Life in the Slow Lane

I woke up at 6:30’ish again this morning.  One of these mornings I’ll sleep in so late and make up for all of those early, 5:30 am mornings I’ve had during the past semester.  But for now, my body wants to be up early, and there’s just no use fighting it sometimes. 😉

Breakfast was worth being up for though.  I had the same concoction as yesterday, except I made it using 3/4 c. oats instead of the regular 1/2 (totally worth it because I finally wasn’t starving in an hour for once! :D.)  I’m usually a banana ‘n’ oats girl.  Let me rephrase that.  I’m always a banana ‘n’ oats girl!  Not having them for this past week practically killed me (we’re still, literally, waiting for this one bunch to turn yellow…it’s been green for 3 weeks now! :-o!)  But now I’m falling in love with apples ‘n’ oats.  It’s so perfect and not-too-sweet, and goes so wonderfully with the walnuts and coconut. 


I then proceded to spend about 1-2 hrs. on the computer, just doing nothing.  Part of me felt guilty.  I should be doing homework (actually I probably should have been…that chemistry homework still needs to be completed by tomorrow and I’ve only conquered 1/2 so far!)  I kept frantically looking at the clock, feeling as if I was wasting time and probably should be studying.  I had major procastination anxiety.  I’m not planning on spending every morning in front of my laptop, just browsing leisurely, but it did feel rather nice. 😀

My legs were feeling still sore from that 4-mile run that dad and I had done, so I decided to take it easy on myself and do either an easy breezy 2 or 3 miler…depending on how my legs felt.  They were feeling super tired for the first mile or so in, but after that I kind of just found a rythm.  I still felt a lil’ tired, but good enough to keep trucking out 3 slow miles.  The weather sure helped.  Despite the heat, there was a wonderfully cool breeze that was just absolutely perfect. 🙂

I came home from my run, guzzled some ice cold water, and snooped into the fridge for a snack to find (horror)…THIS!


It’s a sad, sad thing to find an empty pb jar in this house…we all practically live off of it. ha…there was enough to scrape some out onto 1/2 a banana for a post-run snack though.


After taking a shower, I scraped some more out and ate it directly…and put the rest on the other 1/2 a banana.  I think there was a lot more in there then I had originally thought, because I found myself scraping out spoonfuls. 🙂  And I also had a regular iced coffee. 


Despite my laid back morning, I was at least a little productive with my chemistry homework.  I worked straight until 12’ish before my hunger pangs finally got the better of me and I headed outside on the porch to eat.  How could I not?  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky!


Except for this jet plane smog which could perhaps pass for a cloud…but other then that, it was just blue skies overhead.  I *love* summer.


And lunch was delicious…it started with just a basic green salad topped with olive oil, balsamic, and orange juice, but I kind of stole one of Matthew’s black bean chipotle burgers to put on top.  😀


And the kashis we all know and love…



I ended up going out for an iced coffee with Matthew to a local coffee joint, which was nice.  Sorry to keep repeating myself but it feels so good to not be a hermit anymore! 😀

I was starving when I came home and dug right into what is known (to me anyways) as the best granola ever…


…and made a snack.  Nice and simple, just a T. of crushed flax in about a cup of plain yogurt and topped with a little granola.


I tried calling the hospital volunteer line to see if I can perhaps work with an RD over the summer months.  I’d love to have that opportunity, so I’m really hoping it can work out.  She’s away until Tuesday, and by then I’ll hopefully get in touch with her.  *crossing fingers*

I got myself busy after going out for coffee and having my snack.  My room, I’m now happy to announce, is completely unfamiliar. 😀  I kind of forgot what the floor looked like for a while. 😉  That’s what finals always do to me.  I become frazzled…a lot like these guys on a really hot day:


I sort of stuck to my “eat the leftovers” ritual that I always have on Thursdays.  I finished off the rice (about a cup), the veggie stir fry from yesterday and some bean soup we had in the freezer.  I topped everything off with salt, pepper and basil…


The best part of the meal was finishing it with a maple cookie…all the way from Canada.  Savored…very…slowly.  These are amazing. 


My to-do list looks like it will be carrying on to tomorrow after all…Eeks.  But I’m not too worried, and considering it’s my first day back into life after finals, I think it’s looking pretty good. 😀

Edited to Add Night-time snack, post-grocery shop!

You know, this cereal is actually starting to grow on me.  I think it just doesn’t taste good on its own.  Add in some strawberries to the mix, and I found myself enjoying it.  It’s crispy and chewy, and stands up well to the milk.  I found myself taking my time to eat it rather then rushing to avoid soggy cereal flakes.  And, as is much needed for my appetite, it fills me up quite nicely too! 😀  I think I’ll try messing around with it tomorrow for breakfast and see what concoction I can come up with and how long it holds me over.  That’s if oatmeal doesn’t win the battle of breakfasts, though.  We shall see…:D


Exercise: Today I ran a tough but doable 3 miles.  My legs felt a little tired, but I still felt pretty strong overall.  Walk later?  TBD…;)

the walk was a must.  It was about 70 degrees out when the sun started to set, with a perfectly light and cool breeze.  Have I mentioned how much I *LOVE* summer? 😀

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