Sunday Highlights…:)

Recapturing the Sunday Highlights…

Don’t you just love lazy Sundays with no plans to do, or places to go?  I was more then happy to relax before my very busy day tomorrow.  I’ll be up by 6 o’clock sharp, and off to volunteer in the kitchen at the hospital.  I’m not sure how long I’ll be there for, so I plan on packing a lunch to bring, along with eating a nice and hearty breakfast. 😀 

On to the Sunday highlights…

The Hug Mug…

…delicious and cozy as ever! 😀  It was 60 degrees out, and even though I normally go for the iced coffees, this one just seemed so perfect.  It was made with 1 c. hot coffee and 1/2 c. soymilk.  So perfectly creamy. 😀


Grilled Chicken Sausages…

…with sauteed peppers and onions with lots of ketchup and whole wheat rolls.  Mmm…this is one of my favorite summer-time treats. 😀


Picking Flowers…

…this picture makes me smile… 😀


…and this one too…:D


Being Outside After a Heavy Rainfall…


Going out with Dad to help pick out his Father’s Day Gift…


…which is going to get some great use this summer. 😉


Hodge-Podge Dinners…

…complete with yogurt & flax with a bowl of puffins for crunch, carrots & dill hummus, and pineapple & grapefruit segments.  I love sampling. 😀


There was also a trip to the icecream barn, complete with sprinkles on grasshopper icecream, two separate 3-mile walks–one in the rain, one in the sun :D, and watching an old movie at night.  Such a nice, relaxin’ day.  I feel refreshed and ready for a busy week ahead of me.  Hope you all had a really enjoyable weekend as well! 😀


5 thoughts on “Sunday Highlights…:)

  1. sounds like a wonderful sunday 🙂

    ooo your dads father day pressie looks awesome!

    that grilled chicken sausage role looks so yummy! very summer appropriate 🙂

    have a nice monday hun!

  2. Your Sunday sounds so wonderful! I am glad you are enthusiastic about the week ahead–haha, I needed to read that! I gotta get positive.

    : )

    Thanks for making me smile!

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