Monday Moodies

Running is a Love/Hate thing for me…

This morning I woke up, and didn’t feel much like running.  Actually, I didn’t feel much like doing anything.  I was slow and sluggish and decided right away that today was going to be my humpty dumpty grumpy day (aren’t we all allowed to have one once in a while, after all?)  Yep, it was all set and decided upon…

…then somehow, 15 minutes later, I found myself wearing my favorite periwinkle tank top, and a pair of running shorts.  I don’t even really know how it happened, but I was out and running before I had time to think.  That’s when I started mentally creating my running “love/hate list,” which I will now share with you all.

The first mile in was how this following list was created…

I hate running because:

1. It gets me up early sometimes, when I’d rather be sleeping.
2. Sometimes I’m warm and dry at home, and end up cold and wet by the time I make it outside.
3. I go through more sneakers then I would if…say…I was a swimmer or something (lame, lame, lame…I know!)
4. I get super cranky if I don’t or can’t run…there’s no putting a stop to it!  Its an obsession and I need help!

Then my reasons started getting sillier and sillier…like, it “means I have to eat more, which isn’t always a good thing if nothing remotely edible is left in the house,” and things like that.  Then I started laughing, letting loose, and really enjoying my run.  At that point (post 1-mile mark), I started creating an “I love running because” list…

I love running because:

1. It’s such an affordable sport!  Running sneaks, check.  Tank top, check.  Shorts, check.  Good to go, anywhere…anytime!
2. I have a reason to go outside at any time during the day…I’ve gone running under street lights in the pitch darkness, watched the sun rise over the hills, and run in the middle of the afternoon. 
3. It makes me a more sociable person…everybody knows when I haven’t gone running in a while. 😉 haha…
4. It keeps me fit for all the other activities I love to do in life.
5. It gives me time to think and be by myself.
6. It reminds me to be thankful that I’m phsyically capable of running, which I should never take for granted.

The list went on and on, until I realized that my short, 2-mile run was already over.  Somehow I came to the conclusion that this love/hate thing is ironically what I love most about running.  I can start off with one mood (aka: the grumpies) and end up with something entirely different. 😀

Breakfast this morning was something just a little different.  I made the usual breakfast cookie that you’ve all seen before, but decided to make them into breakfast cookie drops instead.  It was super simple.  After creating the “dough,” I rolled them into balls, rolled them in about 1 T. flaked, unsweetened coconut, and topped them each with an almond.  The smallest ones were the best because they had more of a chance to get firm and cookie-like.  Next time I’m determined to try them with dates, because I think that would be superb… 😀

In the mix was:

  • 1 mashed banana
  • 3/4 c. oats
  • 1 T. crushed flax
  • 2 T. soymilk
  • 1 T. cocoa

It made 7 nice sized cookie drops…they were so much fun to eat! 😀


On the side I made myself some scrambled eggs (1 whole egg + 1 egg white.)


My morning run kept me energized for about 2 hrs, but then my groggy, sleepy self returned.  I was trying to figure out why I was feeling so blah..then it hit me: no caffeine!!

I’ve been routinely including it in my breakfast or afternoon, but hadn’t had any this morning.  Oh goodness.  I knew it was going to effect me for the rest of the day, but I was determined to not cough up the money for dunkies, and also wasn’t planning on making an entire pot’s worth just for me.  So I sucked it up and decided to face the withdrawal symptoms… 😉

This watermelon helped a little… 


Despite the lack of caffeine, I did manage to get some stuff done.  The vegetable garden is weeded, I hung the towels outside to dry (as an attempt to add a “going green” point to my list 😀 ), and conquered a little homework.  By the time lunch rolled around, I was getting pretty hungry, and decided I wanted some volume in the form of a spinach salad.

  • large plate of baby spinach leaves
  • 1 carrot
  • 1/2 c. black beans
  • 5 olives
  • 1 orange
  • handful of raisins
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar

Everything was delicious.  I decided to eat my way through it, rather then grinding the leaves up into a green monster.  Mostly due to the fact that I had already had a banana for breakfast, and with there being only one left in the house, I want to save it for tomorrow’s breakfast (always thinking ahead! 😉 ).  

