Foot Pains

My morning started off on the right foot (no pun intended…more on this topic later!)

  • 6-oz. plain yogurt
  • 2 T. flax, crushed
  • 1.5 c. kashi go lean crunch
  • 1 banana
  • dollop of peanut butter

Eaten in the sunny living room… 😀

However, from breakfast on, my day became increasingly awry.

I think it officialy started after I ate an orange and a cheesestickand embarked on my run.  I was less then a quarter mile down the road when the mild foot pains that I was feeling over the weekend came in full force.  I reached the point of not even being able to run.  It almost killed me to turn around and trump back home, but I knew it wasn’t worth limping my way through a run!!  My dad’s words of wisdom when I had achilles tendonitis a couple years back flew into my head: “you have your whole life of running ahead of you…don’t skimp on taking care of an injury right now.”

So I didn’t.  I turned around, googled “foot pain,” and decided that I may have plantar fasciitis. 

Between the pain and knowing that I couldn’t run, I found myself feeling really grumpy and sulky.  I think my attitude could have used a major adjustment, but I simply felt like crying. 

I made up for my lack of running by going out for a 4-mile walk with mom.   I was happy to at least be outdoors soaking up the sunshine.  I’m still not sure if walking is okay with this type of injury though, so I should do some more research.  It didn’t hurt too bad while walking, so I’m hoping this will be okay?

I made a quick wrap for lunch, including about 1/2 c. kidney beans, 1/2 c. whipped cottage cheese, salsa and lettuce in a whole wheat wrap.

With a big bowl of raw veggies on the side.

And an apple for dessert.

The rest of the afternoon was kind of strange too.  Things like losing $40 and then finding $40.  However, there were a few perks. 

Like finishing my dietetic internship application!  😀 😀 😀  I’ll be handing it in by the end of this week!

Dinner was a big salad topped with 4 chicken skewers, a dollop of gaucamole (about 1/4 avocado, lemon juice, garlic powder, salt, pepper and tomatoes) and a splash of balsamic + orange juice.  I had some whole wheat bunnies on the side for crunching and dipping into the guac.  Yum! 😀

+ a kiwi for dessert.

Tonight I had a delicious bowl of yogurt with flax and granola.  It’s my absolute favorite night snack.  The protein keeps me full and the granola provides some crunchy sweetness.  Love it! 😀

My attitude was totally off today after realizing that my foot pains were a little more serious then I thought.  But you know what?  I have the choice to face this injury with a positive attitude or not.  My pity partying does no good, and I’m totally over it! :mrgreen:  Plans for facing this right:

  • Take at least a week off from running before seeing how it feels.
  • RICE!  Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate!  I’m icing it 3x a day with an ace bandage and a bag of ice for 20 minutes.  Plus exercising it by rolling a tennis ball and flexing my toes!
  • Exploring new forms of staying active!!  As far as I know, I can still walk.  And it gives me a chance to take up more yoga, biking (once the warm weather comes!!) and aerobic style workouts.

Have you ever had an injury that left you feeling a little down?  How did you deal?  Two summers ago, I had achilles tendonitis, which meant I had to take about 4-6 weeks off from running.  At first I thought it was the end of the world, but then I realized there was a lot of activies I had been missing out on.  I fell in love with long bike rides and yoga, and it made me appreciate running so much more when I could finally run again! 😀

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a 30 something year old who loves Jesus, nutrition, green tea, my family and my tuxedo cat named Humphrey. I enjoy photography, cooking and working at the local hospital as a Registered Dietitian. Thanks for stopping by!

17 thoughts on “Foot Pains

  1. I’m sorry about the foot pain! I think you were smart to end the run short. It could have made things much worse. I haven’t had any major injuries *knock on wood*

    Thats exciting about your internship applications 😀 I’m really nervous about that!

  2. Hope your foot feels better soon! Rest can do a world of good! I had some knee issues last summer and I took quite awhile off from running. I run less now to prevent further injury so I can still stay active.

  3. You totally should get it checked out. Even though it would be a pain (no pun intended), you may end up recovering faster because of it. In the meantime, maybe icing it would help?? Hope you feel better soon!!!!

  4. I am so sorry that you’re in pain! After I ran the Honolulu marathon I just did not feel in good shape. I never figured out what it was, but I had some sort of pain in my left quad. I took about a month off from running, joined the gym and rekindled my love for spinning classes. I started running again recently and I feel GREAT. Better yet, I am so grateful that I can run again. Nothing makes you appreciative like an injury, I think something positive will come out of this for you!

