It’s Dad’s Day!

Father’s Day comes but once a year, so I wanted to take my dad to a place that I knew he would enjoy…



I had gone here about a month ago with Jessica, a good college friend of mine.  While we were mmm’ing and ahhh’ing over our dishes, I knew I had to take my dad here for Father’s Day.  He loves sushi, and he introduced me to it way before I was willing to be daring with my tastebuds. 😉  Now I love it too, and wanted him to be able to enjoy some really good sushi for a special treat.

I love the inside of Osaka too…there’s outside dining for warmer, sunny days, but the inside of the restaurant has an “indoor vibe” as well because of all the natural lighting that flows in. 


I think we looked over the menu for a good 10 minutes before deciding on what to order because the menu is just so huge!!!  Not good for an indecisive person like myself…at all.  😉  At least my dad is good at making up his mind and chose the Ebi Su, a shrimp dumpling with a sweet dipping sauce.  At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the soft texture or not, but then my mouth exploded with a ton of different flavors that were so interesting that I ended up really liking the dish. 😀


And then my dad decided on and ordered his main dish, the Nobu Roll, which was part of the Japanese-French Fusion Menu.  There was a ton of flavors going on in those tiny little rolls, I swear.  Between the asparagus, the seared tuna, and the mild flavored tobiko sitting gently on top, it all made for a beautiful and tasty dish.  Dad said it was the best sushi he’s ever had.  And I knew it was a very good meal because there was more mmm’ing between my parents and me, then there was actual conversations. 😉 haha…


I always go directly for the vegetarian sushi.  And this sweet potato roll is an absolute must at OsakaYes, a sweet potato roll.  Along with fried tempura in between to give it that nice crunch.  Oh. My. Goodness. 

The buddha roll which was made up of honey roasted peanuts and avocado is amazing too…but the sweet potato roll was the star. 😀  And the pickled ginger on the side was mighty good too. 😉


Okay, enough gushing about the food and on to my dad. 😀  It is Father’s Day after all, so I just have to say THANKS DAD for always being there for me and working as hard as you do…and also for being such a good running buddy to run and chat with.  Love you lots! 😀



After we had finished eating at Osaka, we walked around town for a while, admiring some of the great art stores and noting which restaurants we’ll have to all return to at some point.  And then we headed to Harrell’s, a local favorite icecream stop.  There are flavors ranging from good ol’ vanilla and chocolate to the extraordinary such as jalapeno icecream with raspberry sauce.  I made a semi-safe choice and chose a scoop of Cashew Butter and a scoop of Grape Nut Raisin. 


The Grape Nut Raisin was my favorite, with big hunks of raisins spread throughout.  But Cashew Butter wasn’t too shabby either. 😉


And, of course, we went for a 3-mile walk, after visiting my grandparents to say “happy grand-dad’s day” to Pepere as well. 😀  Now I’m relaxing, before hopefully getting to bed a little early tonight.  I’d like to catch up on some homework tomorrow since I won’t be volunteering till Tuesday. 

Hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!!  And Happy Fathers Day!!  😀

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5 thoughts on “It’s Dad’s Day!

  1. wow, that restaurant looks great!! and so does that ice cream 🙂
    glad you had a nice fathers day hun!

  2. What a fun and different father’s day meal. My dad is a runner too, I love that that’s something we’ll always share. Sounds like you guys had a great day together. 😀

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