Day with the RD

I slept so much better last night, and woke up feeling refreshed and energized.  I practically bounced out of bed, ready for breakfast!

I had to be at the hospital by 7:45, so I decided to stick to what works for breakfast this morning…these oat cakes were put together and eaten in about 15 minutes.  I was quickly out the door, ready for my morning with the RD…


I shadowed the RD for a good 4 hrs.  There was a lot of inpatient work, and I was able to see the ins and outs of what an RD does.  I know I would personally prefer doing one-on-one counseling, but could also picture myself starting out with working in a hospital.  I have to say, that my favorite part of the whole day was visiting the maternity floor, seeing the newborns, and listening to the RD give out information to new moms. 😀  I also enjoyed visiting the geriatric floor.  One elderly woman eagerly wanted to see if she could have tomato soup with noodles as part of her regular meals every day. 😀 

All in all, it was an interesting day.  I especially appreciated the fact that the RD I was shadowing didn’t glamourize the job.  She showed me a real, typical day.  It isn’t always 100% fun, and there are a lot of meetings and paperwork involved too.  But there’s also a lot of good stuff too.  It helped to remind me why I’m going through so many science classes and that my love of food and people is what got me into this career choice in the first place! 😀

I stopped in the cafetaria with her this morning to get a cup of coffee.  She had an important meeting at noon, so we worked through breaks/lunch.  I was hungry by the time lunch finally did roll around, so I was glad that I had packed this lunch last night.  I ate the granola bar on the ride home, and dove right into the salad and grapefruit slices when I was sitting down at home.  In today’s salad mix:

  • Mixed mesculin greens
  • Carrots and tomatoes
  • 1/2 c. garbanzo beans
  • 1/4 avocado
  • Dressing (1 tsp each of EVOO, balsamic vinegar, and oj)


Feeling that hungry for lunch was again, a little strange for my usual schedule and habits.  I found myself feeling a little too tired instead of my usual energetic self.  But after the food finally settled in my stomach, I felt re-energized and headed out for a 4-mile walk with mom. 😀  Today was absolutely perfect outside!  It felt like an early autumn day…cool, breezy, blue skies.  Beautiful! 😀  Mom and I had some interesting conversation as always, and both decided that it would be a good idea to go out and pick up some Father’s Day Gifts this afternoon.

I’m super excited about what I decided to get him, but in case he’s reading this post, I’ll have to wait to share it until next week. 😀

I blended up this smoothie mix before going shopping, and took it to-go…

  • 2 c. kale
  • Amazing Grass Packet (the Pomegranate Mango Meal mix=not bad…but so far chocolate is my personal fave; and I’ll definitely be buying chocolate flavored amazing grass in the future. 😀 )
  • 1 c. soymilk
  • almost a cup’s worth of ice cubes for its cold crunch 😀


I was feeling in need of something warm and comforting this afternoon while shopping, and still a little hungry too.  Starbucks completely drew me in…so I ordered a tall soy latte.  Hit the spot. 😀


For dinner tonight, I wanted something quick ‘n’ easy.  So I went with some kiwi slices, some homemade whole wheat walnut-raisin bread toasts (x2 because I was still hungry after eating), and a “fried” egg (1 whole egg + 1 extra egg white.)  Sometimes breakfast for dinner meals are so tasty and satisfying. 😀


I had an overpowering urge to RUN tonight!  So I did. 😀  And I had one of my most favorite runs yet.  The first 2 miles were a little tough, as I was working out kinked up muscles and sore legs.  But from the 2nd mile on, I was experiencing the most wonderful runner’s high.  I was grinning from ear to ear, and felt as if I could run forever and ever.  It sure made up for that very tough run I had a couple days ago.  Those horrible, tough runs make the good runs even more enjoyable. 😀

I think part of what helped was that I took a quick walk breakat the two mile mark.  It gave me a chance to catch my breath, stretch out my legs, retie my shoes, etc.  Sometimes I’ll tell myself to keep running and that walking in between is ‘cheating.’  Cheating who?  It’s totally okay to plan and take a walking break, especially on miles that are longer then you’re used to or on an especially tough run.  It can really help you recoop and keep going when you know there’s a walking break coming up soon. 😉

Tonight I wanted a slightly larger then normal snack to make up for my busy day and to avoid any “I’m so starving I could eat an entire cow” feelings later tonight. 😉  So I went with about 1.5 c. Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls, some milk, and a spoonful of peanut butter.  Yummay…love cereal for a crunchy snack. 😀


And, lastly, I’m just now noshing on some carrot sticks.  🙂


I have a busy day for tomorrow.  It’s technically my “day off” since I won’t be going to the hospital, but I’ll be heading over to help paint my grandparent’s shed since we’re finally expecting a completely dry day with no rain in between.  Should be fun…although I have to say, me and a paintbrush can be a scary mix. 😉

Can you believe tomorrow is already Humpday??? 

Exercise: 4-mile morning walk with mom…filled with gabbing and chatting and laughing. 😀  Then later, there was a wonderful 4-mile run which felt really, really good!  I need to always remember these good runs…they’re usually the best motivator to get me out there when I just don’t feel like it!! 😀


12 thoughts on “Day with the RD

  1. I really loved reading this post! I am set to shadow an RD on Friday and next Tuesday, so you’re getting me excited to see what my experience will be like!

  2. i love hearing about your experiences follwing the rd around 🙂 its something im really interested in so it was great to hear how your day went!

    breakfast looks delicious 🙂

    those good runs definetly make up for the bad runs, i totally agree! theyre why i enjoy runnning so much!

    • Hi Lisa, thanks so much for stopping by the blog! 😀 I’ll be a senior next year and hopefully graduating in the spring of ’10. 😀

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