Normal Sundays

Sundays are full of traditions…

I kind of like having a day where everything is 100% normal.  With a new week of classes behind me, and changes in store for the future (internship or job?  summer job or summer classes?  masters degree first before the internship?) it’s nice to have that one day where you know everything is going to revolve around being…well…normal! 😀 

For example:  Sunday starts with breakfast, and it’s always, always a quick but filling one.  This morning I made a yogurt mess of 6-oz. yogurt, 2 T. flax, 1 apple, 1 c. kashi heart to heart, 2 T. almonds and a dollop of cranberry sauce.

Sundays also involve a morning church service.  Today’s message was on confrontation and forgiveness.

How do you feel about confrontation?

During my freshman year at college, I had a roommate who repeatedly would say hurtful things that really bothered me or would make the  dormroom uncomfortably cold during the winter.  At the time, I was really reserved and didn’t want to cause any issues by confronting her about it.  So what did I do?  I harbored it all inside.  Was this doing either of us any good?  No, absolutely not.  It wasn’t helping our rooming relationship at all.  And it certainly wasn’t helping me, as I mulled things over in my head over and over like a typewriter.

I wish I knew then, what I know now.  Confrontation isn’t such a bad thing!  Most people hate it–especially introverts like myself!  But by holding things inside, you’re only hurting yourself.  Don’t be afraid to let people know that you’re bothered by something, and also don’t be afraid to forgive them, even in situations when they don’t say they’re sorry.  You’ll be doing yourself a favor. 

Sundays, for some strange and unknown reason, are always hungry days.  I come home from church absolutely starving!  I made the most delicious snack involving a Doctor Kracker Sunflower Cheddar flatbread…

…topped with 2 T. each of artichoke spinach hummus and tabouleh.  It was so fresh and amazing!  We all agree that these flatbreads are even better then the crisps.  They’re a little bit thinner, which makes them super crunchy without being too hard.  Somewhat similiar to a Wasa cracker, but much more flavorful in my opinion. 😀   

Sundays usually involve the return of the grill master–aka, dad.

He grilled up some spicy jalapeno chicken sausages—courtesy of the Al Fresco All Natural brand.  On the side I sauteed some peppers and onions.  I decided to crank up the heat on these veggies, and was rewarded with some caramelization on the onions.  Such a beautiful thing. :mrgreen:  It really brings out that natural sweetness.

I made a delicious side salad which I ended up topping with the last of the onions and peppers.

Delicious! :mrgreen:

+ the pear who had no chance.  😉

Sundays always involve a visit to my grandparent’s house.  My Memere and I shared stories on bread pudding and my Pepere chatted over a picture he had of the house he lived in as a kid in Canada.  There was an open porch on top of the house, where they would watch planes practicing during World War II.  He also talked about all the apple trees outside the kitchen window.  His eyes lit up when he talked about how his mom would open the kitchen window during the fall, and all the sweet smells of apple blossoms would waft in.  It’s so neat hearing stories like that! 😀

Sundays used to always involve cereal for dinner.  Growing up, it was a given that we would all eat cereal…haha.  For some reason, I continue always feeling in the mood for having “breakfast for dinner” on Sunday nights.  Tonight I wanted oatmeal. :mrgreen:

The usual combo, but I saved 1/2 a banana to slice on top.  I kind of like having “raw” bananas on top as long as there’s enough to sweeten the rest of the oats.  It makes for a nice texture contrast. :mrgreen:  I sprinkled some granola on top, and added a scoop of peanut butter and cranberry sauce. 

Plus some veggies, which I definitely didn’t get enough of today!

So I watched Rachel Getting Married last night, and I’m still not entirely sure how I felt about it.  After it was done, and I started mulling it over in my head, I began to like it more and more.  However, it definitely wasn’t a typical Hollywood ending and was not Anne Hathaway’s typical movie (at all.)  I think the movie did a beautiful job of bringing out human emotion, but it still felt twisted and disturbing at the same time. 

Tonight I want to catch up on some homework.  I have two papers on obesity-related research that I need to read.  At least it’s interesting and will keep my attention!  Because Sundays are also a known rest day for me, when my exercise is a short walk and my homework is kept simple.

I like normal Sundays. 😀

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16 thoughts on “Normal Sundays

  1. I love Sundays too. So comfortable.

    About confrontation… I’m an introvert too. The older I get, the more I realize the value of being able to confront someone when necessary. It allows you to take control of the power in your life. It’s a good skill to work on. 😀

    • Absolutely! It really does stop any control that the other person has over your life, whether they’re aware of it or not. Thanks for sharing! 😀

  2. Looks delish!

    I love your topping of cranberry sauce!

    And I loved the movie rachel getting married, so, so good.

    Have a great start to your week love!

  3. Ah…confrontation…what a subject! What I’ve learned about it is:
    1) Confrontation can be made 50% better by timing and HOW you do it
    2) If people are used to you going along with whatever they say or do, sometimes no matter how well you handle it, they will not recieve it well. This is about their sense of control.
    3) You cannot control how someone else will respond
    4) I try to examine why I’m doing it…am I trying to help the person? Is it most loving to do so? Or is it about MY trying to control their behavior?
    5) You may be doing that person a favor, if no one has brought something to their attention. Sometimes people have no clue how what they do or say comes across!

  4. Hey Sarah, I haven’t had much time to read blogs recently, so it’s been a while. Your pictures are freaking awesome! Did you turn into a pro photographer over the past month?

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