Good News, Bad News…

Bad News: …the guest post won’t come till later in the week sometime due to unforseen events. 😉  Actually, due to miscommunication/lack of camera…haha. 

Good News: …that means a double posting on one day this week. haha…

And without further ado, I’ll head right into the Highlights of the Day…

1. Hanging with the Sis’…

Nicole slept over last night, since Nate was on an overnight shift.  We planned a fun night, which included spending time with my two favorite fur-baby nephews. 😉  This morning we hit starbucks for some iced coffees.  I got mine with soymilk…Nicole made hers with skim milk and a mocha shot.  It tasted like a peice of dark chocolate.  Mmm…


2. Good Coupons

Nicole received this great coupon from New York & Company, so of course we had to hit the mall today!!  We spent a good hour trying to figure out what we wanted.  I settled on a pair of uber comfy shorts.  We went to the register only to find that we needed to spend another $15 in order to save $25.  What a predicament! ha…that’s when I threw in some lip gloss and a sparkly blue scarf to the mix.  LOVE sales, LOVE good coupons, LOVE fun, new accessories! 😀

3. Eating Out

I’m wondering if it’s become obvious yet or not how indecisive my sister and I are when we hang out.  Whether it’s spending an hour in the grocery store deciding what we want for an icecream flavor, spending an hour in a clothing store to decide which color shorts are the cutest, or spending an hour driving around at 2 o’clock in the afternoon to decide what we want for lunch…:D

2 o’clock did indeed roll around this afternoon, and both of us were feeling absolutely starving.  Even the “Tennessee BBQ” restaurant was starting to sound good. 😉 

At least we were prepared…this was the “I’m so hungry I could eat an entire cow” apple…Nicole had a banana.  We were still starving. 😀


Finally we spotted a Panera.  We made a mad dash for the restaurant, both of us ordering exactly the same thing we always order.  I think we must have looked like regulars as we quickly made our selection…”I’ll have the Mediterranean Veggie..could you please sub the whole grain bread?…and the black bean soup with an apple on the side and a water…thanks!”  Quick, fast, easy…

Nicole said I looked like I was wearing a halo in this picture from the sunlight pouring in…I don’t know, but all I can say is that it did feel pretty heavenly to be eating. 😉 hehe


4. Snacks That Make You Go “Mmm….”

The GoodOnYabar company sent me this Peanut Butter Chocolate bar to try out.  I’ve been saving it for the perfect opportunity.  Today I know there’s a late dinner being planned, since I want to wait to eat until the rest of the family arrives back home (eating alone is never as much fun as it is with good company! 😀 ).  So that’s why I decided to pull this guy out and test it’s satiety power!  Oh, and taste too of course. 😉


I liked the ingredient list anyways.  9.7 g. protein, 3 g. fiber, 15 g. fat (mostly healthy mono’s)…


As soon as I opened it, I got a huge whiff of peanut butter cookie, floating through the air.  Seriously, it smelled exactly like a pb cookie.  Those melty chocolate chunks sittin’ in the middle were pretty tantalizing too, I have to say. 😀


Then I took a bite…sweet, nutty, melty chocolate chunks…I liked it more and more with each bite.  This is a really tasty bar, if I say so myself.  I loved how nutty it was, and how it really tasted like peanut butter without being overpoweringly sweet.  I hope it shows up in Whole Foods soon, because I’ll be sure to buy some. 😀

The rest of the day is going to include my catching up a bit on homework, and writing out my plans for next week.  I like to take Sunday night to just jot down my to-do list and make myself feel organized. 😀  I’m also thinking a good walk is going to have to happen too…

Hope you’ve all been enjoying the weekend!!  See you tomorrow with a ‘back to normal’ schedule. 😀

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a 30 something year old who loves Jesus, nutrition, green tea, my family and my tuxedo cat named Humphrey. I enjoy photography, cooking and working at the local hospital as a Registered Dietitian. Thanks for stopping by!

14 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News…

  1. That cookie/bar looks TASTY. Yum. I had to laugh reading this post – I am about the most indecisive person of all time! And when I get together with other indecisive folks it is literally like a time-wasting extravaganza! Glad you got to hit up the mall and buy some awesome bargains! Yay sales!

  2. that bar looks delish – you really cannot mess up peanut butter + chocolate.

    yeah for panera – such a quick, easy meal. have a fabulous sunday dear!

    • This one is definitely a bit higher in calories then some other bars out there (like the kashi trail mix.) My mindset is that its worth it if the bar fills me up as a “mini-meal” when the next meal is a ways away. 😀

      BUT, just as a side note, this one didn’t hold me over as well as I was hoping it would have, probably due to the size. LOVED the taste, but I would definitely need something more to keep me full if I was as hungry as I was today. 😉

  3. I love good sales, too! I wonder if the people at Panera wonder if I’m a regular… I always order the same thing. Hehe. And that bar looks amazing. I wonder if they sell them here… I’ll look for them!

  4. Hi! I am so glad to have stumbled upon your blog today. I love your food philosophy and how you run regularly even if you are not training for a race. I’m new to running and blogging and so far enjoying both. 🙂

  5. that bar looks delish!! so good!

    im glad you and your sis had a fun day out! im so indecisive too! i can never make a quick decision, even if its with something small!

    hope you have a nice afternoon hun 🙂

  6. ah panera! i love that place- i used to go about twice a week when in school but now i havent been there i months! my staple is garden veggie soup with a whole grain baguette and apple. what is the mediterranean??????

    • The mediterranean sandwich has peices of “zesty” red peppers, feta cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and cilantro hummus. Normally its served on a tomato basil bread but I always go for the whole grain bread because I love it so much and it keeps me full longer. 😀

  7. That is exactly how my sister and I are when we’re together also! I’d love it if we were healthy eaters like you! The goodonya bar looks yummy!

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