Weekend Fave + Just Your Opinion!

I don’t know what’s wrong with me and my bike lately, but we’ve been having some serious relationship problems.  Let me explain…

My calender is chock full of scribbles, notes, and ramblings.  I write in every run that I do, add comments such as “awesome” “hot” “breathtaking…but in a good way” and things like that.  I also leave empty slots for my cross training days.  The thing is, is that month by month, they’re still empty.  There aren’t any stars or happy faces.  Not even a sad face.  Nothing. 

Today, being Sunday and all, is my rest day, but dad had mentioned it might be a good day for a bike ride. 

I don’t know.  I think I was in need of some serious motivation.

I needed something (or someone?) to push me out the door…

I needed some inner voice demanding I get out on my bike and ride…

I needed to remember how much I actually do enjoy biking instead of “just” running all the time!…

I need…I need…I need….



Yes, my blogging friends, this was what it finally came down to.  With the promise of my favorite icecream flavor hanging in the air, I was on my bike without a second glance behind. 

And once I was biking, of course, I realized how much I really do enjoy it.  Running will always be my “thing,” but its unfair to leave biking completely out of the picture…and out of my calendar too, you know? 

Dad and I took my favorite route today, meandering through the gorgeous countryside, taking in the smells, sights, and sounds of summer.  There was probably one car, total, that drove by.  Oh how I love rural roads! 😀

Then we arrived to our destination, and I ate what it was that lured me into a Sunday drive in the first place.  Oatmeal Raisin Cookie icecream on a sugar cone.  It was chewy, sweet and incredibly cinnamon-y!!  Although, as good as it was, I decided later on that the bike ride would have been totally worth it, with or without the icecream cone.  It just took the icecream cone to get me out, that’s all. 😉


By mile 8 of our bike ride, I was getting H.O.T.!!!  I pedaled a bit faster by the homes with pools in their backyard, inwardly groaning. 

Then I saw what at first appeared to be a mirage.  Or a dream, perhaps?  Gotta keep pedaling…ignore it, Sarah, maybe it will go away.

But when dad rode through the mirage, I realized it was real…wohooo!!! 😀


There was a fair going on, and the fire department put up this water sprinkling “cool down” system for the kids and kids at heart.  With the heat and sun, everyone was taking their turn under the tent.  When it was my turn to cool off, I closed my eyes and pedaled through in complete, and utter happiness…haha. 😀


Cooled off, happy, refreshed… 😀


And despite the heat of the day, our sweaty 10-mile bike ride left us with an appetite. 

Pasta anyone?

Dad sauteed the assortment of veggies (baby portobellos, red bell pepper, and onions,) I cooked the pasta and heated the sauce, and it all sort of just came together into a delicious post-workout meal. Underneaththe sauce, by the way, I added a chipotle black bean burger, which tasted really good with the sauce.  Sort of a spin-off on chicken parm…only without the chicken…and without the parm.  Anyways, it was super tasty. 😀

Dad also picked up a loaf of very white italian bread.  This white bread is about as airy and white as you can get.  I remember a time when I could go through an entire loaf myself…not even kidding!  These days, I like to enjoy “a” slice, when we happen to pick up a loaf.  The lesson of “everything in moderation” makes for a very happy girl. 😀


What’s a Sunday post without also including…

Just My Your Opinion

I was reading recently about Vitamin D, and how there’s apparently a growing problem of deficiency cases.

What does this vitamin do?  Other then what its popular for–curing rickets–it also helps the body absorb calcium, preventing osteoporosis.  Some research is even looking into its role in preventing cancer and type 1 diabetes among other things!

There’s kind of a hot topic about avoiding deficiencies. 

“Do you go out in the sun to absorb this vitamin, thereby preventing the deficiency?”

“Do you cover yourself with sunscreen, thereby preventing skin cancer, yet another problem?”

Do you try to do a little of both?  Or try to find foods that contain vitamin D?  Or maybe take a supplement?  Let’s hear your opinion! 😀

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a chocolate & coffee loving Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping people reach their goals. When I'm not busy working, I enjoy photography, cooking, and spending quality time with my family (and pets!) Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Fave + Just Your Opinion!

  1. The bike ride and cool off sounds wonderful! 😀 Yum, that big plate of pasta made my tummy growl. And I. Love. Bread.
    I don’t take supplements of any kind and I’d like to believe that I get enough sunshine. 😀 I love soaking up the rays before 8am and after 4pm to be sure I get the good ones.

  2. Whoa, I’d totally love to ride through a cool down system like that! Or even run through it for that matter, what a fab idea!

    So I only wear sunscreen if we’re going to be outside in the peak hours (10 – 2) for close to an hour. In the early morning and late day sun I don’t sweat it, for me or the kids. Sunscreens are loaded with chemicals that I would rather avoid if/when we can, and prefer to absorb Vitamin D the old fashioned way rather than getting it in a supplement form. If we can’t avoid the midday sun by staying indoor, we slather up. So I guess I do a little of both. This method is working out well for us, so far so good.

  3. What an awesome bike ride! We used to bike to Dairy Queen when I was little- definitely gives some motivation! I’m always jealous of that ice cream flavor!

    I always wear sunscreen when going outdoors. I’m too afraid of skin cancer!

  4. Wow that ice cream looks absolutely heavenly!
    I limit my time in the sun without sunscreen (usually about 45 minutes), but I am considering switching to a supplement, despite my reluctance to take them!

  5. That ice cream looks and sounds incredible! I had ice cream yesterday too! It’s what summer sundays are made for! Glad you finally got out on the bike – there’s nothing like a long bike ride in the summer in my opinion so you’ve crossed two of my summer favorites off in one post!

    Dinners looks just fabulous as well – always so hungered by your meals!!

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