Saturday Favorites

One of my favorite things about summer is taking a long walk to the ice cream barn.  Today was a beautiful blend of 72 degree weather, with the sun shining, and a cool breeze.  Perfect for that 4-mile walk to get some ice cream. 😀

This was a fun treat.  I ordered a small sugar cone with one scoop of cake batter and one scoop of candy bar overload.  Both were delicious.  The cake batter had big hunks of cake batter and was filled with blue frosting swirls.  The candy bar overload was made up of caramel icecream with caramel swirls and big chunks of chocolate covered nuts.  Mmm…


Another highlight of the weekend was the homemade pizza that was made with this cheese:


I had originally spotted it on Cristin’s blog (Eat Like Me) and then saw it again at Whole Foods.  I just couldn’t resist. 😀

I used about 3/4 the package to make two of these pizzas…the leftover cheese will be great on top of salads or pasta salads.


Multipy this plate x 2.  I really loved this mozzarella cheese.  It tasted so fresh and not salty at all like you would expect in the packaged/shredded varieties.  Loved it!!


And one of my favorite parts about the cheese was the way it sort of just melted into the pizza.  It looked like a giant marshmallow on my slice. 😀 


And another favorite food enjoyment of the weekend was lots of this stuff…


Tonight I went with Nicole and Nate to the movies to see UP.  I swear, I almost cried in several spots.  It was cute, but kind of sad too. 😦  Or maybe I was just in an emotional mood, which is totally possible. ha…has anyone else seen it?

Any fun plans for the weekend??? 😀  Hope you’re all enjoying it!

Exercise: 2-mile morning run + 4-mile walk to the icecream barn.  I really enjoyed spending some time outdoors in the sunshine.  Tomorrow is supposed to rain, but I can deal because the following week is supposed to be just as beautiful as today was.  😀


3 thoughts on “Saturday Favorites

  1. We had almost the same day today – ice cream and lots of walks to enjoy the sunshine! That pizza looks divine! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh that pizza looks amazing!!! You definitely have me wanting to make some now.
    And that ice cream – holy moly goodness. I can’t even imagine!

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