whole foods, to-do lists, and other such ramblings…

This morning, I hopped out of bed with one thing on my mind: pancakes.

I’ve been seeing them a lot on different blogs lately, and couldn’t resist making my own batch of goodness.  But I also wanted to get an early start and head out to Whole Foods, which meant I needed something quick and easy. 

These did the trick: Sweet Potato Oat Cakes


I simply mixed together the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1/4 c. whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 c. low-fat milk
  • 1/4 c. sweet potato (sometimes I make this recipe without the sweet potato…feel free to use pumpkin, or just mix in your favorite fruit instead–blueberries, raisins, apple, etc. 😀 )
  • 1-1/4 tsp baking powder
  • about 8 dashes of cinnamon
  • a dash of salt

I stirred it all together, let it sit for about 5 minutes while I was preparing the pan to “fry” them in (using non-stick spray,) and then plopped them right in!  Quick, easy, and tasty to boot.  They were soft and doughy, with a bit of chew to them from the oats.  I topped mine with a banana and about 2 T. walnuts.  This kept me full all morning long.  I think next time I’ll cut the batch in half and make a smoothie to go along with it.  😀

Lunch was a hodgepodge, eaten in the car outside of trader joes.  It seems as if I’m always out shopping, doesn’t it? haha…but this was an actual grocery trip.  Not that it wasn’t fun, mind you. 😉  I could spend an entire day at whole foods, I think, just sampling the different cheeses and admiring all the fresh and local produce they sell.  Love it.

Anyways, back to lunch.  I packed myself an orange, some carrots and red bell pepper sticks, and a kashi almond crunch bar.  I ended up picking out a fage 2% yogurt at TJ’s, because I couldn’t get myself to walk past the dairy section without buying one. 😀


My granola bar tasted yummy all crunched up on top of the creamy goodness…mmm…


This iced soy latte is going to be my last coffee splurge for a while.  I’m a poor college student and need to start actually acting like one. 😉  I made it last by sipping it nice and slow, enjoying it thoroughly. 


I found some great big bunches of kale at whole foods and can’t wait to try them out in a green monster form.  They were really cheap and the bunches were absolutely humungous.  I love that they’re such a nutritional powerhouse, and can’t wait to experiment with them.

When I came home from shopping, I was getting a lil’ hungry, so broke out a slice of whole wheat sourdough bread, toasted it, and topped it with a bit of peanut butter and strawberry jam.


…and then I munched on a couple of handfuls of these sweet things. 😀


Dinner was thrown together in a flash.  Mom and Dad were outside planting the last of the tomato plants and splitting wood (that was done by dad…not mom, although you just never know… 😉 ), so I got to work with prepping dinner for everyone. 

It was nice and simple.  I made some scrambled eggs (1 whole egg, and about 1-1/2 additional egg whites per person) and topped them with sauteed onions, peppers, and spinach (in a tsp of olive oil).  On the side we all had english muffins.  Mom and I were super excited to be eating the whole wheat raisin english muffins that were picked up from Trader Joes.  SO GOOD! 


Dessert was a peice of blueberry coffee cake… 😀


This weekend I have plans to sleep over my sis’ apartment which will be super fun.  I also need to get to work on my summer class…as well as filling out some volunteer paperwork.  I think it’s time to create an up-to-date TO-DO LIST!!

I’m just one of those types of people who needs an actual, written out, list of things to do, along with a highlighter to check the items off as I go.  I like having that visual reminder.  Otherwise I can become a huge procastinator! 😀

Now I’m off to read up on some other blogs, plan some meals for next week, and read a little bit too.  Happy Humpday Everyone! 😀


13 thoughts on “whole foods, to-do lists, and other such ramblings…

  1. what an awesome breakfast!! I normally put pumpkin in recipes like that but sweet potato would be excellent as well!

  2. Kudos to you for being able to slowly sip your Starbucks iced coffee. I always suck mine down! 🙂

  3. april—mmm…I haven’t had pumpkin in a long time. I love it in these types of recipes too though. I think I’ll pick up a can next week. 😀

    Emily—haha…that’s what I usually do. I’m known for guzzling my iced coffees. 😀

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment!! Those sweet potato oat cakes look insanely good. Lovin the iced soy latte! 🙂 I just recently got addicted to International Delight’s Dulce de Leche creamer I got from Publix. Not too sure what Dulce de Leche means lol but it tastes amazingggg.

  5. Yumm! I will probably “borrow” that sweet potato pancake recipe sometime soon. 🙂 And I completely agree with you…I could spend a whole afternoon in Whole Foods just looking around! Definitely my favorite kind of shopping.


  6. Holly—My to-do list is growing by the minute too. 😀 It’s crazy! Oh, and I’ll definitely be posting up the coffee cake recipe soon… 😀

    Shannon—Mmm…I’ve seen the Dulce de Leche cream flavors at the stores. Sounds delish! 😀

    HelpMeghanRun—Isn’t whole foods just the greatest? Its the best type of shopping. 😀

  7. runnerskitchen—oh boy…that would be so very dangerous for me. My poor wallet. haha… 😀

    I’m absolutely in love with fage 2%. I always bought the 0% until seeing the other stuff all over the blogs. There’s just no going back. 🙂

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    • Not a stupid question at all! Actually I should have mentioned it in the recipe, so thanks for asking! 😀

      Yep, I cook it before using. Sometimes I’ll go the easy route and use canned sweet potato too. 😉

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