On the side I made myself a cheesy tortilla.  I folded a slice of American cheese into the tortilla, and heated it on a sprayed frying pan until the edges got all crispy and the cheese was all gooey.  I added a scoop of salsa for dipping, along with some chopped cilantro on top.  YUM!


I’ve been having some crazy intense chocolate cravings today too, and decided to nip it in the bud with a peice of very dark chocolate.  A good peice of dark chocolate does the trick every time. 😀


Afternoon snack: a simple bowl of puffins with soy.  Crunchy ‘n’ sweet…


I was starting to feel cranky again later this afternoon.  What’s up with me, anyways?  I was feeling sort of blah and couldn’t decide if I wanted to go out, or stay in, or go shopping, or read a good book.  Then mom arrived home from work and told me we should go out for a 4-mile walk.  I wasn’t really feeling in the mood, kind of like how I felt this morning with running.  Which is really strange, because usually I’m always up for spending time outdoors (especially in such beautiful weather!)

But she motivated me enough that I pulled on my sneakers and headed out for a walk with her.  SO glad we did.  By the second mile, I was no longer grumpy (it seriously doesn’t take much for me!! 😉 ), and I sort of just started enjoying the weather and the day.  It was just too beautiful to have the grumps!!! 😀

When I came home, I was in an outright good mood, and got right to work on making dinner…tonight, on the menu, was veganomican’s snobby joesIf you haven’t tried this recipe yet, it’s an absolute must!!  Really!  My family all loved it, and I went back for more filling afterwards as well.  Just a word to the wise though…if you serve yourself about as much as I put on my roll here, it will only serve about 3 hungry people. 😉  I served the sloppiness on top of these wheat sub rolls and made some oven roasted green beans on the side.  Everything was so yummy!  And super filling, thanks to all that protein and fiber.  Will definitely be making this again. 😀


Another lil’ something to satisfy my sweet tooth today.  Dad shared the rest of his starbucks’ chocolates with us…creamy and delicious, and just the right size to satisfy too. 😀


Tomorrow I’ll hopefully be back into full swing with lots of energy and pep…haha.  I’ll be working at the hospital from 8-?, so I’m packing a big lunch in case I’m there late.

I also plan on cracking down on some more homework since I think another weekend with this sis’ is being planned…there might even be a kitty birthday party in the making! 😀  High St. and Stitch are turning 1 years old, so of course they need a major celebration. 😉

Exercise: 2-mile morning run…4-mile pre-dinner walk.  Both were major monday mood boosters! 😀

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13 thoughts on “Monday Moodies

  1. I always do that… eye the banana stash and think about how it’s going to work out with breakfast the next day!

    And you made breakfast cookIES! LOVE it! Totally going to remember that. What a fun twist!

    I totally enjoyed your love/hate list. I could add “portability” to the love list, kind of a mix between items #1 and 2.. I love that all I need to bring are running clothes and sneaks and I can run almost anywhere we go! No special equipment needed.

  2. I can definitely relate to some of the love-hate relationship with running. Especially now in the summertime, if I don’t get up at 7AM, I won’t get the chance to run before it’s too hot. Hate that…but I always end up getting my butt out on the pavement anyway. So addicted.

  3. hi girlie, i totally get what you mean about running completely turning your mood around…i can start off feeling blah but by the end of it i feel great and super energized..gotta love endorphins 🙂

    i LOVE that idea of your breakfast! i must try that!
    and dinner looks delicious too!
    have a nice night 🙂

  4. running + walking totally gets me out of a funk too – sometimes mondays are so mean for making us so crabby.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the breakfast drops! such a cute idea. i MUST create that soon, along with that orange juice dressing (i just never buy orange juice). thanks for all those creative ideas – have a happier tuesday 🙂

  5. Running yesterday got me out of my Negative Nancy mood, too. It also allowed me time to think and I felt better after. Sigh, I love running. 🙂

    Those snobby joes and green beans look AMAZING! And you are sooo right about good chocolate to end a meal. Just perfect.

  6. And p.s. you have now made me want to try a soy latte with sugar free mocha shot! God damn it! Haha.

    Keep your eyes peeled for banilla. I know it’s out there waiting for you!

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