These are a few of my favorite things…:)

Oat Cakes

Made my favorite way…with cinnamon & raisins, along with a heated mashed banana on the side for dippin’. 😀


Being Outdoors

These poor ol’ sneaks got some good outdoor time today.  This morning I went for a 4-mile walk (more on that later! 😀 ) followed by a 10-mile bike ride with Matthew, and later a short 1-1/2 mile walk with dad after dinner.  I heart active Saturdays. 😀


Guacamole on Burritos!!…


…+ Cilantro from the herb garden too. 😀

This meal of meatless burritos was super easy and quick to put together by the way.  Just a sauteed and slightly softened onion, add a can of kidney beans, 3/4 c. water, and a taco seasoning packet (I use mccormick.)  Then top with whatever you want…preferrably guacamole and cilantro. 😉


Ice Water and Lemons…

…because it doesn’t take much to make me happy. 😀


Walkin’ with Mom… 😀


The people at Food Should Taste Good were kind enough to send me some coupons for a few free samples to review their products.  Of course I was super, super excited. 😀  Not only because I love their name ( 😉 ) but mostly because I’ve been eyeing them in the grocery store.  And then I saw them popping up on all the food blogs and I knew I had to try some out for myself! 

I asked my family which flavor I should try, and my dad immediately shouted out that we should go with the jalapeno flavored.  I’ll admit, I’m not much of a “spicy” food fan.  Give me cool gaucamole or sour lemons or sweet potatoes…but keep the spicy to a minimum!  I’m such a wimp. 😀  But I was willing to give it a try…



And some “Recommended Accompaniments”…I like that they give some unique ideas to spark your own creativity.  Peach salsa, maybe? 😀


I told everyone in my family to first try them as-is without any toppings.  My dad and brother commented that it wasn’t too overly spicy and tasted pretty mild.  Me on the other hand?  My wimpy self immediately knew that it had a perfect accompaniment, just waiting for it in the fridge…


…Guacamole of course!  😀  The cooling addition of the avocado with the spice from the chip was a perfect combo.  Love, love, loved it…and will definitely be buying it again.  Come to think of it, I think it would also make a nice little dish to bring over to a cookout…quick, easy, delicious…and I’m guessing it would be a hit, because I had only a few of these before the bag was whisked away, to never be seen again.  I think my family enjoyed them. 😉


Thanks Food Should Taste Good!!  😀

I sat outside for a good hour or so tonight…there’s a storm rolling in, and the clouds look so eery right now.  I remember being terrified of thunderstorms as a kid, but now I absolutely love them (as long as I’m safe indoors and not out camping somewhere! 😉 )  Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!! 😀

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8 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things…:)

    • I picked it up at American Eagle…it was on clearance for $5, so who could refuse that? It’s my favorite workout shirt. 😀

  1. those oatcakes look so good 🙂

    you and your mum are too adorable!! i love all the walks you guys go on together…i just got back from a walk with my mum..theyre always the best walking company right 🙂

    have a great sunday hun!

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