Weekend Highlights! :)

HIGHLIGHT #1: Breakfast!!!

What day isn’t guaranteed to be great when it starts with oat cakes on your plateOkay, maybe that’s an exaggeration.  But when my taste buds are happy, there’s a pretty good chance that my mood is going to follow suit. 😉

This is my usual recipe, but I added in some of the blueberries that we had picked earlier in July.  Then I dabbed on a bit of peanut butter, sprinkled some coconut, and dunked each bite into a heated, mashed banana.  Plus a cup of hot milk on the side.  And eaten inside, due to the chilly weather!!  It was 50 degrees out this morning.  Totally strange for this type of the year, but I am not complaining one little bit.  I’m lovin’ it! 😀


HIGHLIGHT #2: The Long Run!!!

I was all pumped and ready to go for my 5-miler this morning, 1-1/2 hrs. after eating breakfast.  My stomach actually felt full of butterflies, as I couldn’t help thinking that in another month, I’ll be running my 10k. 😀  I mentally forced myself into agreeing that I would keep my pace slow and focus on form.  No need to get ahead of myself and start sprinting the first mile only to die out later. 😉

So off I went, counting 3 strides per second, keeping my core nice and strong.  But then I realized that it was starting to come kind of natural, and my legs were feeling really good.  That’s when I decided to stop the literal counting and see if I could hang on to the form and pace without having to actually think about it.  Every once in a while, I would catch myself lengthening out too much…my feet clomping on the ground were a good sign that my stride was getting too long: clomp, clomp, clomp. 😉  But for the most part, I was able to drift off, enjoying what I love most about running: thinking about absolutely nothing!  The sky was a crystal clear blue, the sun was shining down but didn’t feel hot, and there wasn’t a hint of humidity.  At one point I was smiling so big and feeling on top of the world.  Gotta love those endorphins! haha… 😀

I came home to guzzle some water, drink some milk, and finish up the scrapings of the watermelon cores. 😀  I always go over them one last time before throwing the cores into the compost, and this time I came up with quite a bit.  It made for the perfect post-run hydrator! 😀


HIGHLIGHT #3: Frisbee Golf and Icecream

I had never heard of frisbee golf until a couple years ago when my brother introduced me to it.  I’m not good…at all…haha…but I have a blast doing it!!  Basically there are a bunch of nets along a course, and the goal is to get your frisbee into each one with as few throws as possible.  And also to avoid the water and swamps.  Unfortanetly I have those two goals backwards, and tend to get the highest points and run through swamps.  😉

Matthew and his friend Matt were heading out to the frisbee golf course later this evening, and asked me if I wanted to go along.  Hmm…homework or frisbee golf?  On a georgeous summer day?  Oh goodness, I had no willpower and had to go out to enjoy the day!!  😀

I was kicking myself for forgetting my camera in the car, because the frisbee course was absolutely beautiful!!  I was running around, going after lost frisbees (only a couple ended up in the water this time…haha) and just had fun! 😀

Then Matthew treated us to icecream…I went with my fave: oatmeal raisin cookie. 😀


HIGHLIGHT #4: Salads! 😀

I came home absolutely craving a nice, fresh salad.  The bigger the better. 😀  So I made myself a huge one, topped with olive oil, balsamic, red onions, 1/2 a green pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a side of kashi crackers.  This completely hit the spot and found its way into being a weekend highlight! 😀


No plans for tomorrow which is actually a very good thing!!  I really need to crank out these two papers that are due next week, and organize my thoughts on some other assignments! 😀

Hope you’ve all been enjoying a wonderful weekend so far!!

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a chocolate & coffee loving Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping people reach their goals. When I'm not busy working, I enjoy photography, cooking, and spending quality time with my family (and pets!) Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights! :)

  1. I’m sure you have told it before but I really don’t wanna look through every page, so will you please tell me your oat cake recipe?! This is the 2nd blog I’ve seen them on and they look fabulous.

  2. Mmm oatcakes! Blueberries are so yummy in them!

    And that ice cream?? I want that flavor!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • I didn’t actually time myself on this run!! But I’m pretty sure it was probably 10 minute miles, considering the hills and the fact that I was focusing on not overdoing anything. 😀

      Oh, and yes I ate every last bite… 😀

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