Mindful Eating…The Challenge. :-)

Let’s talk granola, shall we?

I’m a granola fanatic.  Every time I see a bag of granola that I haven’t tried, I buy it.  I’m on a constant search for the best granolas out there.  So far I’ve been addicted to Natures Path Pumpkin Flax Granola, but I don’t necessarily consider it a traditional granola.  Sometimes I just want something with oats, nuts, dried fruit and maybe a bit of coconut…you know, the real stuff.  And it’s got to be c-r-u-n-c-h-y.

I haven’t had much luck making my own granola, but decided to make some yesterday during the snow storm and included it in this morning’s bowl of oats….

Was it full of oats?  Yes.  Was it crunchy?  YES!  Am I in granola heaven?  Urm…not quite yet!  It was good, but I’m looking for perfection. 😉  Does anyone have any “you must try this granola!” recipes to share?

After my breakast, I attempted to study a little more for today’s Biochemistry exam.  I was feeling a bit worried about the whole ordeal.  Part of me wanted to do really well, while the other part of me was just feeling so burnt out from exams and studying!  I think I was finally reaching a breaking point, and knew that from this point on, I just needed to put down my study material and do my best!  I would get more out of the exam if I took a little time to fit in a morning workout, so I threw on my running gear and trotted off into a sunny morning. 😀

I came home to make a quick and delicious pear parfait with the last of my Greek yogurt. 

  • 1 red anjou pear, diced and heated in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm/soften.
  • last of the greek yogurt (probably about 1 c.)
  • 1 T. homemade power granola

It was warm, creamy, and tasted so “wintery.” 😀

As I practically inhaled my lunch of 1/2 a box of whole wheat annies mac ‘n’ cheese, a side of baked kale (aka, kale chips with a name change due to “chips” and mac ‘n’ cheese not really going well together 😉 ) and peas and corn, that for many Americans, this speed eating is totally normal.  I mean, how many people honestly have time to sit down and enjoy their food? How many people actually eat mindfully?  MORE on this at the end of my post. 😀

I dashed out the door with a snack in tow for later in the afternoon–a handful of almonds and an orange.  I snacked on them …


I’ve gone through 2 General Chemistry classes, 2 Organic Chemistry classes, and this Biochemistry class.  I can hardly believe it’s officially over.  I remember doubting my choice to go into Nutrition because I was so afraid of the sciences.  They are not my strong area, to say the least.  But you know what?  If you really want something, go get it!  Your determination and drive will carry you through. 😀

After the exam, I marched myself to Starbucks and bought a tall, soy misto with 1 pump of peppermint mocha.  I’ve been doing really good about making coffee at home, but today I felt like splurging with $3. 😉  It was so much more fun, since I’ve been going out for coffee much less.  It felt so cozy to walk away with a little starbucks cup. 😀

I wanted something simple for dinner, and went with an openfaced Gardenburger Black Bean Chipotle burger.  I topped it with lettuce, tomato, and lots of ketchup. 😀  On the side was a simple side salad and sweet potato fries. 

…it really hit the spot. 😀 

+ the cereal snack that you’re probably all tired of seeing by now. 😉 

Okay, so back to MINDFUL EATING.  You’ve probably all heard of this before.  Some of you may have read books and articles related to it.  Basically, it comes down to being mindful of your food.  How it tastes…how the texture feels…what the temperature is…etc.  I was really thinking about this as I wolfed down my lunch, that even while it sounds like an incredibly good idea, it’s mildly unrealistic for many Americans. 

But how about one meal or snack?  Let’s try it!  Maybe you’re already a regular Mindful Eater or your goal is to start taking a little extra time to enjoy your meals and snacks.  But whichever area you are in, I challenge you to pick one meal or snack tomorrow and just slow down and enjoy it!  Wake up 10 minutes earlier tomorrow morning to have a slow-food morning…OR…take a 10 minute walk away from your office during the afternoon and snack on a crispy apple…OR…enjoy your dinner while dining in candlelight.  Get creative!  Food is meant to be enjoyed (not inhaled like my mac ‘n’ cheese! haha) 

Then come back and let me know how it went, what you think, and any other thoughts! 😀

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a chocolate & coffee loving Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping people reach their goals. When I'm not busy working, I enjoy photography, cooking, and spending quality time with my family (and pets!) Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “Mindful Eating…The Challenge. :-)

  1. Lol. I think I’ve honestly spent 2 full hours on enjoying a breakfast 🙂 I studied up a lot on the Mediterranean diet before visiting France and tried it out and that’s one point they really stress. Unfortunately, the rest of the diet is hard and unrealistic to keep up in an American society, especially being a runner and needed so much more calories than the diet promotes, but savoring food was definitely something I took away from it.

  2. Very interesting on the mindful eating concept. I think that’s very wise.

    To leverage off of that point, especially since you also bring running into the mix, check out Ozzie Gontang’s Mindfulness website. He focuses a lot on Mindful Running.

    Thanks for the idea on taking the time to really enjoy our food!

    Jim H.

  3. LOL, I was just reading your blog while eating breakfast! So I put the laptop away and finished mindfully eating and now I’m back to comment! haha. I always feel better after I mindfully eat- there’s no physical complaints like indigestion and I always feel more satisfied!

  4. I am glad to hear you got through the sciences. I’m going through the same thing right now and just got through my second chemistry class final and bio final today. It’s stressful, but good to know it can be done. 🙂
    I read the book “french women don’t get fat” with a grain of salt, not expecting to take much from it if anything but the one thing I took from it was mindful eating and now I hate being rushed or not paying attention to all elements of the meal. Of course I’m not perfect and it doesn’t always happens, but I try to enjoy it to feel satisfied.

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