Life’s Changes and more shadowing…

Changes Through The Years…

I was thinking today, about all the changes I’ve made with exercise and eating over the past 5 or 6 years.  I realized that it changed from when I was small to when I was a very self conscious teenager to—what I hope to consider myself as, anyways—a pretty balanced person when it comes to food and exercise. 😀 

Here are some of the ways I’ve grown and changed…

10 years old: My motto was literally taken from a Nancy Drew book, when one of Nancy’s friends stated “I’d rather be pleasantly plump then ever give up icecream sundaes.”  Funny thing is, I still believe that…just not in the same way that I did then. 😀  At that time in my life, the more cheeseburgers, cheez-its, and hot fudge I could fit in my mouth, the better.  Two big bowl fulls of cheez-its at night-time while watching tv was totally normal.  Three (or was it four?) cheeseburgers at mcdonalds was totally fine too.  Living in a family where hiking and biking was part of our identity, I was never severely overweight, but I wasn’t healthy either.  Not to mention I wasn’t very happy either.  My energy was low, and going for even a walk down the street was a chore.  I figured it was enough that my dad dragged me up mountains in New Hampshire during the weekend… 😉

15 years old: Calorie counting…cutting out what I called “bad” foods…replacing normal, whole foods with low-calorie options…all part of who I was.  I think a lot of girls go through this at some point in their lives due to a changing body shape which results in a very awkward period of life.  And as a side note, I think it’s so great to see healthy, strong, confident women acting as role models for young girls.  If you have a young girl in your life (daughter, neice, sister, etc…) don’t forget that what you say and do, passes on to her.  Changing how society looks at women and beauty starts with you!!  Sorry for getting distracted…back to what I was saying: I didn’t know what healthy eating and living meant…it was all about keeping the calories as low as possible because being thin, to me, was the definition of healthy.

18 years old: Freshman 15…creating a new identity for myself…losing the freshman 15 through daily runs, etc.  This is when I began to love running, increasing mileage as time went on.  I also started reading up more on foods that were healthy, what it actually meant to be healthy, and decided after my first year of college, that I wanted to go into nutrition and dietetics.  Things were starting to make sense, and I felt my confidence go way up as I became more fit through running.  My energy also went sky-high as I incorporated healthy, lean proteins into my diet, increased my veggies and fruit intake, and switched from the low-calorie white carbs to including more whole grains in my diet.  And for once in my life I realized there was no such thing as bad food/good food.  Phew…what a relief! 😉 

19 years old: I loved running so much that I just couldn’t get enough of it.  However, I’m one of those peoples who loses her appetite when I’m running, and I didn’t really realize this at the time.  Since I was running about 2, 3, sometimes 4 miles every day, my weight started dropping without me even realizing it.  When I finally did realize that I was underweight, I had to force myself to increase my calories through including more calorie-dense foods.  Gaining weight was actually quite the struggle for me, especially since not too long ago, I was trying to lose that freshman 15.  It was a whole new balanacing act and way of thinking.

21 years old: I’ve learned so, so, so much over the years, in terms of what foods make me happy, how to balance exercise with rest days to keep me most energetic and happy, etc.  Life is so good. 😀

On To Today…

I’ve been having a lot of morning conversations with myself lately…haha.  This morning I tried to decide if I wanted to run or not.  Mentally I made a list of pro’s and con’s…most people would say “just do it” because by the time I actually decide, I’d have probably already been back.

But I had to think it through first.  And finally decided that a morning, 2-mile run, is exactly what I wanted to do.  Plus, I wasn’t meeting with the RD until 9’ish, so I would have plenty of time for showering and breakfast too…

Before heading off into the run, I made a toast with peanut butter and strawberry slices for some fuel.  I always need something in my stomach before going for a run, no matter how short or long I plan on it being!


The 2-miler was a very speedy run today.  I started off slow, and after the first mile, I thought to myself how enjoyable it was to be running at such a comfortable pace.  Then out of nowhere…


Thunder bolts!  I’ll tell you, if you saw me running that last mile, you’d have laughed.  I don’t think I’ve run that fast since…never!  I ran through the front door, panting breathlessly, just as it begain to downpour and the cracks of thunder became louder.  I never did like thunder storms. 😉

After showering, applying a bit of makeup, and fixing my hair into a semi-dry ponytail, I got to work on making breakfast.  I knew I wanted oats, but we’re completely out of bananas.  It’s amazing how much of a staple bananas are to my breakfast. 😀

So I improvised and went with pears in my oats…

  • 3/4 c. oats
  • 1 c. milk + 1/2 c. water
  • 1/2 pear, diced (the other 1/2 was eaten in the making of this meal… 😉 )
  • 10 dashes of cinnamon, 3 dashes of nutmeg (yes, I do actually count them out…I have this recipe down to exactly how I like it. haha)

Topped with:

  • 1 T. chopped walnuts
  • 1 T. FEED bittersweetness granola (again, not sure which flavor I prefer…this one really made me happy this morning, I have to say, with those big hunks of chocolate crunch. YUM!)
  • 3 of the very last fresh strawberries…the rest are put away in the freezer, waiting to be put to use. 😀

Delicious!!  I almost didn’t even miss my morning banana… 😉


This picture was posed, FYI.  I ended up eating lunch at the hospital in a lunch meeting with the RD’s and a diabetes specialist. 

