We’re being invaded!


They all stayed far, far away from the house except for this handsome guy who wanted his picture taken. 😉

After the prelude of turkeys went on their merry way, I had breakfast.  Oh, breakfast cookie, it’s been too long!

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1 mashed banana (very ripe)
  • 1 T. peanut butter
  • 2 T. cocoa
  • 2 T. plain soymilk

And a glass of milk + a handful of raisins on top the next morning for good measure.  I kid you not, this is every chocolate lover’s dream breakfast.  The fact that you can turn something into heavenly, chocolatey sweetness with just natural ingredients still knocks my socks off. 😀

My appetite has been awry lately.  Yesterday I hadn’t eaten lunch until 2 and yet I still wasn’t hungry.  That’s not normal at all for me, no matter how much fiber or protein I throw into my breakfast! 😉  Then this morning I found myself starving and my stomach was sounding more and more like an angry bear.  With a long run planned, I decided to opt for a slice of toast with peanut butter before heading out.  I absolutely hate being hungry on a run, and I knew this snack would sit well in my stomach as I trotted along…

…and then I realized that I probably was coming down with something in the middle of my 7-mile run because I started feeling tired and achy with a chance of sore throat (you know that feeling of “it’s almost here, but not quite yet”?)

…and then I realized that I still had a good dose of energy for that last stretch home which felt wonderful.

…and then I waved as my dad drove by in his car.

…and then…when I got home…I realized I had been accidentally locked out of the house.

I decided to shuffle around a little.  “The more I move, the warmer I’ll feel.”  The wind started picking up, the sun hid behind the clouds, and I continued shuffling.  After 30 or so minutes had passed, I started to get more and more frustrated over the fact that (A) I couldn’t get in the house and (B) I couldn’t open the lock on the shed to get a spare key.  By the time an hour had rolled around, I was past feeling upset and started to feel more like crying.  Then I realized how silly I was being.

After 2 hrs. had passed, I considered going to the road, sticking out my thumb, and begging someone if I could borrow their cell phone.  Or maybe I should go to the neighbor’s house and huddle up with their dog?  He looks friendly enough.  Then I started to think about some of the more important things in life…like food and a hot shower. 😉

All the drama aside, my dad finally did arrive home after 2 hrs. and he felt horrible for having locked the door.  Once inside, I headed straight for a hot shower, drank a couple cups of hot water and wrapped myself up in an oversized blanket. 

…and finally there was lunch. 😀

I don’t think these leftover turkey day salads could ever get old.  They’re so full of flavor and variety.  😀  I had some kashis on the side and included all the same leftovers on top as I did yesterday, except I substituted turnips for the sweet potato.

I also made myself a cup of hot coffee with soy while sitting near the fireplace with my homework.

Plans for dinner included a new recipe from Moosewood that I’ve yet to try: Lentil Walnut Burgers.  I decided to get a headstart on them so I could let them sit in the fridge and chill for a while.

In between all the chopping and slicing, I made myself a snack of almonds and the last of the Thanksgiving Day pineapple…

I was a little worried about how the lentil burgers were going to come out since I didn’t have any wheat germ and ended up using flax seed instead.  I also ran out of garlic and substituted garlic powder.  They originally seemed super soft, and they honestly could have still used some more binding even after they were completely done (I’m thinking that’s due to the lack of bread crumbs on my part!)  But all in all, it was a tasty little recipe.  I think next time I’ll increase the garlic and maybe add some spice in the form of cajun or cayenne too.

Oh, and what’s a complete dinner without candlelight and sweet potato fries?  I think both of these things should be included at each and every meal. 😉

(p.s. Even the meat lovers of the family enjoyed this meal, despite asking what kind of meat was included in the dish. 😉  No complaints or funny faces is always a good sign. 😀 )

Another “freezer” chocolate chip cookie found its way into my meal.  Mmm….

I really hope this flu is just a 24-hr. bug, because I can’t afford to be sick for the last few weeks of school!  Gotta keep plugging away on the homework assignments, while drinking lots of water and getting some rest!

My agenda for the rest of the night includes…

  • writing out my schedule for the next week
  • blogging
  • watching tv
  • a snack

Super strenuous, right? 😉  Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!!

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