Recovery Day

Before I forget, listen to this song when you get the chance.  It’s so powerful and goes along with Caitlin’s Operation Beautiful. Don’t forget that true beauty comes from within yourself.  That last 5 pounds that you watch going up and down on the scale, driving you insane,  is all piggly wish-wash and doesn’t serve any purpose other then to prevent you from loving who you are.  Be healthy…be fit…but be sure that you don’t let your weight define who you are.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! 🙂

On to today…

I woke up walking as if I just got off a horse…no lie.  My legs were pretty stiff, and I sort of just hobbled to the kitchen. Ha…I was quite a sight, for sure.  Thankfully I’m good at hiding pain so no laughter erupted from the kitchen table this morning. 😉

Anywho, needless to say, I decided to take day as a restful day and ease up on my legs.  Hopefully I can squeeze a short 2-mile run in tomorrow afternoon, but we’ll see how my legs are feeling.  I’d like to help them recover as soon as possible because Dad has been mentioning that he wants to do a 6-mile run before his vacation is over.  Eeeks! 😀

Breakfast was absolutely wonderful.  I made some oat cakes and added 1/2 c. mixed berries to the mix. 


We were completely out of greens in the house (in case you didn’t notice, my salad last night was mostly the yellow, leftover greens from the core of a romaine head! haha) and I decided that I couldn’t survive a couple days without fresh veggies.  And since I had the house to myself this afternoon, I went all out and got some extra goodies to put on my monstrous salad:

  • A ton of mesculin greens
  • 1/2 c. kidney beans
  • carrot, chopped
  • tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • 8 black olives
  • 1/4 avocado
  • mozzarella cheese stick
  • balsamic vinegar

…and whole wheat bunnies on the side…:-)  This twas amazing.  And huge.  But I was still hungry after eating it.


So I went straight for this baby…that’s right, Chobani is out with their latest new flavor: Pineapple!!!  It’s amazing, not that I was expecting anything less.  This is a 2% yogurt, which I didn’t realize at first.  It makes it extra creamy, and the pineapple on the bottom was thicker, almost like a jam.  I loved, loved, loved this flavor.  Seriously…try it as soon as possible and let me know what you think! 😉

I topped mine with 1/2 c. of all bran strawberry medley cereal…crunch, crunch, crunch…


Still hungry?  Oh my…what is this hike doing to me?  It’s a good thing I don’t hike everday, or there would never be any food in this house. 😉  A big bowl of watermelon did the trick…


This afternoon I almost didn’t know what to do with myself.  There were a few times when I decided to go out for a run, but as soon as I bounced up on my feet, I changed my mind as my legs reminded me over how cramped up they currently were.  Ick…

So I decided to not get down about the fact that I couldn’t run when it was currently 70 degrees out (and SUNNY too) by going to a coffee place called Jumpin’ Juice.  I ordered a medium iced soy latte and I have to say it was one of the best I’ve ever had.  Although the prices were kind of crazy.  $4.00 could have gotten me almost an entire gallon’s worth of soymilk.  Then I decided to just not think about it, enjoyed my drink, and vowed to make this only a once in a great while treat. 😉


Plus I had a chocolate rice cake with cottage cheese and cinnamon…sounds weird and strange, I know.  I used to try and convince my lab partners in a nutrition class that it actually tastes really, really good…especially with a glob of peanut butter. 😉  I’m still wondering if any of them have tried it yet?


I was alone for dinner tonight too, and didn’t want to make anything requiring too much effort (or dishes…ha!) so I resorted to having breakfast for dinner, always a tasty option. 🙂

I made some pancakes using these…


…and added some sliced bananas on top which sort of caramelized when I turned them over.  It was the highlight of the meal…:)


I added a dollop of almond butter and a bit of homemade strawberry jam to the pancakes, which created a masterpiece for the tastebuds. My scrambled eggs were eaten unconventionally by topping them with…urrm..cough, cough…spaghetti sauce.  I know, I know, that sounds incredibly strange and odd, but I love eggs with anything tomato, and for some reason this is exactly what fit my mood. 😀


I ended up going for a 3-mile walk to loosen up my legs, which really helped a lot.  Sometimes when I’m sore I just want to sit down and relax my legs but usually that’s the worst thing for them.  A little bit of stretching and moving can do wonders (as long as its not a “bad” soreness as in a pulled muscle or something, of course!)

Later I snacked on a bowl of all bran strawberry medley with milk while working on another sign…


I can’t decide if I like this poster or not…it seems a little “wordy”, maybe?  I might bring it by the RD’s office tomorrow and ask her for her honest opinion, and see where to go next with it…


 Tomorrow I’ll be up bright and early…it’s sort of like my Monday.  But in a not so bad way, because at least I have a vacation coming up very shortly, followed by going to a friend’s wedding, with some other fun events in between.  I’ve got a lot to look forward to these next couple weeks, so I can make it through my “work week” too. 😉 

Exercise: 3-mile walk

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17 thoughts on “Recovery Day

  1. Ahh I’m jealous. I went to a store I heard had the new chobani but I couldn’t find them anywhere once I got there 😦 But this is a 2%? Is the nutrition info still comparable to the other chobani fruit flavors?

    • There are 20 xtra calories and 2 g. saturated fat, which I know the 0% doesn’t have…I thought it was interesting that they decided to do that with this specific flavor.

      Hope you can find and try the new flavor soon! I just spotted it today for the first time. 🙂

  2. I love your eats today! Especially the pancakes for dinner 😀 And that salad is a beauty!

    You have the cutest American Eagle jackets! Do you buy them from the store? or is there some discount place I don’t know about? lol

    • Haha…I got these in the clearance section, along with a coupon I had which made them even more affordable. Gotta love the sales! 😀

  3. Absolutely LOVE all your eats today! Brilliant. You are too adorable for words and I need to make a concerted effort to start using the term piggly wish-wash!! Ha!

    The oak cakes, the salad, the chobani, the pancakes…oh my! It just all looks so so good!

  4. lovin all the pancakes girlie 🙂 they look delicious!

    I really LOVED that video and song, thanks so much for sharing it with us 🙂

    Id say your legs are sore alright…that hike you did was incredible!

  5. Pineapple chobani??? I have never seen that! Gotta try it.

    I am sorry you were sore–but don’t you love to be sore? Or atleast the idea of it? It means your muscles were worked hard and becoming even more beautiful. haha

    • That is very true….I have to remind myself of that right now! 😀 I like a good soreness as long as it’s not “I can’t walk down the stairs like a normal person” soreness. 😉 haha…

  6. Great video! I love your comment that the last five pounds are what prevents you from loving yourself – very insightful!!


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