I’ve gotta tell you, eating lunch with RD’s is perhaps one of the greatest experiences. 😀  Nobody judges other people on what they’re eating, everybody loves talking about food as much as I do, and we all seem to have similiar tastebuds too.  Dark chocolate and kashi products seem to be common interest. 😉  Plus, they’re all so down to earth and friendly that it makes for very enjoyable company. 

In the mix of my packed salad:

  • a ton of red leef lettuce and baby spinach
  • carrot
  • cucumbers
  • red onion
  • orange, cut up
  • a few strawberries
  • leftover salmon from yesterday
  • dressing (1 tsp olive oil, drizzling of balsamic vinegar)

This was a fun and tasty salad… 😀


The RD that I shadowed today worked on the oncology floor, and it was so inspiring to be there and listening to these people.  They were, each and every one of them, so positive and uplifting that I found myself being in an even better mood then when I had first gone in.  I definitely like the idea of working on a floor where people are around for a while, rather then in one day and gone the next.  I’m a people-person when it comes to actually getting to know the people and visiting with them on a regular basis.  Plus, all the girls working on the oncology floor were super great.  I felt as if I was one of their old buddies, after just spending the afternoon with them.  By the end, we were all joking around and laughing.  There was such an upbeat attitude on this floor… 😀

I also sat in on a 2-hr. diabetes education class which was great to see.  The RD was great at explaining how the cells, glucose and insulin work, without making it seem too technical or “sciencey.”  😉

I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I came home around 5 and started feeling hunger pangs.  I wanted something quick and easy, so thank goodness mom had made some pizza for herself and dad at lunch time.  I grabbed two of these huge, thick slices of goodness…


…along with a side salad which I simply sprinkled with orange juice for a light and simple citrusy flavor.

I’m actually not going back to the hospital until next Tuesday due to the holiday coming up and busy schedules.  I’ll kind of miss shadowing and volunteering, but I can guarentee you that I won’t be bored either! 😀  I have too many plans, and it will be kind of nice to get the chance to do some of them. 😉

Hope you’re all enjoyin’ Hump Day!!  Do you guys have 4th of July plans?  I haven’t gone to see fireworks in forever, and would love to be able to catch some over the weekend after the birthday party that I’m going to. 😀

Exercise: 2-mile run in the morning, 3-mile walk after dinner to make sure I took advantage over the sun popping out for an hour or so. 😀

P.S…a bowl of cheerios with raisins and milk is a definite addition for later due to still being hungry. 😉  G’night all!


10 thoughts on “Life’s Changes and more shadowing…

  1. Oh man – I would have died without my morning banana! Haha! Totally a staple in my breakfast, no matter what else I have to go with it.

    Great post! I think we can all relate to our food philosophy changing at different points in our lives.

  2. I love reading the changes throughout the years! I’ve gone through a lot of the same things.. I think I’m in your 19 year old stage at the moment. lol.

    Your salad looks awesome!

  3. Wow I love your learning through the years post!! So amazing how we grow and change 🙂

    And that pizza looks sooooooooo good! At first I thought it was a huge slab of lasagna. Mmmmmm

  4. i really loved reading about your reflection on how youve changed over the years 🙂

    breakfast looks delicous! and that is definelty perfect timing about making it home just before it started pouring!

    wow, working with the RD sounds amazing 🙂 im glad you had such fun!!

  5. I always enjoy looking back and seeing how times have changed. When I was a teenager I thought it was all about fat grams and that calories didn’t matter because “you just burn those off”. So because of that I drank as much soda as I wanted and ate plenty of gummy bears because they were “fat free”. Oh boy did I have a lot to learn.

    Too funny about the thunderstorm picking up your pace this morning, gotta love that.

  6. Great post! It’s nice to look back once in a while and give yourself some perspective on how much you’ve grown. It’s so easy not to notice otherwise!

    I like how you say you realized there are no bad/good foods. For me, I still think there are some bad foods, but whereas “bad” used to mean “bad nutrition numbers,” now it just means “fake.” Coconut milk used to be bad, now it’s good. Protein bars used to be good, now I consider them bad.

  7. i totally had PB + strawberries this morning – great minds think alike obviously 🙂

    love all the hospital insights – its so interesting to hear from you what goes on in the hospital. also, i loved the timeline of eating habits. i think we can all relate to at least one stage of what you’ve been through.

    happy Thursday!

  8. Me without a banana in the morning = very bad. Lol. I like the look of your pizza. I’m making a Thai pizza tonight. If it’s good, I might finally write another post. Lol! Love that your shadowing went so well! 🙂

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