunday Sum-Up:
Monday: Ice storm=skipped workout! I couldn’t even bring myself to drive to chemistry class at 6:45 in the morning. 😦
Tuesday: An absolutely lovely 3-mile run…I’m liking this time change thing which means I can run after I come back from school. Perfect!
Wednesday: A day of studying and exams! I had my kinesiology exam at night which meant not much time to fit in a good workout…it also meant every spare moment was spent with the books.
Thursday: I came t-h-i-s close to skipping my workout. I felt fried from all the exams and quizzes over the week, and with Nicole’s phone call saying she wouldn’t be at the gym due to being sick, I determined that a night off sounded pretty good. But when Matthew came out with his running gear on, I knew I’d better gear up as well. A 2-miler it was…brisk, fast, and energizing.
Friday: My dad and I headed out for a 3-mile run. The weather was perfect (it’s been an awesome week, weatherwise!) Followed by an omelet. Life’s good. πŸ™‚
Saturday: Day 1 of the most perfect weather…my mom and I went for a 3.5-4 mile walk. And later I went for a 2-mile run with the guys (but they went much further.)
Sunday: aka, today! Lots of walking around Gloucester, and a short 1-1.5 mile walk at home.
All Summed Up: 10-miles of running, 4-miles walking + walking around campus.

Now, on to today!…

I was starving by the time we made our way to the Gloucester House today, but still forced myself to take it slow when looking over the menu. Did I want a large salad with grilled shrimp? Or the Angry Shrimp (spicy shrimp with tomatoes with cannellini beans)? Or the stuffed haddock? Ah…life has way too many decision. πŸ˜‰

The view was beautiful from our booth too. I love the New Englandy feel of the restaurants around Gloucester.

Silly times=Good times…:)

Anywho…on to the meal. I finally decided upon the Mediterranean Salmon, which the menu described as a “salmon fillet grilled with peppers, onions, summer squash, zucchini and eggplant topped with a lemon caper mayo.”

The meal started with a side garden salad. I asked for the raspberry viniagrette on the side, but didn’t end up wanting or using it.

Next came…cornbread! I absolutely love, love, love cornbread! I could have eaten the entire basket full and made it my meal. haha…it came as a lovely surprise.

The entree!!! Served with a side of smashed red potatoes. They were light, whipped, and creamy. And I had to take a few seconds to just enjoy the presentation of the main dish because it was just too pretty! I did finally dive in though, and polished it all off. πŸ™‚ The grilled veggies were absolutely perfect, and the salmon was nice and tender. The lemon caper mayo was mostly scraped off, but I did sample a lil’, and it was heavenly with the fish. I especially liked the side of fruit as a finish to the meal. πŸ™‚

Later we went for a nice long walk along the wharf.

Then we reached an opening with some really cool canons.

Enjoying the views…

This cove just always makes me want to go swimming. Haha…it’s such a peaceful spot. πŸ™‚

Spending time with a handsome local…;)

And now I’m home, relaxing. I keep forgetting that I don’t have school tomorrow. No getting up early! I love slow mornings. πŸ™‚
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