Grocery shopping and Random conversations.

If you were forced to change your blog title, what would you change it to be?  Or…if you don’t currently have your own blog–and you were to create one–what would you call it?

I was thinking about this today, and how it was that I came up with the title “Running To Slow Things Down.”  Running really does force me to slow down in life.  With summer break coming to its end, sometimes I forget how busy life can get.  But just wait two weeks, and I’ll again have the need to slow down.  Between homework assignments, social butterflying, and figuring out internship stuff, running will once again become one of life’s necessities.  It will keep me sane…it will slow me down.

Course, running isn’t all that I’m about.  I’m wondering what this blog’s title would be, then, if it just absolutely had to change…and I’m really curious what you guys would come up with for your own blogs. 😀  All I can seem to come up with for other titles include lentils, bananas, and oatmeal.  And somehow there just aren’t any creative titles for those.  Although “Life with Lentils” has a nice ring to it…ha! 😉

On to breakfast…

Obviously I need a bigger bowl. 😉


I decided to make a smoothie this morning, and threw these ingredients into the ol’ blender:

  • 1 c. frozen strawberries
  • 1 banana
  • 1.5 c. milk
  • 1 T. peanut butter
  • 1 T. crushed flax
  • 1/2 c. oats

And then I promptly topped the frothy bowl with 2 T. Natures Path Pumpkin Granola, in true KERF fashion. 😉  I was afraid that they would all sink to the bottom or get soggy, but neither happened!  And it added the necessary chew factor that my meals always have to have in order to be completely satisfying.  😀  I would–and will–definitely make something like this again.

Breakfast Challenge, Day 2: SUCCESS! 😀 


After breakfast, I scrambled to put the week’s grocery list together…very last minute of me!  I usually like to take at least a few days to plan out the meals and find what people are in the mood for.  But with last week’s homework assignments taking up most of my time, it was pushed off onto today.  Thankfully, most of the recipes sort of popped out at me, based on some in-season veggies that I knew would be at the local farmer’s market.  I know I’ve said it a kazillion times, but farmer’s markets are the best part of summer.  I need to take full advantage of them while I still can!! 😀

I grabbed my very last Optimum blueberry & flax energy bar as I was heading out the door.  Until we meet again, frosting covered blueberry bars!!  It’s been lovely. 😀  I will be buying these again. 😀


Okay, I have to admit, one of my favorite parts of grocery shopping are the random conversations that I always seem to strike with people (or vice versa.)  Today, a woman asked me how many children I had when I was pushing these guys in the cart.  I laughed and told her, half-truthly, that I was hoping to make a banana bread.  She was probably thinking, “Urm…4 bunches of bananas for a banana bread?  This girl is nuts!”

I didn’t think of the fact that you don’t need this many bananas to make a banana bread until afterwards…ha!

But in all honesty, I have been wanting to make a banana bread for the longest time.  But no matter how many I purchase, they never get speckled soon enough.  I live in a home where people love bananas–and peanut butter for that matter–as much as I do.  Oh well…someday there will be a very ripe banana in the house, and I will be there with a smile on my face and a battered old, memere approved, banana bread recipe in my hand.  😀

I have to say, the best part of having the conversation with this particular woman is when she used the word “cape” to describe the banana peel.  Love it!  I think it’s my new favorite word to use…ha. 😀


Once the shopping was complete, and everything was put away, I whipped together a sandwich.

But not just any sandwich.  This is the “I’ve been craving you all week” sandwich. 


I filled it with:

  •  chicken slices
  • 1/4 an avocado
  • tomato slices
  • red onions
  • slice of 2 % American cheese
  • basil

…and then cooked it in a pam sprayed frying pan.  It was perfect.  And so was the nectarine.  And the carrot sticks too.  While chomping away in happiness, I thought to myself that we food bloggers must be one of the healthiest of people, because we truly know how to enjoy the simple things of life.  Like a perfect avocado.  😀


Speaking of perfect, I almost forgot how much I love dates.  For an afternoon snack, I mixed 1 T. flax with my plain yogurt, and topped it off with 2 T. Nature’s Path Pumpkin Granola (me? addicted? gosh, why would you ever think that?) plus two or three chopped dates.  They’re so sweet and…urm…perfect! 


