Weekend Eats

I decided to record a “day in the life” of my daily eats today. It was a busy day, between trying to accomplish some chemistry homework (umm…not so productive there!) going to a baby shower, and celebrating my dad’s birthday party. But I like having a nice busy Saturday now and again. And since I plan on spending my entire day tomorrow with the books, I was glad to give my brain a mental break.

Yesterday I had picked up some panera bagels for breakfast this morning. I had a trail mix bagel with some cream cheese and a big side of fruit. Yum! The bagel was perfectly delicious…doughy on the inside, chewy/crusty on the outside. Add some salted sunflower seeds and bits of fruit peices and it was the perfect bagel. 🙂

The iced coffee that was too good to not drink before photo’ing. haha…It was my favorite mix of 1 c. starbucks bold, 1/2 c. milk, and a tsp. sugar…+4 ice cubes. 🙂

This was a brief 1.5-2 hrs of my morning. Not nearly enough, that’s for sure. I was pretty much drowning in carboxylic acids and esters. Ick…

The yogurt/TJ’s fiber cereal combo was good though…:)

At the shower, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat. There weren’t many protein options…mostly macaroni salads, regular salads, veggies, fruits, things like that. This was my first plate: my mom’s macaroni salad, fruit, mixed veggies to munch on…nothing too, too exciting…and still very hungry.

Plate #2…protein available! Someone brought in a wonderful salad of red onions, blue cheese, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chicken. It was really delish. I also added on some more fruit and carrots…

I decided on the third trip, that I really needed to actually fill my stomach up because I was H-U-N-G-R-Y!! More pasta salad, more of the chicken & pineapple salad. Finally! My stomach was satisfied. 🙂 I also ate 3 little cadbury chocolate easter eggs for something sweet.

After the shower, it was time to get ready for my dad’s birthday party. He cooked some burgers on the grill (underneath all the onions, lettuce and tomato!), and I had some pickles, extra onions, and fries on the side. Along with a nice big side salad. I absolutely LOVE cookouts. This was the first time this year that I ate outside and it felt wonderful!!! 🙂

Seconds! More salad, some more fries and the rest of the onions and mushroom combo. These were delicious. Lightly sauteed just in pam until soft, and mixed with balsamic vinegar towards the very end. Love ’em!

And a nice slice of birthday cake with vanilla icecream after my dad opened his gifts. It was a nice night of family time and good conversation. Very relaxing and enjoyable. 🙂

I’m kind of looking forward to a *school day* tomorrow. I’ll be happy to catch up a little and feel more mentally prepared for the 2 upcoming busy weeks!
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