Weekend Highlights: Apple Picking :)

The other day, Janetha had asked what family traditions people might have.  I couldn’t come up with anything other then Christmas Eve, when my mom’s side of the family gets together for a Yankee swap, complete with good food and silly games. 

Today, however, I was reminded of yet another family tradition: apple picking.

There’s a local orchard that I can remember my parents taking me to for…wow…as long as I can remember!  I used to think the field was miles upon miles along, as my sister, brother and I would chase each other around.  I always left with a belly full of apples and a smile on my face.  😀

Today was a continuation of family traditions, with my parents and I making our way to the apple orchard.


The funny thing about apple picking, is that unlike blueberry picking–which can take hours depending on how much you pick–apple picking is finished in, oh, maybe 10 minutes? 😉  The apples are huge this year due to all the rain we’ve had, which made the picking go even faster.  With just the three of us eating the apples this year—Matthew is officially moved in to his new apartment!—there are plans for an apple crisp or an apple pie on the menu for the week.  And, of course, fruit cereal, apple oats, apple pancakes, and so much more.  I can hardly wait. 😀


Biting into a fresh apple picked right from the tree is pure bliss. 


Here’s a fun fact about myself…I love goats.  It’s true.  I plan on owning my own goat farm someday and making fresh goat cheese. 😀  Which is why I practically melted over this cute little guy at the orchard’s “petting zoo.”  He was “ahhing” at me as I was walking by, begging me to feed him some of the clover leaves on the other side of the fence.  I couldn’t stop laughing at how happy he was when I started scratching his chin.  I would have taken him home right then and there…I just don’t think my dad was too excited about the idea. 😉


Phew…is it really already 10:30?  And could I really be ready for bed already?  Oh my… 😉  Not to worry, my normal long-winded posts of regular eats will be back tomorrow, along with my coffee Monday. 😀  Yes, I always have coffee every morning.  But Mondays are now part of my smile list and I plan on indulging in a specialty coffee…latte? cappucino? espresso?  It all depends on my Monday mood. 😀 

Oh, and tomorrow I’ll also be posting the completed smile list.  You all had such wonderful ideas, and I hope to incorporate them somehow, someway.  So stay tuned for that.  And by the way, just thinking about the smile list is now making me…well…smile! 😀

Hope you all have had a restful, refreshing, enjoyable weekend, and I’ll “see” you tomorrow!

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a chocolate & coffee loving Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping people reach their goals. When I'm not busy working, I enjoy photography, cooking, and spending quality time with my family (and pets!) Thanks for stopping by!

15 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights: Apple Picking :)

  1. I have never been apple picking. I hope to do someday – sounds like a great time. Not to mention all the apples and apple creations to enjoy. Bring on the apple recipes. 😀

  2. Ooo I can’t wait to go apple picking this Fall. Ok, I can wait for that, but I can’t wait for the getting home and making apple crisp part 🙂

  3. YES! i love it. i cant wait to go apple pickin’ myself
    i got a chance to buy some very special apples this weekend, a kind that is almost impossible to grow, and the orchards only managed to get a 1/2 a crate of. SO GOOD, i forget the name of them though :/ The benefits of hittin up the growers early to get the interesting first crops!

  4. Apple picking and Cherry Picking are great family traditions. We raised five in the country and picked fruit together when in season..
    We also used the Yankee Swap/White elephant gift exchange as a gift sharing tradition. We even took the gift exchange tradition online when the youngest married and moved away.

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