Running Rest Day

Breakfast cookie round two…what can I say?  They’re perfect for busy mornings because they’re (a) quick, (b) scrumptious, and (c) filling.  What more could a girl ask for in the early AM? 😉  This morning I went with a spicy cookie (no chocolate, more cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves!) 

No workout for me this morning!!  I have to admit, it felt kind of good to play hooky on running.  😉  As much as I love starting my day with a good, solid run, it’s important to rest up once in a while too!!  Resting is a big part of training and keeping your body healthy.  And I’ve finally reached the point where I look forward to these rest days and make the most of them.  How?  Well, in a bunch of a different ways.  Today included a trip to Whole Foods and Trader Joes.  Oh what a happy girl I was. 😀

Almonds and an orange were stashed in my purse for later in the morning…

I practically went insane in every store.  First I stopped at Pier One, which was simply dazzling with colorful dishes, pillows, candles, etc.  I’m in love with the store. 😀  Then there was Trader Joes—what’s not to love?  And I saved Whole Foods for last, which is where I stocked up on some goodies and included a new addition to my nut butter stash—cashew! 

Over Christmas I had received a gift card to Panera Bread, so I decided to put it to good use this afternoon.  I ordered half of the Mediterranean Veggie on whole grain artisan bread with a side of black bean soup and an apple.  Mmm…they make such good soups and sandwiches.  The bread was excellent.  Fresh and doughy with seeds throughout.  Delicious and satisfying. 😀

I was planning on ordering a decaf coffee this afternoon, but it completely slipped my mind as I ordered my soy au lait with cinnamon on top.  It didn’t even hit me until the caffeine did.  Oh goodness…haha.  At least I have a good week and a half to overcome any caffeine withdrawal symptoms before classes start. 😉

This afternoon I put together a snack including these seedlander snackers that Doctor Kracker sent me…

…and a garlic&herb laughing cow wedge.  So far this is my favorite flavor.  I loved all the seeds and it was incredibly crunchy, which I loved. 😀

After a 3-mile power walk outdoors, I decided to get a head start on dinner.  I was feeling a bit unmotivated to make anything new, so I decided to use last night’s leftovers.  I also decided it would be a good time to try this new block of feta that I picked up at Whole Foods today.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

I feel as if I haven’t tried feta cheese until now.  It was creamy, fresh and bursting with flavor.  It’s nothing like the feta that I normally buy, which can sometimes be overly salty (think salt block!)  It transformed the leftovers into something amazing. 😀  On the side I had some roasted carrots with salt and a hot cup of tea.

Dessert was a dark Ghirardelli square.

After dinner, I ran around the house like a mad woman.  I have an Internship Open House tomorrow, and a couple weeks ago I had bought a cute, business-casual style outfit.  However, finding a pair of shoes to go with the outfit was an entirely different situation.  College has left me with a very specific wardrobe, and nothing could quite fit the bill of professional looking.  Thankfully, my mom and I take the same shoe size.  She pulled box after box of shoes from her closet.  It was enough to make a person’s head spin.  Finally I found a simple pair of black flats, but this was after I practically pulled my hair from my head…haha.  I think the nerves are finally starting to hit.  I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not really that big a deal.  I should just enjoy it, because in 5 years from now, this day will be but a memory. 😉  Besides, I’m driving down with a good friend which makes it 10x more fun.

With my outfit layed out for tomorrow—shoes and all—I am now just snacking on a bowl of all-bran strawberry medley cereal while blogging.  I’m going to hit the hay early tonight since I plan on rising early tomorrow.  Whew…wish me luck! 😀

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a 30 something year old who loves Jesus, nutrition, green tea, my family and my tuxedo cat named Humphrey. I enjoy photography, cooking and working at the local hospital as a Registered Dietitian. Thanks for stopping by!

11 thoughts on “Running Rest Day

  1. Great attitude about running! I used to be obsessed with the idea that my day HAD to include a run. I would be horrible and lazy if I didn’t run. Now I go days without working out. And guess what – the world doesn’t end! haha.

    I’m jealous of your feta! Sounds amazing.

  2. Good luck on the internship! College has also left me with a specific wardrobe (sweatpants.) Your Bfast cookie is a work of art 🙂

  3. Unfrotunately we don’t have a Trader joes here in TX, but my mom is so sweet and every couple months she sends me a care packaged filled with all kinds of goodies… and go help us when she visits… lol

    I took a day off from the gym this morning too.. I was so soar that I could barely get in and out of the bed… it was so nice to get 2 extra hours of sleep 🙂

  4. ohhhh girl…if you ever have fashion questions, feel free to ask us. i love stuff like that 🙂

    yay for rest days and good luck at the open house!!!

  5. Isn’t Panera’s WG bread so delicious?! I work there, and don’t go a DAY without it! In fact…I don’t remember the last time I opened my freezer and there wasn’t a loaf of it staring back at me!

    I’m glad you enjoyed it too =]

    ❤ Laura

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