For dinner, I made one of my favorite summer time recipes: Summer Squash and White Bean Saute.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was up to my eyeballs with summer squash and zucchini.  Yet somehow I can never turn down buying just a couple more whenever I hit the farmer’s market.  They practically scream summer to me, so I always buy them.  Doubling up on the recipe meant that I put them to good use too.  This will be perfect for everybody’s lunch tomorrow. 😀

The only variation I ever make on this recipe is using canned diced tomatoes in place of the fresh ones for convenience, and I sprinkle the top of each dish with the parmesan instead of mixing it in all together.


The peanut butter on my dark chocolate square seemed extra crunchy today.  Would it be considered word overkill if I called it perfect? 


I love Trader Joe’s Raisin Bran…it’s a little less sweet tasting then some of the other raisin brans out there, but they aren’t skimpy at all with the raisins, which I love. 😀  This hit the spot for a night-time nosh.


I realized today that my 10k race is officially 1 month away!!  On September 20th, I’ll be putting all my training to work on the 6.2 mile course.  I can’t wait to just lay it all out on the line, and realize that all my hard work was for that one day.  I am so excited…I plan on making t-shirts for me and my dad too.  I’m taking the idea from the recent Runners World magazine, by using my t-shirt as a means of telling the world why it is that I run. 😀

Oh, and I just have to mention how thrilled I am over how many of you are taking on the Breakfast Challenge, by the way! 😀  It’s such a blast seeing all the creative ideas you guys are coming up with, and I love hearing all the breakfast ideas and thoughts from readers.  Can’t wait to try them out! 😀

Now I’m off to chillax a bit before calling it a night.  I’ve been going to bed a little too late over the past few nights, and I’m thinking an early night will do the body good. 😀  Oh, and…happy early Friday!


Exercise: 4-mile walk

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14 thoughts on “Grocery shopping and Random conversations.

  1. LOL about the bananas. I love them and buy over a dozen at a time for myself. Haha.
    Banana bread would be great for breakfasts. You can crumble and use it as oatmeal topping, too.
    The shirt idea is a great one! You are doing so well on your training. Gosh, time flies – only a month to go before your race? So exciting!

  2. I always think about other blog names! I would include something about veggies and cinnamon – although together, they don’t sound all that good.

    Your sammy looked spectacular! Love avocados…mmmm.

  3. That is so funny about the bananas! Maybe you could hide a few and let get ripe 😉 I’m not going to lie- I’ve done it many times!

    Dates ARE delicious! They are so addicting too! Every time I eat one I want more and more!

    And that sandwich sounds delicious! The batch of avocados we bought tasted gross for some reason.. I can’t wait till we buy more!

    • You know, it might end up coming down to that. I think I’ll have to hide a few bananas in order to actually make this banana bread happen…haha. 😀

  4. I actually changed the name of my blog to Broccoli Hut a little over a year ago. Before that it was “Beyond Tofurky” because I wanted to challenge myself to make more creative vegetarian fare, hence going “beyond Tofurky” sandwiches.

  5. I had a briliant breakfast this morning if I do say so myself! Can’t wait to blog about it! Such a simple idea but it’s already bringing me so much enjoyment! Ha ha. What an easily pleased blogger I am…
    I love all your easy go-to pasta recipes, they never fail to look out of this world in freshness and yum factor!

  6. i would change it to “vanilla bean and everything in between” because that was my other name i thought of. anyway! nice breakfast, that is one large smoothie. i adore your table! i always get some weird comments from people when i buy the purple cauliflower. i just caught wind of the bfast challenge. i had spicy oats today and protein oats yesterday, so count me IN!

  7. That sandwich looks amazing!! I want one now…

    and, love the smoothie in a bowl…I haven’t tried that yet.

    Other blog names?? Hmmm i’ll have to think about that…

    Have a good weekend!

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