No Beach Alternatives! :-)

I slept so good last night!!  And then woke up feeling perfectly refreshed and practically bounced out of bed with energy at 5:30.  Can you imagine how much stuff I’d get done if I always had this much energy in the morning? 

I didn’t plan a morning workout for today, since I’m logging a 3-mile run for tomorrow.  This gave me some extra time to enjoy breakfast.  It was actually too cold (woah, what? In August?  Crazy, right?) to eat breakfast on the deck this morning, so I ate my chocolate breakfast cookie indoors with a cup of hot milk.  I drink hot milk all the time in the winter and haven’t had it in forever…it’s so comforting and warm on a cool morning


Then it was off to the hospital for an early morning of work.  I worked on the serving line today, and was able to see what happens with the orders that the patients put in and the various menus depending on if it was a “low sodium,” “low-fat,””liquid diet,” etc.  I couldn’t get over how organized everyone was and how quickly the meals were being pumped through. 

I stopped for a snack with the morning crew and munched on a bowl of kashi go lean with a carton of fat free milk.  I forget how much I enjoy this cereal and how crunchy it is. 😀 

Have I mentioned what a great crew these people are too?  I’ve learned a lot from them, and they’re all so friendly and great to work with. 😀




As I was on my home from work, all I wanted to do was to go to the beach.  It didn’t help that a lot of other bloggers were talking about their plans to go to the beach.  And when the volunteer at the hospital’s desk asked me if I was planning a trip to the beach since I was out by the afternoon, it threw me over the edge.  I think I need to move closer to the ocean, because I’m craving some sun and waves!  I need to plan a trip out…complete with egg salad sandwiches, orange soda, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.   This strange mixture of food choices must be due to some sort of childhood memorie…haha. 😉

After making plans in my head for the perfect day at the beach that is going to have to happen very soon 😀, I headed for the next best thing that I could possibly experience for today…eating lunch outdoors on the deck in the sunshine!  😉

I had the leftovers from last night’s pasta with simple summer sauce with some asiago cheese on top, a simple side salad, and a gala apple.  It was the perfect summery meal!


Still craving some sand and beachy fun, I bought myself an iced soy latte, gave myself a french manicure and headed outdoors.  There isn’t a beach nearby, but the yard was a pretty nice place to be hanging out in this afternoon.  A good book made the afternoon complete. 😀

Any other ideas for “no beach” alternatives???  Sometimes when I need a cool down, I’ll strategically run through a sprinkler as I’m on a morning run as long as its near enough to the crosswalk…haha.  I’m also lucky enough to live near a lake, so when it gets really warm out, I plan on biking there and going for a swim.  There’s just so much to love about summer!! 😀


When mom arrived home, I quickly grabbed a wonderful blueberry optimum energy bar and headed out for a 4-mile walk.  I think I’m liking my new running schedule of running 3-4 times a week and taking the alternative days off and just walking instead.  It’s been feeling good on my legs to give them a day break in between, and leaves me feeling refreshed for the next day.  I have a couple of friends who can run every single day with only the occasional break, and they have no problems at all.  But personally, I need those mini-breaks more frequently to keep my energy at its best and my legs feeling good.  Or maybe that changes with increased mileage and endurance…but for now, anyways, I’m liking this week’s running schedule. 😀


Dinner came together in a flash after I cooled down from our walk and guzzled some water.  The cauliflower was steamed, the rice was cooked (along with a bit of added basil for a blast of lovely aromatics! 😀 ) and the Baked Shrimp with Feta was a breeze to make.  This is a tried and true recipe from Cooking Light magazine, by the way.  It’s absolutely delicious and doesn’t take very many ingredients.  I add in a can of cannellini beans with the shrimp too, because I love them so much, and because I’ll find any excuse to add beans to a recipe…whenever and wherever. 😀

Totally delicious! 😀


Night time snack, surprise, surprise, was a chocolate banana & pb chiller.  😀  I love these more every time I make them.  They get perfectly frothy and thick.  Mmm…


I spent some time at Home Depot tonight (and ran into my sis and her husband…haha…hi Nicole!) and found some perfect color swatches for my room. 😀  I don’t plan on painting any time soon, but it’s so much fun to plan designs and color schemes.  😀

Now I’m just relaxing and completing my weekly schedule.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy homework day, and there’s a clothes shopping day as well as a cookout planned for the weekend, so I have a lot of reasons to stay motivated and get stuff done! 😀  Happy Early HumpDay and I hope you’re all having a great week so far!!

Exercise: 4-mile walk

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17 thoughts on “No Beach Alternatives! :-)

  1. I used to drink hot milk all the time! Except I add vanilla to it.. it kinda tastes like a latte!

    Patients HATE the liquid diets! I always feel so sorry for them!

    Kashi go lean crunch is so good! It tastes like granola but better cause you get a bigger portion 🙂

    • I know, I couldn’t help but feel bad for the liquid diet patients either! Thankfully most of the ones who were getting it were only spending a couple days at the hospital! 😉

  2. So much goodness in this post! First off, I LOVE Kashi Go Lean – such yumness.
    Your pasta/salad plate looks incredible – love giant dishes of goodness like that!
    Finally, I love your top and necklace – you’re too cute!

    Have a brilliant night!

  3. I wish I were one of those people who could run everyday! 😀 I need my break, too. Beach alternatives? I’m afraid I can’t think of one right now. :s It’s too hot today and I want to just dip on the tub with a book. Hey, that’s an idea! 😀
    That’s a lovely looking lunch!

  4. ive had a beach craving all summmer…to bad irish weather is never warm enough for it 😦
    that breakfast cookie looks delish! and not im really craving some warm milk!
    i love your take on running/walking…i feel its very similar to mine 🙂

    • LOVE that idea, Holly! 😀 I always forget about going to the park, but it always makes for a fun day out. Thanks for reminding me! 😀

  5. I know what you mean about liking an off day in between running workouts. The program I’m doing now actually says to swim, bike, or anything else on the “off” days. I do still run on most of them, but I just do it very lightly and for only 20-30 minutes. I’ve actually found that recently I’ve felt stiff if I take more than a single day off of running.

    It’s so cool that you live by a lake and could just go for a swim in it! The only swimming I’ve ever done is in pools, a lake sounds so much nicer! Of course, I’d probably have to learn to swim farther than 25 meters without touching a wall…

  6. Do you live near one of the great lakes? We live about 20 minutes from Lake Ontario and people are often confused when I say we are going to The Beach but don’t live anywhere near the ocean. The idea of a lake where you can’t see the other side is a little foreign to those who don’t live near the great lakes!

    • I LOVE the great lakes, but unfortanetly live nowhere near there. :-/ I remember driving around one of them once, and I couldn’t get over how massive it was. It really did look like the ocean. 😀

  7. chocolate banana chiller looks good!!! mamaweeds (alison) had a breakfast cookies today too- i think the blogging world is trying to tell me to try one! haha

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