Final Final :)

My nerves woke me up this morning—a reminder that I had a Medical Nutrition Therapy Final at 4 this evening.  After my stomach did a couple somersaults and backflips, I made my way to the kitchen for some breakfast.  Not even nerves can mess with my appetite. 😉

In order to avoid any more thinking or concentration than was absolutely necessary, I chose to have a replica of yesterday’s breakfast.  It was delicious and super quick which is what I needed for this morning!  I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed straight to the couch for an intense study session.

Study Snack #1: a refreshing, juicy orange

Study Snack #2: about a tsp of almond butter on a toasted slice of whole wheat sourdough bread from TJ’s. 

This is rarely the case for me, but somehow I managed to pull an all-morning study session without even a blink of procastination.  No checking e-mails, no meandering my way through fun blogs, no talking with anyone around me—nothing!  I felt so proud of myself. 😀  It helps to actually be interested in the material that you’re studying. 😉

After a hard-core morning of studying nutrition, my mom and I headed out for an invigorating 4-mile walk.  I was planning on running today, but the front of my foot was beginning to bother me during yesterday’s run, and I noticed a black and blue spot there today.   I have absolutely no idea what caused it, but I’d rather not push through it at the moment.  I’ll see how it feels tomorrow, and decide if I want to make it happen or rest it until Friday or Saturday for a long run.  We shall see…

Lunch was a mish-mash. 😀  I made a veggie egg burrito by first sauteeing 1/2 a chopped onion with 1/4 a chopped green bell pepper.  Once they were tender, I added in two big handfuls of spinach and let it wilt before adding 1 whole egg + 1 egg white (scrambled together with salt, pepper, and a splash of milk.)  I plopped it on a whole wheat tortilla, added a dollop of salsa and voila!  Easy Peazy. 😀

On the side I roasted a butternut squash with cinnamon since there’s an overabundance of them in the house at the moment.  😀

+ cantaloupe for dessert

I have no idea how the afternoon managed to fly by so quickly, but it did exactly that.  Before I knew it, it was time for me to leave and take my LAST FINAL for the semester.  I can’t believe it.  I was reminiscing all day about everything that’s happened over the past semester.  With only one semester left before graduation, I’m becoming increasingly sappy as I  recall all of the fun memories that were made throughout the years.  *sigh*

Before leaving, I made a satisfying snack of kashis, a slice of American cheese, and a few sliced green olives. 

Mom wished me luck and gave me an apple for the road.  😀  I can’t even remember what we were talking about now, but somehow we were both being silly and mom ended up balancing the apple on her head…haha. 

The intense 2-hr. final was officially over by 6 o’clock.  My head was frizzled and fried, and soup sounded absolutely perfect for dinner.  I poured my bowl and dug right into a fresh crescent roll that mom had baked this afternoon.  It was so light and pillowy.  Oh yum. 

+ the last of the medjools! (insert sad face here!! )  Or, insert a happy face, since this simply means that I’m going to whole foods again soon. 😉

Now I’m munching on a night-time snack of LIFE cereal and not really quite knowing what to do with myself.  I feel guilty for “procastinating” even though I’m not really procastinating at all!!  I think it’s going to take a few days to finally realize that I don’t have any homework due or exams to study for…haha.

I plan on celebrating the end of the semester by shopping till I’m dropping with mom tomorrow.  Can’t wait! 😀  I hear it’s supposed to only reach a high of 16 degrees tomorrow morning, so I’m not sure if a run is actually going to happen or not.  I may end up waiting for the expected 28 degrees on Friday. 😉


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8 thoughts on “Final Final :)

  1. That is the best feeling of all 🙂 Yahoo!! Enjoy your fun day of shopping. I’m digging your crackers and cheese and olives. My Dad and I used to that with Ritz. I don’t stock Ritz in the house though. I could eat the whole box!

  2. CONGRATS ON BEING DONE! that is the best feeling in the world! and just enjoy every minute of college – it goes by way too fast 🙂

    yay for shopping and breakfast burritos – that IS a winning combo 🙂

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