  5. Oh, girl, I’ve got a long terrible story. In fact, my blog first started out as a running/injury/recovery blog and along the way morphed into a running/food blog since I was diagnosed as a diabetic.

    Anyway, long story short is I had a femoral hip stress fracture from a trail half-marathon, but didn’t know that for sure until a year later (insurance). It first manifested through ITBS. I was in therapy for almost 9 months. Through all that, we found out I have severe scoliosis so one leg “acts” shorter than the other, but my body has been compensating for it this whole time. One pair of custom shoe inserts has made a world of difference now.

    And I’ve dealt with diabetes, ruptured stomach ulcer on a 15K trail, breast tumor surgery (benign!) and some weird foot tumor.

    With each one of these set backs–minimum was 6 weeks maximum was 9 months–I just kept telling myself that running will always be there if I do what I can to stay healthy. I dreamed about running. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. That’s what made me endure the pool and the bike when all I wanted to do was run.

    And I’ve never NEVER taken it for granted again. Each time I hit the road, trail, or dreadmill, I’m so thankful that I can run and CHOOSE to run.

    Your dad is right. Take some time now. pf ONLY gets worse.

  6. You may just need to take some time off. I always found the time off did me wonders and helped me discover other things to do.

  7. I had a running injury shortly before Christmas, but on the forefront of my foot. It put me out of commission for a month and was a big setback to my training. I was a little depressed about it honestly, but like your dad said, I have the rest of my life to run! So I became reaquainted with my bike for the next month and I actually learned to really enjoy biking, whereas my feeling towards them before could only be described as mild tolerance at best. Hope your foot feels better soon!!

  8. It’s not an injury, but I currently deal with health issues that limit me in my exercise. It’s tough, but I try to remember the things I CAN do. Lucky for you this is probably temporary, and not a lifelong thing – so don’t forget that!

    I would go see a sports doc though – he might be able to give you some good advice.

    Stay positive girlie!

  9. Oh no sorry about your foot!! It sounds like you’re taking good care of it though- I hope it heals up quick for you!! I definitely know about foot injuries! Taking time off when you need it and finding other outlets is definitely the best thing you can do for yourself! 🙂

  10. I actually am dealing with an injury at this moment and it is something that will never go away. I have what is called “Compartment Syndrome” in the anterior compartment in my left leg. The surgery is only a 50% chance of fixing it and right now I just don’t seem to have the finances to afford a 50% chance, so I have to always STOP when it starts to hurt. It could result in complete loss of feeling in my leg. I had to completely sit out all 3 months of my summer this past summer just so I could make an attempt at playing my senior season of college volleyball. THe whole season I was limited in the number of jumps and sprints I could do during practices, and I had to make constant doctors visits (once every 2 weeks). It was a pain, but it made me really look after the foods I ate so it was a bad situation turned good 🙂

    I hope your foot gets to feeling better!

  11. Good luck with your PF. If you have questions or want to share experiences don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ve been fighting it for a while and within the last few weeks have had some major breakthroughs by weaning myself off of my orthotics and adopting a form that is easier on the body. My blog is a chronicling of my efforts to get over it. Best of luck. — Jim

  12. I am about a month over plantar faciatis (sp?) myself. I am a runner as well and broke my toe horseback riding (don’t ask!). This caused me to compensate by turning my foot I guess and hence the plantar faciatis. I would highly recommend taking a break from running for a week and icing. Be careful walking – I couldn’t walk while I was healing.

  13. I thought I broke my foot during a soccer game and was supposed to be running a 50 mile race a couple weeks later. I was so bummed. I do the run every year and its right before my birthday. People often show up and cheer me on. I just kept thinking I’d have to tell them all I woudlnt be running. To me, that’s like a failure in some way. Twisted, I know. 🙂

    Foot wasn’t actually broken, just madly bruised.

  14. Hi
    I have plantar fasciitis myself for a few months now. I am also running and it took me long time to find the right shoes and the right pace. I have two things to tell you from my painful experience:
    1. Take it easy – don’t let your mind run more than your body can take. Find the right pace for your body or the injuries will follow.
    2. Get a professional diagnosis before you spend more money and effort. Plantar fasciitis will usually hurt you with the first few steps in the morning. If you do have Plantar fasciitis then this website will be a good for you :
    Take care & Good luck

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