It’s been a while…blame it on finals and presentations and life in general! I’ve been a crazy woman these last few weeks. But I have so much to talk about, I just don’t know where to begin.

  • I’ve gained some weight (133’ish), which I’m really happy with. It’s been hard to keep it on, but lately it hasn’t seemed so bad at all. I think decreasing my exercise is what’s really helping. I won’t exercise more then once a day unless it’s walking, and if that happens to happen by some chance, I’ll eat a ton more (thereby more then make up for it! haha.)
  • After feeling like a human garbage disposal, I actually have discovered two foods I dislike. Clams and chicken loaf. What is chicken loaf made out of anyways? Ick…
  • Finals are going to be over by next Tuesday…one week! I’m so ready for summer to start, but not ready to actually have to find a job or volunteer position. It’s not the working part I abhor, it’s the actually seeking it out that I dislike. But it’s good experience to even just be looking, and I need to remind myself of that.
  • I’ve been considering starting up an actual food blog again, but I’m not sure…the decisions are still in the making. 😉
  • Running has been a little inconsistent lately, but I’ve been averaging 8 miles a week, while eating 2400-2600 calories a day (sometimes more, but that’s not the general overall average.) Now that my weight is up, I plan on keeping my running the same (8-10) and not counting calories at all. Which is weird for me since I used it to help me lose my freshman weight and to gain my junior weight. haha…but I don’t believe counting calories is good for lifelong usage, so I’m excited to be stopping that. 🙂
  • And now, off to finish my take home final and then study for my nutrition final, which covers everything from the temperature an egg souffle should be cooked at to food safety to how to make cheese! There’s a ton of information, and I want to remember it all, so I’m trying to keep my brain wired with an iced coffee. Ha…and later I have a walk planned with my favorite walking partner (aka, mom).

Monday is almost over! 🙂

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a chocolate & coffee loving Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping people reach their goals. When I'm not busy working, I enjoy photography, cooking, and spending quality time with my family (and pets!) Thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “MIA!!!

  1. Good luck on exams. I had them last week and it was absolute hell. I’m taking this week to run and destress 🙂

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