A Change of Pace

Thank you all so, so, so much for sharing your injury stories, words of encouragement, and good advice!!  Yesterday was a rough day, but it helped to read all of your comments. 😀

Today I woke up with a whole new attitude though.  I’ve decided to just roll with the punches.  Resting my foot and recovering is my main priority, followed by making sure I find another energy outlet that won’t hurt my foot!  I’ve decided to try out the gym tomorrow, since I get a free membership as a student.  I’ve never been much of a gym rat, and I have to admit it’s actually kind of intimidating since I don’t know how to work any of the machinery!  But I’m also really excited about trying new things, improving my fitness and seizing a new opportunity that I normally would never have done. 😀  So as long as school doesn’t get cancelled tomorrow with the expected snow, I’ll be heading to the gym! :mrgreen:

This morning I made a delicious bowl of pumpkin oats:

  • 1/4 c. each of oatmeal and oatbran
  • 1 c. milk + 3/4 c. water
  • cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves
  • 3/4 banana, sliced (other 1/4 saved for top)
  • 1/3 c. pumpkin
  • 2 T. flax
  • scoop of peanut butter

Totally hit the spot! 😀

I went for a 4-mile walk with mom, but my foot was definitely feeling aggravated by the end.  I think I’m going to have to keep my walks shorter from now on and focus on just resting it.  It’s so true, that most runners lack patience when it comes to recovery.  But I’m determined not to let this happen. 😉

Before skipping off to classes, I sliced a pear-to-go.

I was pretty excited about my sandwich today.  There was leftover guacamole from the super bowl party, and I was dying to add it to a turkey sandwich.  I love this combo!  The turkey meat was Boar’s Head Low-Sodium Turkey, which I think is even tastier then the regular version.  😀

I added some lettuce and called it lunch!

I packed it up with a cheesestick and an icepack to keep things cool.

For snacks, I packed a sliced orange, a handful of almonds, and some raw veggies for snacking. 

I got a ton of homework done in the library today, and I was absolutely beet by the time I came home.  It was such a lovely sight to see dinner on the table! :mrgreen:

Mom was busy in the kitchen, making a very delicious cod dish.  Super easy too.  Just melt about 3/4 T. butter, add a couple handfuls of crushed Late July Organic Crackers (look and taste exactly like ritz) and top the cod.  Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes or until it flakes easily.

On the side, I had brown rice and steamed broccoli & carrots. 

Such a busy week, so I’m going to hit the hay early tonight!  I have to think about what I’ll need for the gym too…it’s so much different then just walking out my front door! :mrgreen:

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a 30 something year old who loves Jesus, nutrition, green tea, my family and my tuxedo cat named Humphrey. I enjoy photography, cooking and working at the local hospital as a Registered Dietitian. Thanks for stopping by!

10 thoughts on “A Change of Pace

  1. Glad you’re feeling more optimistic today girl! Sometimes good advice and some zzzz’s are just the ticket.

    Love that guac. It’s so much fun to incorporate leftovers in the next day’s meals, isn’t it?

  2. Haha each meal I read of yours made me realize I’ve been missing these foods! Pumpkin, pears, guac on sandwiches, and fish! Thanks for some grocery inspiration 🙂

  3. Grr, for me…nothing is more frustrating than not being able to work out because of an injury. I HATE it. Hang in there girl, you have the right attitude!

    I am always jealous of your pumpkin oats. 🙂

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