Weekend Highlights: Three word Sum-Up

There’s only so much you can say with three words, but here’s my attempt:

Eating Delightful Soups…

see, I’ve failed already.  I simply can’t limit this to three words, because I have to at least provide the link for this bowl of deliciousness. 😀  It’s called Two-Bean soup with Kale and it’s from the Cooking Light magazine.  I kid you not, this soup is both delicious and easy to put together.  I even skip over the puree part and simply mash half of the beans with a potato masher.  The partially mashed beans provide the creamy thickness.  And kale?  What can I say, I’m such a fan.  It’s only bitter until you steam it down into a soup, and then it takes on a whole new level. 😀

3-word attempt #2: Decorated Christmas tree…

…I just have to add that this is possibly the most quirky Christmas tree you’ll ever see.  We never have matching ornaments.  They’re just a collection of memories from over the years.  I remember it was always one of the highlights of my childhood.  My dad would take down the big box of ornaments from the attic, and we’d go over each one–laughing over stories and listening to Christmas music over the radio.   Usually hot cocoa was made for later too.  😀 

3-word attempt #3: First Snow Fall…

of the year! 😀  All the trees are officially wearing “hats.”  I know by the end of Jan/Feb, I’ll be wishing for summer (isn’t that always the case?)  But for now, I’m dying to go out and run! 😀

I’m so happy I took the time to get myself organized today!  I have only 1-1/2 weeks left of classes, so I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with the end-of-year assignments and exams.  Having it written in a day-by-day format keeps me on track without making me feel as if I have to accomplish everything all at once! 😀

I’m most definitely feeling motivated for (A) my school week to begin so I can officially complete it!  And (B) I’m also ready to achieve my 20-mile/week goal this week!  I just hope the weather can cooperate! 😀

Lastly, I loved reading all of your guys’ thoughts and comments on using food as a reward!  Even while I don’t usually use it as a “reward” per say, I most definitely think of it as a “treat” sometimes.  For example, there’s nothing wrong with looking forward to a weekend dinner out when you’re stressed at work!  Food is meant to be enjoyed in a healthy frame of mind. 😀  Here are some other ideas of things that you can use to treat yourself…feel free to add to the list via comments as well! 😀

  • Bubble bath with a cup of tea and a favorite magazine!
  • Give yourself a manicure!  Sally Hanson makes some great French manicure products that are cheap and last forever! 😀
  • Power up some yoga…this may not seem like an ideal way to relax at the end of the day, but it can help to get out kinks and stress!
  • Cup of morning coffee…never underestimate the power of buying a favorite cup of coffee on a Monday morning. 😉

On that note, I’m off to chillax before the week begins!  😀

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a 30 something year old who loves Jesus, nutrition, green tea, my family and my tuxedo cat named Humphrey. I enjoy photography, cooking and working at the local hospital as a Registered Dietitian. Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights: Three word Sum-Up

  1. I would add to that list getting under an insane amount of blankets and not caring how ridiculous you look, but that might just be because I’m freezing atm haha.
    I love your tree! I think colored lights make them more fun 🙂

    • Haha…That definitely should go on the list! Sometimes a person just has to do what a person has to do. 😉 It was freezing over here last night as well!

  2. Our tree is the same! We have random ornaments that are given to us each year or that were made by my sister and I when we were little. It’s fun to look back at all of them.. especially the ones with our school pictures on them 😀

  3. I love your tree! It looks very similar to my family’s. I think its more fun when it doesn’t match and every ornament has a memory : )
    Good luck with the last few weeks of classes, I’m right there with you on the stress but planning out your days definitely helps make it less overwhelming!

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