Shop Till You Drop

See all that dew underneath my bowl of oats?  My dad has this theory that whenever there’s a heavy layer of dew on the ground, it won’t rain that day.  I’m thinking I need to do some more research on this thought to see if there’s any science behind it. 😀  But it does seem to be pretty accurate!

I was craving a good old bowl of hot oats for breakfast this morning, so that’s what I went with.  It was only 58 degrees out when I woke up (can you believe that??) so it fit the weather perfectly.  I made my favorite combo:

  • 3/4 c. oats
  • 1 c. milk + 1/2 c. water
  • 1 very ripe banana
  • handful of raisins
  • cinnamon and nutmeg
  • topped with a scoop of almond butter and 2 T. FEED raisin nut granola (I’m going to need to purchase some more of this stuff once it’s gone…it’s very addicting! 😉 )

Creamy goodness! 😀


I opted out of yoga this morning in turn for a little bit of extra time to eat breakfast and get myself prepped for a day at the mall.  I was stoked to stock up on some new items for fall and winter, and decided it would be the perfect way to spend my day of rest.  My mom also had the day off from work, so we planned a fun filled day together. 😀

On the way, driving to the mall, I snacked on a crunchy gala apple. 


I was determined to shop till I dropped today.  I brought along a water bottle, and even had a list of things I needed to look for in order to keep myself focused.  I tend to get sidetracked when I spot cute accessories or shoes, but told my mom to keep me on track by reminding me that I needed fall and winter clothes…haha. I was a girl on a mission! 😉

There were a ton of sales, and I didn’t even realize that I was hungry until around 12:30 when my stomach started to grumble.  Mom and I headed to the food court to see what we could find!

Somehow we always gravitate towards subway.  And I came up with the perfect idea for what they need to add to their menu.  Well, actually, two items should be added, and let me know what you think: hummus and guacamole.  😀  I always go for turkey or chicken because I know the vegetarian sub won’t keep me full.  But hummus would add in some nice protein and flavor for people traveling, whether they’re vegetarian or simply want another option besides the deli meat or if they want hummus + the meat.  I need to email someone about this idea. 😉

Anyways, I went with the turkey sub on honey oat bread with all the veggies (- the jalapenos…I just can’t take the heat!) and provolone cheese.  On the side I had a container of milk and a handful of baked chips.  This was a nice filling meal…and left me ready to shop some more! 😀


Fast forward 3 hrs…

My hands were full with bags by this point, and I had a nice big smile on my face as I found good deals, cute jeans, and comfy shirts. 😀  Over the past year, I made it a goal to gain 10-15 pounds, and I’ve pretty much reached that point.  I feel so much stronger since I added some healthy pounds, but my clothes didn’t like the idea too much. 😉  Which means this shopping trip was extra special, because I finally have the clothes to fit my goal. 

The best part of the shopping trip was finding a pair of jeans at Banana Republic.  A little more pricey then I would normally spend for a pair, but a pair of pants that fit just right can be tricky to find (and last!) so I decided to splurge a little on them. 😀

This afternoon called for a stop at starbucks, where I ordered a Grande Iced Soy Latte and munched on an optimum blueberry energy bar that I had packed in my purse.  It was just the right amount of energy to, of course, keep shopping! 😀


By 6 o’clock, it was official:  I had shopped till I dropped.  My mom sweared the blueberry energy bar gave her boundless energy and could have kept going and going…haha.  It was such a fun, full, shopping day.  😀

However, since I had gone to the mall  instead of grocery shopping today, it meant that the house was completely void of food.  I found myself toying with different ideas of what I could make for supper.  But since I didn’t really feel like cooking anything, I decided tonight might be a “cereal night” to keep things quick ‘n’ easy.

But dad was in the kitchen tonight!  Woohoo!!  I was such a happy girl to come home to some whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, which he added some sauteed zucchini, onions, and summer squash to.  There’s something wonderful about being served a hot meal when you were planning for a cold bowl of cereal, so THANKS DAD! 😀  It was thoroughly enjoyed… 😀

On the side I added some more veggies by steaming up some carrots and peas.


