Weekend Highlights: Rainy Days

Rainy Days are Good for Running…

I was just two steps into my weekly long run, before I immediately felt like a head of lettuce in the produce isle.  A cool, gentle mist fell on my face, and I suddenly noticed how quiet everything was.  The rain seemed to be keeping everyone safe and dry, indooors.  No dogs were barking at my footsteps, no kids were out riding the lawn mowers with their parents, no cars were passing me by.  I didn’t hear anything but my gentle footsteps on the sandy road and I had only my thoughts for company.  I began to appreciate the musty autumn smells of wet leaves on the grass, indulging in the sweet smells of rain mixed with maple trees.  It was pure bliss.

Miles covered: 7.0.
Time: Unknown.
Pleasure: Priceless.

Rainy Days are Good for Trying Something New…

I have a small confession to make.  Or maybe it’s a huge confession, depending on how seriously you take this issue.  Okay, you ready?  Here goes…before today I’ve never had a medjool date.  There, I said it. 

It’s true.  I’ve been receiving so many comments from people saying that my dates with peanut butter look amazing, and a few people were commenting on how much they loved medjool dates, wondering if mine were medjools too.  I thought that was just a fancy name for dates, not realizing that they were actually a special type of date.  One website I came across called them the, I quote, “diamond of dates” and another labeled them the “king of dates.”  I was reading all this while eating from a bag of dole dates.   “Oh whatever,” I thought to myself.  “A date is a date…right?”

It wasn’t until I just recently read an article on the actual cultivation of dates that I started to become a little more interested in the medjool.   Did you know that they are mostly picked by hand rather then in large clusters?  That’s because they’re so juicy and soft, and simply grabbing them would squash them into a hunk of goo.  Which also explains why they’re so expensive!!  I found myself glancing at the prices at whole foods…$8.99 a pound was the cheapest I could find.  But I didn’t care.  They were hand picked.  They were the king of dates.  I grabbed the smallest package I could find—aka, cheapest—and walked my way to the check out line with my prized possession.

First bite = one word: date euphoria.  Okay, that was two words. 

You have yet to try dates until you’ve tried the medjool, I kid you not.  I suddenly felt silly for topping my dates with peanut butter after trying them.  No need.  No need at all.  They’re perfect and best left untampered with, I think.  If you’ve yet to introduce your tastebuds to medjool dates, you’re in for a real treat. 😀


Rainy Days are Good For Cooking

I make this minestrone soup recipe from the New York Times at least once a year.  It’s one of my favorite late summer soups, because it takes care of all those vegetables that you’re not really sure how you should use.  One of my favorite things about it, aside from the array of veggies in one bowl, is that it doesn’t require any vegetable stock or broth.  The stewing of the vegetables in water lends the most wonderful, savory flavors. 

I didn’t have everything that the recipe required, but I simply substituted with what I did have.  Garbanzo beans for the white beans.  Asiago cheese for the parmesan.  Barley for the macaroni.  The beauty of this dish is the versatality of it.  Don’t be afraid to mix things up, and let your garden or farmers market be your main inspiration. 😀


I should also note that I always double this recipe.  I figure if I spend the time peeling and dicing a turnip, may as well double it so I can freeze it for an easy dinner in the coming weeks. 

Mom and Dad were huge fans of the minestrone, which makes me happy.  As much I enjoyed it, I can’t imagine eating the entire batch myself. 😉 


Rainy Days are Good for Vegging

I’m catching up on blogs, reading all of your wonderful smilie ideas, adding them to my own list, and planning for the upcoming week too.  Pj’s…check.  Good movie…check.  Snack…check.  I’m good to go.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! 😀

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights: Rainy Days

  1. Haha! I totally had the medjool dates today – with peanut butter – and they rocked my socks! I just assumed your’s were medjool, so I splurged because I wanted so badly to try them. They are only about $5 per pound at my grocery. Good news! Thanks for introducing them to me. 🙂

    I did all your rainy day activities today, too! The best.

  2. I didn’t know there was a different types of dates either! I buy mine (I guess they are medjool) from Costco and it’s the best price I’ve found. Do you have a Sam’s Club or Costco? You might check there!

    And your run sounds amazing! 7 miles is long!

    Oh and I sent you an email! Feel free to respond whenever though 😀

  3. Yeah, Medjool dates are great! I consider myself pretty spoiled in that department, as I live in Israel where they grow a lot of Medjool dates, so they’re pretty reasonably priced round here. We buy them by the kilo in the souq (farmers market).

  4. Sarah!!! Your beautiful running experience today makes we want to go out for a run. But I can’t. So, I’m just happy you had 7 miles of pure bliss. You are so ready for your race. Is that next week?

    Awww, I don’t know where to find Medjool dates here. Bummer. But when I do get some, I’m sure it will be the bomb. Your descriptions say it all.

    Your parents are too cute to pose for that pic! And that soup bowl is HUGE. Ahlavit!

    The new blog layout is pretty. My blog link is to the Blogger one though. 😉

  5. Check out the new diggs! Looking good over here at Running to Slow Things Down.

    OK I had no idea medjool dates were called the king dates but I totally believe it. As luck would have it the first date I ever had was a medjool date so I’ve been spoiled right from the start! I bought a package of dole dates once and couldn’t believe they weren’t anything like I was expecting.

    As luck would NOT have it, medjool dates are now out of season! I haven’t been able to find them for weeks now. 😦

  6. So I finally bought some medjool dates today. They’re hiding and stocked in my sorority houses fridge waiting to be devoured by moi tonight!! MMM, i may have some with pb and some with almond butter!! You have no idea how excited i am for this! 😉

    Hope you had a lovely rainy day in girl!

  7. LOVE rainy days! we haven’t had any in forever, and i could totally use one to do all the same things as you did today!

    do you have a basic recipe for that minestrone? i would LOVE to whip up a batch of that!

  8. Loved this post! Rainy days and running…I have yet to experience this pleasure. Not sure if I would consider it a pleasure or not though!
    Rainy days and medjool dates! Yes! I know they are expensive but they are amazing, no?! So rich and creamy. It makes you wonder at mother nature. Haha.
    Your parents look so lovely!

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