Weekend Highlight: BREAKFASTS! :-)

 “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”
—John Gunther

Breakfast is my favorite time of the day.  And I’m so glad this Breakfast Challenge is getting me out of the box and trying some new stuff!  But the best part has been seeing all the goodies you guys have been whipping up in the kitchen. 😀  More on that later in the post!!

This morning I was craving eggs.  And yogurt.  So I decided to have both. 😀

First, I put together a fruit kabob.  I layered a peach, 1/2 a banana, and a kiwi on a skewer stick.  On the side I had a bowl of plain, non-fat yogurt with a T. of crushed flax and topped with 2 T. of Natures Path Pumpkin Granola.  It was so much fun to dunk and eat and crunch!! 😀 

For my egg sandwich, I simply sprayed a frying pan with cooking spray, and fried a whole egg + 1 egg white.  Once it was flipped, I threw on a slice of cheese and sandwiched it between a whole wheat english muffin.  I used to eat my eggs burnt and crispy, before I went through a stage where I wanted my egg yolk to be runny.  Now I like it just cooked long enough to be soft and fluffy but not runny.  It’s the happy medium. 😀


Now, granted, today was my rest day.  I wasn’t planning on running or biking.  Just a walk at the most.  But still…this breakfast was filling and kept me full for a good 5 hrs. which absolutely never—never, ever, ever—happens.  Loved it! 😀

Breakfast Challenge: Day 5: Huge success!!! 😀

But enough about my breakfasts!!  Considering that Sunday is usually a Higlight Day, I thought I’d highlight on some of your breakfasts! 😀  I couldn’t get all of them in, but I’ll be posting one more “Breakfast Post” on Wednesday when I finish up my Breakfast Challenge of the week! 😀  So I’ll be sure to post some more goodies then!

Oh, and just as a SIDE NOTE: If you love what you see and want to see more, visit these lovely lady’s blogs out!!  They’re full of good eats and can help you remake the same breakfast at home too. 😉

Drum Roll Please…

What does Alison make that doesn’t look good?  But I do believe this bowl of goodness may top the list…

Christina whipped this delightful overnight bowl of oats together.  There are a ton of goodies in there…cherries, bananas, strawberries…love it!

Holly combines good taste with snazzy style in this pretty bowl of creaminess! 😀

Angharad is so creative!!  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to highlight on her sweet bowl of oats with chocolate chips or her recent breakfast burrito.  So I chose the breakfast burrito.  But go check out the sweet oats if you get the chance.  I plan on making ’em soon! 😀

 Check out this breakfast roll-up!!  Valerie knows where it’s at. 😉  Peanut butter + jam + banana…can’t beat it!

 I’m for sure re-creating this soon!  This lady knows how to mix up her breakfasts all the time, and I had the hardest time choosing one breakfast to highlight.  But cottage cheese with fruit, almonds and granola made for such a pretty and delicious dish, that I had to pick this breakfast!  Go check out some other goodies!

I’m a newbie to Janetha’s blog, but I’m already in love with her sense of good food and style! 😀  Check out this pretty breakfast parfait!

There are so many more good eats out there that I’m wondering why I didn’t mix up my breakfasts a looong time ago! 😀  It’s fun to get creative!!!

I can’t believe the weekend has already gone by!  But this past weekend was very refreshing, so I’m ready to get to work tomorrow on important internship papers that need to get done by the end of the week!  Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!! 😀


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19 thoughts on “Weekend Highlight: BREAKFASTS! :-)

  1. What a great breakfast! It seems like all of the different textures and flavors would make it so fun to eat! And probably took you a while to eat too which is always a plus. And 5 hours is even a bigger plus! I will be recreating that!


  2. Thanks for the link to my blog! That breakfast I had today was delicious, but I even hesitated before making/posting it because I thought it would be TOO BORING! It’s definitely going to be a staple for me though on rushed mornings. I’m so glad you started the breakfast challenge!

  3. why is it that foods on sticks are so much more fun to eat? i love fruit kebabs! too bad national eat something on a stick day has passed, we will have to celebrate together next time around!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! All of those breakfasts look so fantastic! I am going to be visiting this post over and over again to make some of these delicious looking day-starters. I am in heaven…!

  5. Those are amazing bfasts! Your kabob looks fun and refreshing.
    I took pics of my ww pancakes and green eggs but had to delete them because a friend borrowed my camera and I’m not sure how he’d react if he saw food pics. 😛
    How do you deal with this kind of sitch if you’ve ever been in one? Thanks!

  6. I love egg sandwiches, it’s been so long since I’ve had one. And what a clever idea for your fruit kabob too!

    Thanks for the breakfast shout out and link love, even after I blew the breakfast challenge yesterday! heheheh. I’ve got PLANS for this morning though. Stay tuned. 😉

  7. LOVE the brekkie recaps! all so different but all soooooo delicious!

    i think i might need to make an egg sammie and stat – those used to be one of my fave go-to meals! thanks for the brekkie challenge – it is forcing me to break out of the mold!

    lots of love to ya girl 🙂

  8. Yay! Thanks for the breakfast challenge shout out! I’m having so much fun with it! I don’t know why I eat the same breakfast so much – this has been a really really good food week!
    Your egg sarnie and fruit kebab looks super tasty – sometimes you should go for everything you’re craving! Awesome that it filled you up for 5 hours too! That is a rarity!

  9. I have been seeing the “breakfast challenge” around, but am new to your blog…so, “hello”! Such a great challenge! Breakfast is the best meal of the day…everything is so peaceful and breakfast foods don’t get the credit they deserve (outside blogs!) Ah, love it and so glad I found your blog!

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