The meal was completed with a dark chocolate square and a glob of almond butter…


I’m now munching on a red pear, and relaxing.  I probably should do the grocery list tonight for tomorrow, but I think I’ll just call it a night and finish up the list tomorrow after some yoga. 😀

Can you believe tomorrow is FRIDAY?  😀

Exercise: Day of rest and shopping 😀

Yoga Links

Oh, and I almost forgot.  A reader had asked if I could post a link to the YouTube yoga videos that I’ve done, so I thought I would post the two that I had done last weekend.  Some of the moves in the videos I haven’t quite mastered yet! 😀  But I still try and go along as I can.  When I fall upon a very rough move, I’ll make it easier by not stretching so far, or going to the “half-way point.”  Do what feels comfortable and works for you! 😀 (this one was linked by Polly and I love it…only a few of the moves were beyond me–such as the headstand!!–but most of it is basic stretching like the downward dog and feels terrific.) (this video is nice and easy to follow along with, and is a great strengthener!)

Along with those links, there are a ton of other videos on the sidebar to choose from.  I plan on experimenting to try and find some new ones that I enjoy either tomorrow or Saturday. 😀

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14 thoughts on “Shop Till You Drop

  1. I love those days where you go out ready to shop and find such great deals!! And good jeans are worth it in my opinion. I have a question about the optimum bar. Nature’s Path offered to send me some products, and I’m trying to pick some out, but wasn’t sure if the bars were worth it to “spend” a choice on. Or if I should choose more cereals & granolas. Make sense? haha

  2. Thanks for the yoga links. Will check them out.
    Sounds like you had a fun day shopping! I agree with splurging on jeans that fit just right. I still have to find my perfect pair of jeans.
    It would indeed be great if Subway adds guac and hummus to their menu!

  3. So glad you had fun shopping! It’s my favorite hobby basically 😉

    Guess what?? The Subway’s here in NM have avocado/guacamole!! It’s awesome! I thought everywhere had it?

    How nice to have dinner made for you! It looks delicious 🙂

    • Okay, I need to move to NM. haha…seriously? I’ve never seen hummus being offered. Maybe they figure people in New England don’t want to eat hummus and guac? ha…I’m going to email them and ask them about it. 😀

  4. thank you thank you for the yoga links!!! on days that I cannot make it to actual yoga class i plan on checking that out as well as the yogadownload website. also, do you own any dvds? if so, what are your favorites??? glad you had such a great day of shopping! i have to REALLY be in the mood to shop like you did today haha and what a nice surprise that your daddio made din din 🙂

    • I don’t own any DVD’s right now, but I’ve been searching for some good ones, myself! 😀 I’ll let you know when I buy some and if they’re good or not!!

      • let me know if you find any good ones! I remember my yoga instructor meantioning bryan kest…and someone else i completely forget haha i may buy the bryan kest dvd but im not sure yet!

  5. Seems like you had a great time shopping! There’s nothing like spending a whole day shopping with your mom.

    BTW, I love your blog and read it everyday. I was wondering what kind of almond butter it is that you used on the chocolate. It looks delish and much better than the almond butter that I generally use.


    • Thanks so much Amy! 😀

      I absolutely *love* Trader Joe’s chunky, raw, unsalted almond butter! 😀 It’s the best one I’ve had yet, and its much cheaper then some of the other brands (mine cost $4.99.) Love it!

      Whole Foods’ 365 brand was pretty good too, but it was a little more pricey and not quite as “almondy”, I thought.

  6. im glad you had such a nice day shopping 🙂 i love getting new clothes..especially when i actually need them…it feels like an accomplishment to find them lol.

    your breakfast looks insanely delicious!

  7. Shopping and dropping, my two favorite things.

    And I am totally remembering the dew theory too.

    I love the honey oat roll at subway and I think hummus and guac would be fab additions to their topping line up! I love to replace mayo with guac on sandwiches!

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