Most of my “aha” moments are found through running.  I’ll be running along, thinking about nothing, and then bam!  A life lesson is learned. :mrgreen:  Today on my 5-mile run, I was thinking about how goal oriented I can be.  Goals are great, but sometimes I forget about the “in between” time from now and until I reach that goal.  It’s called LIFE.  And sometimes I need to remind myself that even though it’s important to achieve goals, I need to enjoy right where I am.  Slow down, Sarah…live in the moment.

What are some of the “aha” moments that you have had throughout your life? 

I knew this morning was going to fly by in a flash since I wanted to fit in a run.  Hence, the gingerbread breakfast cookie came in to play.  The banan was a little less ripe then I like them to be, but it was still delicious. 😀  On the side I had a glass of milk for a boost of protein.

Post run snack: about 1/2 a cups worth of cottage cheese + an apple.  I’m not always a fan of fruit with cottage cheese, but this apple was perfectly tart-sweet so it paired perfectly. 😀

Lunch was a hodge-podge of leftovers and snacks.  I’ve definitely been bringing the perfect amount, as I feel just hungry enough to eat dinner once I arrive home. 😀   

The first part of my lunch was eaten in Management class.  I absolutely love cold, leftover pizza.  And since this was made with veggies (fiber!), whole wheat flour (more fiber!) and reduced fat cheddar (protein!), it was actually pretty filling.

I wanted to sneak in some more veggies, so I brought along a big salad with about 1/2 a cups worth of garbanzos, a carrot, and some tomato/cucumber slices.  The dressing was kept “smelly free” by using a tsp olive oil, balsamic, orange juice, and dry mustard with ginger in place of the garlic. Loved the ginger addition!

I spent a good two hours in the library, tackling homework with a friend between classes.  An orange and some almonds (about an ounce or 20 almonds) held me over. 😀

As expected though, the hunger struck again around 4:30’ish, when my stomach knew that dinner was coming closer.  I decided to break into my extra snack that I had packed, which was a homemade granola bar.  I love refrigerating these, because they get all dense and chewy.  But this one was in my pack all day, and had gotten really warm in the classroom.  It was actually kind of melty and gooey, which I loved! :mrgreen:

By the time I arrived home, I felt like a frazzled mess!!  The drive home always gets me into this zombie state.  All I wanted to do was throw on my pjs and eat dinner.  So I did. :mrgreen:

Brown rice.

Sauteed zucchini, summer squash and onions.

And sardines with mustard. :mrgreen:  I know a lot of people get grossed out by these little fishies, but I adore them.  They’re super, super cheap.  Super healthy (great source of protein and omega-3’s + low in mercury!)  And, in my opinion, they’re super tasty. 😀

+ a cherry cordial which mom bought me.  So good!  😀

Off to make a snack and watch Biggest Loser!!

Appetite Thoughts:

I thought it was an interesting point that a reader brought up, about what to do if you’re not hungry on days you exercise.  I’m not for force feeding in that type of scenario, but it is important to refuel directly after a workout to prevent muscle breakdown as well as to restore glycogen.  It’s especially important after high intensity, long workouts.  That could be a mini meal such as half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk.  Or it could be a larger meal if you’re feeling hungry.

That’s the most important thing, but aside from that, let your body tell you when it’s hungry.  If you get hungry the next day and refuel really well, providing your body with the energy it needs, then it’s probably okay not to force feed yourself on the high intensity workout days. 😀

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a chocolate & coffee loving Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping people reach their goals. When I'm not busy working, I enjoy photography, cooking, and spending quality time with my family (and pets!) Thanks for stopping by!

17 thoughts on “AHA!

  1. I think one of my biggest(and most repeating) aha moment is just “it doesn’t matter”. Sometimes I get so caught up in something, thinking it’s the end of the world if I don’t finish or it isn’t perfect, and then I realize 10 years from now it’s not big enough a deal that anyone will care

    • That’s one of my most repeating “aha” moments as well. 😀 I find myself repeatedly asking myself if it will matter in 10 years, which really helps put things in perspective. 😉

  2. Thanks for the tip! That sounds like the right thing to do. Even when I don’t have a high intensity workout I still try and munch a little something. I find that if I don’t hunger can hit hard later, so it’s good to curb some of that. You seem to be really good about refueling properly after runs, which I will keep in mind now that I’m running more!

  3. running always gives me my aha moments too – i think its just the general idea that running clears my head so I have time to think…unless Gilmore Girls/One Tree Hill is on 🙂

    I’m glad you mentioned the importance of refueling after a run because I couldn’t agree more with you!! I often get hungry about 30 minutes anyways.

    • Do you mean:mrgreen:? It gives that silly little emoticon, green guy smiley, but requires a space between the letter and the : in order to work. Sometimes I forget and it comes out in word form. 😉

    • Haha…glad to hear I’m not the only girl eating lunch in the classroom. 😉 I figure it’s better that then an embarrassingly loud, growling stomach. :mrgreen:

  4. I had a spectacular AHA moment in a college lecture one day. I had been particularly negative (about everything in my life) and I just decided at that moment to drop it all, and embrace happiness. That moment was a turning point in my life…crazy how things like that can happen in the midst of other activities.

    Thanks for the appetite tips…high intensity workouts usually kill my hunger, so its good to hear your take on it.

    • You’re so right…the “aha” moments seem to come so randomly sometimes, even though they can be our biggest, life changing moments. 😀

  5. I think one of my aha moments is exactly what your mug says: life is Good! I can get cought up in negative and think about stressful matters to much and forget about all the good!
    🙂 My husband eats sardines in mustard sauce all the time. He is crazy for them. He eats them with saltine crackers.

  6. I always try to have a smoothie right after I workout. I guess it works for me since I mostly workout in teh morning…so whether I am hungry or not, a smoothie is an easy way to get some nutrition fast…and its healthy…and not terribly filling but filling enough if you know what I mean. 😉

    • Smoothies are great post-workout snacks…thanks for mentioning that! You’re right, they’re filling but easy to eat without feeling too “heavy” after an intense workout. 😀

  7. I always refuel after a run, even though I don’t want to! I am happy someone mentioned that!

    I had the same AHA moment last year. I was kind of wasting my life away, dreaming of the future. I was living too much in my head. I am still trying to work on that!

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