Vacation: Day 2

Another bright and early morning today!  At first I thought having no shades in the upper windows of the room was going to be annoying, but its actually rather nice waking up to the sunlight pouring through!  Especially when I can get to bed at a decent hour! 🙂  This morning I woke up at 6:30, and decided to fit in a good session of yoga.  It felt great to stretch and loosen up some tight muscles from yesterday’s hike. 🙂 

And this is not a double take!  I had the same exact breakfast as I did yesterday because it just always hits the spot and because this is the very last of the fresh blueberries!!  Not one was thrown out, thank goodness, and I froze the rest at home to have for smoothies and other such recipes. 🙂

This was eaten out on the deck, along with a hot cup of coffee.  I’m taking in all the outdoor weather I possibly can. 🙂


It started to rain just as we finished up with breakfast, so we decided to use today to take a drive down the Kangamangus Highway, and head towards North Conway.  I ate a quick snack of 1/2 a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter on the drive down. 🙂


The rain stopped just long enough for us to make a quick little walk up to Sabbaday Falls.  There’s a long boardwalk up along the very large and very loud waterfalls. 


The falls were absolutely stunning.  With all the rain that’s been going on lately, everything was so green which made the entire scenery look as if we were in the rainforest. 🙂


After walking back down to the car, we were off again towards North Conway.  We pulled off the road to enjoy some views and a quick salad that we had put together before leaving.  I topped mine with a bunch of black beans and balsamic vinegar.  On the side I had a big hunk of the multigrain boule with a slice of provolone on top.  Nothing fancy, but it sure tasted great. 🙂


And an orange for dessert…


We finally arrived in North Conway.  I remember coming here since I was a little kid.  I used to head straight for Zeb’s, a country store that always had the best candy selections. 😀  We spent some time browsing the stores, and I fell in love with a Northface backpack that was super lightweight and especially made for the female hiker. was super nice. 😀 


We headed to a local coffee shop later.  The shop had a nice, cool vibe to it, with snowboards hanging on the walls, and a menu that included many vegetarian/mediterranean sandwiches and other such interesting things.  We went with coffees all around…


My favorite part about my iced coffee with soy was that they used coffee cubes instead of ice cubes!  No watering down as it melted.  What an ingenious idea!  I was super impressed…haha. 🙂


On our way back to the house, we stopped for a view of the hike we had done yesterday, Mt. Osceola.  It was up in the clouds!!  And looking pretty as ever.


We went for another quick little stroll at a river, just to stretch out a little bit.  I was starting to get really hungry by this point, and headed for the most filling thing we had in the car, which happened to be a couple of fig newtons.  It wasn’t exactly filling, but they were tasty and did the trick to hold me over until dinner…


Somehow dad ended up holding my umbrella for me as I snacked, and my mom started laughing and snapped this hysterical picture.  I love my dad’s face. 😀


The river was so pretty!! 


…and so was this flower that my dad picked me. 🙂


For dinner, we were all craving some pizza and stopped at a local sub/pizza shop.  It’s always a little “scary” finding a new pizza spot, because we have a special favorite near our own house that we swear makes the best pizza ever!  But this one was super good, and full of all sorts of veggies: black olives, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms.  Super delicious!  And it totally hit the spot, since I was absolutely ready to inhale anything that crossed my path at this point! haha… 😉

I had 3 big, delicious slices…


Now we’re all back at the house and chillaxin.  We have plans for the ultimate air hockey challenge tonight.  Who will be the champion??  Probably my dad, as always. 😉 Haha…but who knows, it could be my lucky day!!

Bedtime Snack: Oatmeal Squares with milk

Hope you’re all having an awesome day!! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Vacation: Day 2

  1. hahah chillax is my new favorite word.

    That pizza looks awesome, it doesn’t help that I’m starving but too tired to eat, much go to bed.

    I didn’t even notice your dad’s face in that pic until you pointed it out, too funny!

  2. I LOVE YOUR VACATION!! Do you think your fam could adopt me for a little while?! I love all the outdoors activities. My mum is a sucker for waterfalls so those pictures seem almost familiar to me…haha. Breakfast outside sounds just marvelous and that pizza looks so good!! So good!

    Glad you’re having such an ace time – can’t wait to see Day #3!

  3. Haha love that pic of you and your dad 🙂
    all of the eats look delicious! especially breakfast!
    and wow, the views are absolutly breath taking…im glad your having a great time!!!

  4. Beautiful pictures!

    Thanks for the reminder about yoga.. I need to start doing some again!

    your eats look so good.. especially that mouthwatering oatmeal again!

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