One night to go!

 I loved hearing about how you all manage to slow down and live in the moment.  And I also loved your honesty, because I too will find myself rushing forward in hopes that certain days will come faster.  Sometimes this thought process just sort of–happens!  It’s a constant goal of mine, this learning to live in the here and now. 😀  Not that there’s anything wrong with looking forward to certain days, but it’s equally important to enjoy the journey of getting to those days as well… 😉

I wanted to get an early start to my day this morning, so I made a quick ‘n’ tasty yogurt mix:

  • 6 oz. plain yogurt + 1/2 c. pumpkin, mixed together
  • 1.5 c. kashi heart to heart–warm cinnamon flavor…yum! 
  • 1 sliced banana
  • handful of almonds (about 2 T.)

Then it was back to the grind of studying.  I’m having more and more difficulties in trying to focus in on studying.  It’s as if my brain has already checked out before the last final.  Eeks!  When I reached the point of simply staring at the same vocabulary word for 5 minutes, I knew I was due for a run. 😉

I realized today during the 4-mile run, that consistency in running has really helped me enjoy it even more.  Having a set schedule of knowing when to increase or decrease mileage, when to go for a long run, and which days work best for fitting in the miles has brought my training up a notch.  I don’t plan on adding much more mileage to my routine, considering its winter and I tend to wimp out of long runs once it gets below 10 degrees. 😉  But I would definitely like to keep up with consistency and maintain my current mileage so that once spring rolls around, I’ll have a nice base to work off of.  My dad and I have been discussing half-marathons, and I think that would be just the thing to keep us both motivated through the chilly weather. 😀

Before running, I snacked on the most juicy orange ever and a babybel cheese.

Lunch was late today.  Partially due to the fact that I went for a late-morning run and partially due to the fact that I was so slow moving when I finally came home.  I took my time doing everything, and even ate way slower then normal.  I guess it was my subconscious way of dragging out the time before I had to start studying again… 😉

I wanted to finish off some leftovers, so I mixed the last of the vegetarian chili with the last of the lentil taco mix and topped it with 1/4 an avocado.  On the side I had a whole wheat tortilla wrap, some veggie sticks and a glass of milk.

It was messy and delicious–just the way I like it. 😀

Then I fought a squirrel for two dates.  😉

This final week of exams has created a coffee monster out of me!  I always drink a cup of coffee in the morning, because I just love having a hot cup of something-something to sip on while I do homework or check up on emails.  And nothing beats a dark, rich roasted cup of coffee…mmm….

BUT, I’ve been including a second cup of coffee to my ritual, which is more then I’d like–mostly because it’s pricey and I don’t want to be relying on coffee as a perk-me-up in the afternoon hours!  Once Thursday is here, the weaning of coffee will begin…eeks! 😉

Later in the afternoon, after several more hours of studying, I breaked for a blueberry parfait:

  • 6 oz. yogurt
  • 1/2 c. blueberries
  • 2 T. homemade granola

Totally delicious and crunchy.  😀

This is the “I’m about to eat that candlestick if I don’t eat something soon” carrot.  😉  My appetite was in full force around 4:30, but I wanted to hold off eating anything too filling since dinner was only half an hour away.  This carrot did the trick. 😀

Speaking of dinner, can I say how much I’m in love with this stovetop method of cooking brussell sprouts?

Now, we all know how amazing a roasted vegetable is.  All that intense sweetness and flavor seems to pop to the surface with the intense heat of the oven.  However, sometimes oven roasting can be a bit tricky to do if you have something else in the oven at the same time you would be cooking the veggies, right?

I discovered that, for brussell sprouts at least, a pan will do just fine!  I simply heated 1 T. olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat, threw in about 1 lb. brussell sprouts and added some salt and pepper.  Cook until tender and beginning to brown on the undersides.

Mom approved. 😉

With the fish in the oven, and the sprouts on the stove, I used up the available microwave space to nuke a sweet potato.  On the side were some extra steamed veggies–simply broccoli and cauliflower.

The Pecan-Crusted  Catfish recipe (click for the recipe!) comes from Woman’s Day magazine.  The only substitute is that cod was used in place of the catfish.  I liked it a lot, but definitely think a thinner fish would be a better choice.  I like the idea of using tilapia instead, and maybe increasing the amount of mustard just a tad since that’s what gave all the flavor.  And for the pecans–oh my–forgot how much I loved ’em. 😀

Finally, with my bag of heart to heart cinnamon cereal in tow, I headed off to see The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock.  Nothing more was going to sink in as far as studying was concerned, and I’ve been wanting to see this movie since I first saw the previews for it.

The movie was incredibly heartwarming and I recommend it. 😀 

I’m tuckered out!  I was considering studying for another hour or so, but I think I’ll just get a good night of sleep and start early tomorrow.  This is my last night of having to worry about exams and then I’m free for a month or so!  Can’t wait! 😀

Question: Do you enjoy eating solo or do you prefer eating with other people?

I’m quirky about this.  I prefer eating breakfast alone, as I’m waking myself up and enjoying my favorite meal of the day. 😉  But for lunch and dinner, I hate eating alone and would much rather be socializing and enjoying the meal with others.  😀

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a chocolate & coffee loving Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping people reach their goals. When I'm not busy working, I enjoy photography, cooking, and spending quality time with my family (and pets!) Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “One night to go!

  1. I DEFINITELY prefer eating with people. Eating alone makes me focus WAYYYY too much on the food, whereas when I eat with people I can enjoy the food, but the company and conversation as well!

  2. I love eating with foodies so we can all poke and prod and comment on the food, haha.
    Your dinner looks astounding
    And I can not count how many bags of coffee I’ve gone through this semester. But then I just think to myself how much money I save by brewing it in my dorm and not buying it from the cafes(for the most part) and I feel a lot better

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