The Big Freeze (and dethaw)

Yes, I did wake up sore this morning. 😉

Thankfully it was a nice sore.  My upper arms are definitely feeling yesterday’s workout, but not to the extent of “I can’t lift this milk jug!” sore.  :mrgreen:  I’m also thankful that I didn’t work out my legs yesterday, because I always plan for Saturday morning to be my long run and would hate to run on tired legs. 

With a long run in mind, I wanted nothing other then Fluffy Apple Oats with Eggwhites.  I absolutely hate being hungry on a long run, and these are the secret to staying full for the entire morning! 

  • 1/4 c. each of oatmeal and oatbran
  • 1 c. milk + 1/2 c. water
  • 1/2 apple (while eating the other half 😀 )
  • cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves
  • 2 egg whites (whisked in with the oatmeal and oatbran, once the fluids began to boil)
  • toppings: Pumpkin flax granola and a big ol’ scoop of peanut butter

It was possibly my fluffiest bowls of oats yet…whisking in the egg whites does wonders for adding volume! 😀

Yesterday I had baked some muffins after being inspired by the back of my Bob’s Red Mill flaxseed bag.  I tweaked the original recipe for the Bran Flax Muffins, by doing the following:

  • cut back on half the brown sugar
  • kept the peels on the apples for x-tra fiber
  • cut back 1/2 on the walnuts
  • added in nutmeg and cloves

These were so delicious! 😀  I ended up making 20 muffins out of it instead of the 15 that it calls for.  With the changes I made, the nutrition stats are: 140 calories, 5 g. total fat, 1 g. saturated fat, 4 g. fiber and 5 g. protein.  Not too shabby for a tasty little muffin! 😀  I ate half of it before heading out for my run; it made for the perfect pre-run snack!

According to Nancy Clark, RD, sports nutritionist, it’s important to eat 100-200 calories every 30 minutes for runs lasting over an hour.  I think that’s a great rule of thumb to follow!  I poured some cheerios, cranberries, and raisins into a little bag, stashed it in my mittens, and headed out. 

Thoughts on my run…

Mile 0-2: Oh.  My.  Goodness.  What am I doing outside when it’s only 4 degrees out??? 

Mile 3-6: Wind.  And lots of it.  Constantly whipping its way around me, trying to deter me from running.  Too late.  I was already this far, and there was no way I was going to cut back since my legs were feeling fresh and ready! 😀

Mile 6-8: By this point, I was literally numb.  I couldn’t feel my arms because they were so cold, and my hands could barely move to grab a handful of  gorp.  It finally hit me that I should have layered a little more, with an extra pair of gloves for my hands.  I hate when I realize what I should have done when I’m already far into a run!

Mile 8-11.3: Thank God for the sun.  Seriously.  On my last stretch home, the sun was shining directly on my face and arms, and I felt as if I was suddenly dethawing.  It felt marvelous to feel the heat of the sun on my face.  It’s amazing how much I really appreciated that warmth! :mrgreen:

Overall, I felt great!!  It definitely wasn’t my smartest move ever, to not layer more then I did, but at least I’ll remember that for next time.  Lesson learned. 😉

My aunt, my mom and I had a lunch date at Nicole’s house today, and I’m pretty sure that Nicole read my mind and knew that I was craving chicken soup and bread for lunch, because that’s exactly what she made. :mrgreen:

Look what she had sitting on the table when we all walked in…homemade rosemary focaccia bread!!!  There have been so many amazing breads going around this past week, I’ve just got to say. 😀  This particular bread is one of Nicole’s specialities.  It comes out so flaky on the outside and doughy & soft on the inside.  One word: Amazing.

And her chicken stew was out of this world too.  I filled my bowl to the top and couldn’t stop “mmm’ing” over it.  I’d love this recipe, Nicole! 😀  By the end of an amazing meal and conversation, I was one happy, content girl.  Tired from running and dethawing.  But very happy. :mrgreen: 

After saying goodbye to everyone, I headed home and immediately put on my pj’s and made a snack with yogurt, flax and the other 1/2 of my Bran Flax muffin.  Not even kidding about the pj part.:mrgreen:  I just wanted to relax for the rest of the afternoon, with some homework and a new Runners World magazine.

For a quick study snack, I heated up the last of yesterday’s roasted vegetables.

While making dinner this evening, I was seriously ready to eat everything in sight.  I’m always so hungry on my long-run days, which is good, since my body just wants to refuel itself!  Usually the hunger hits randomly and unexpectedly, which is why I like to include a few mini-snacks throughout the day to keep me fueled. 😀  I decided to grab a small handful of almonds to hold me over until I had dinner on the table.  Did the trick! 😀

Don’t you just love it when there are leftovers in the fridge, just waiting to be used up?  I love cooking, of course, but sometimes it’s nice knowing there’s a night-off of having to prepare something.  These lentil tacos literally took me 5 minutes to reheat and put together.  Can’t beat that!

I also had a yummy basic side salad (with olives and snap peas!)

Which I decided to top with more lentils because I was still hungry.  Taco salad, anyone?

For dessert I had a homemade granola bar.

+ a bowl of cereal for a night-time snack.  The stomach is finally settling and feeling content. 😀

Off to go take a bubble bath and read a little.  The new Runners World magazine is fantastic this month! 

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!!! 😀 

Weekend Question:  Have you ever wanted a different name, or do you love the one you have?  I used to want the name Jessica…or Jennifer.  Or anything that started with a “J”. :mrgreen:  Now I love my name though, and wouldn’t want to change it!

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8 thoughts on “The Big Freeze (and dethaw)

  1. Wow! You are so dedicated! I am a total baby when it comes to running in cold weather! Those egg white oats look fantastic! Must try this soon.

  2. Great run! I hate being hungry when I am working out- still trying to find the right combo for pre-exercise. Th muffins look delish!

    I have been away from blogging, but going to go find the lentil and granola bar recipes….yum!

  3. Great run!!! Wow that foccacia looks absolutely AMAZING!!! Yum 🙂 I always wanted to change my name. I hate that mine couldn’t be shorted to a nickname or anything cute like everybody’s seemed to.

  4. Wow… your food looks SO good today! 🙂 Love the fluffy oats!

    When I was younger, I didn’t like my real name… I go by Mandy as my nickname… but Miranda is my real name. I thought it was too “different” and thought I should have something simple like Emily.. Jennifer… seemed like all the cool kids were named that… haha 🙂

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