A Perfect Day

You know those days you wish would last forever?  That was today. 

First of all, you can’t beat 72 degrees, sun shining, not a cloud in the sky, and a Canadian breeze blowing through.  It could only improve with a hammock and a lemonade.  A girl can dream. 😀

This breakfast is keeping up with the popularity contest in my book.  I feel like I should probably mix things up to prevent getting sick of it, but…I just can’t.  Maybe we’ll run out of apples at some point and I’ll change things up. 😀 


Usually I save the iced coffee for later in the morning or afternoon, but I decided to have it earlier since dad and I were planning a run.  I saved half for when we came back.

The run was perfect.  Really.  I haven’t felt this strong in a long time.  And running with my dad was really great too.  I finally came to the conclusion that it’s okay that I run slower.  I used to try and force myself to run fast, only to burn out too quickly.  Now I spread my energy out throughout the run, after finally learning how to be more conservative with it.  It felt good to go at a nice even, consistent pace.

We were hoping to catch the Memorial Day Parade, but apparently it wasn’t going through that area.  It was fine though…we just bought a bottled water and walked around the common area to stretch out a bit.  It turned out to be 4+ miles of running after we decided to take a couple of side streets.  It’s funny how long I’ve been running this route but never really took the time to explore!  It was fun. 😀

After coming home and showering, I got my arm workout in by washing the car.  Then we got to work on the grill again…I’m loving this summer fare. 😀

Today we had chicken sausages (I added a ton of ketchup to mine…mmm..), some sauteed peppers and onions, the last of the corn on the cob, and a side salad. 




I had to take a quick run to the store to get some raisins for the bread I was planning on baking later on.  Walking past the dairy section, I had an argument with myself…
“Keep walking…you have yogurt at home.”
“Yeah, but it’s not fage!”
“Well…maybe I’ll just take a look.”
Do it!”
“It’s $1.70!  You could buy 4 yogurts for that price!”
“Yeah…but it’s not fage.”

Needless to say, I gave in and bought a container of Fage 2%.  😀  It’s a special and rare treat that I enjoy on occasion.  Yes, it’s way expensive, but totally worth the extra cost from time to time.  Sooo rich and creamy!

I added a T. of flax and 1/2 a banana to make the perfect afternoon snack.


Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but there was a whole lot of tweaking going on with this pizza.  My mom has been making this quick ‘n’ easy version for years (no waiting for the dough to rise, which is nice when you’re in a hurry!)  Nobody seemed to notice, since there were rave reviews and both pizzas got gobbled up in seconds, so I’m trying not to let anyone know. haha…

First off, I made the dough only to realize we didn’t have any tomato sauce!  So I used ragu. 😮  But I did Italianize it a little more by adding some fresh garlic, fresh oregano and basil leaves with a bit of pepper.  I then added the spinach, onions and portabello mushrooms and used the weight watchers (??) cheese mix on top.  I wasn’t a fan of this stuff.  There’s nothing unique or dietish about it.  It’s just reduced fat cheese varieties.  However, one of the types of cheese didn’t seem to melt very well and left a powdery surface instead.  Nobody seemed to notice but me though!  So I wasn’t about to say anything…:D

I also had some carrots and cukes (mostly eaten before the pic was taken 😉 ) on the side.


Pizza slice #2


The whole wheat walnut-raisin bread from Moosewood Cookbook came out divine!  I froze one loaf and can’t wait to try an actual, larger slice tomorrow with lunch.  I love this stuff…:D


And last, but not least, my night-time snack of raisin bran, banana, and soy milk.  This raisin bran that I originally hated has now grown on me to the point of my actually enjoying it.  A lot.  It doesn’t get soggy so I can take my time eating it, and I think it just needs a little sweetening, which the banana and soy milk lend it.  Mmm…


Exercise: 4-mile run with dad and 3-mile after dinner walk…enjoying the 72 degree weather! 😀

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2 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. Your pizza looks good! My mom has some Fage in the fridge. After reading all the great reviews, I might just have to try it out tonight as my bedtime snack. I might mix in some homemade blueberry jam and, if I had some granola, some of that… if only my dad hadn’t eaten all the granola while my mom and I were away. Haha.

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