Things didn’t go according to plans today, but sometimes that’s okay.  I find that if I can convince myself to just go with the flow rather then getting uptight about the changes, sometimes the day turns out even better then planned. 🙂

First things first…I did manage to go for a 2-mile run at least.  That wasn’t planned but felt great.  Again, my legs felt a little tired at first.  My first 1/4 a mile, I probably resembled what I looked like when I rode a horse for the very first time.  Sore and wobbly.  But it’s always the first few minutes that are the worst in any run.  That’s just the way it goes for me!  After that, I sort of just melded in and my legs really loosened up.  It was only 2 miles, but it was just enough to get me all nice and sweaty and happy. 😀

I ran in my favorite running garb too.  An old periwinkle tank and my running skort. 😀


The other not so planned events was that mom was sick.  All day.  😦  She at least got some food in her scattered throughout the day, but not much, and she’s still in bed trying to sleep it off.  I decided to make the most of the fact that our long walk to the icecream barn was out of the question for today, by checking some more items off my to do list.  I was super productive actually.  Mostly all of my chemistry assignments are complete (which is good, considering they’re all due by midnight tonight!), the bedroom is 100% (ur…80%) clean, and the family was fed a nutritious asparagus lemon pasta dish.  I absolutely loved having the entire kitchen to myself.  It was just me, a few simple ingredients, and my favorite moosewood cookbook. 

Then dad, Matthew, and I went for an unplanned 3-mile walk after dinner.  and I very unplanningly watered all the flowers outside.  I’m so excited to plant everything tomorrow, now that all chances for frost are most likely gone.

There was also the monumental occasion of cutting open the very first watermeon of the season.  It didn’t disappoint.  I now have a very full belly of summer’s fruit.  I ended up having two bowl-fulls of this sweet, watery goodness.  It’s so perfect for the hot weather, and oh so refreshing.


So I’ve decided that having things go against the plan isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Today turned out very different then I was expecting, but I think it was just what I needed.  😀

Exercise: 2-mile morning run, 2-mile afternoon walk, 3-mile after dinner walk…out enjoying the beautiful weather was completely enjoyable today!

*As a side note:* I won’t be able to blog till Sunday because I’ll be having a sleepover with my bff and sis this weekend.  Hope you all enjoy a lovely memorial day weekend and feel free to leave comments or questions and I’ll get to them when I get back! 😀


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