First Time Flounder

Last night my shoulders felt so tight as I was studying.  It was a good reason to forgo the cardio and spend some time with yoga and strength training, which is exactly what I did this morning, after a big bowl of “repeat” blueberry oats (i.e., same as yesterday…too yummy to have only once, ya know? 😉 )

It felt so good to stretch.  All the tension in my shoulders was gone and I felt completely energized for the day.  That’s what I love most about yoga—it always leaves me feeling so str-r-r-etchy and fresh. 😀

For a morning snack, I packed a chocolate Amazing Grass bar.  The first time or two that I tried these bars?  I was *not* a fan.  However, it seems to be slowly growing on me, because today I really enjoyed it. :mrgreen:

I think the fruity/chocolate flavor took me by surprise the first time.  But now I’m kinda likin’ it!

This morning was a bit rushed, but I managed to throw together a quick salad.  By the way, salads can be quick if you pre-chop veggies at the beginning of the week and throw them together.  All you need is the chopped lettuce (or mesculin mix) and can add the chopped veggies when you’re ready.  Throw in some canned beans, a bit of olive oil & balsamic, and voila!  Quick. Easy.  Nutritious. 😀

I added some crunch in the form of kashis and a bit of sweetness with a pear. 😀

Since I was planning on staying late at school with a meeting, I also packed along a juicy grapefruit and a handful of almonds.

Recycle, Reuse. 😉

+ an oatmeal, chocolate-chip, peanut butter cookie that my friend brought along to share.  She is the queen of cookies. :mrgreen: It was chewy, sweet, salty, nutty, chocolatey…totally hit the sweet tooth.

We have been so lucky with spring weather lately.  On my drive home from school, I had to promise myself that I wouldn’t run my heart out as soon as I arrived home. 😉

I did however, go for a lovely 2-mile walk which was so nice.  I loved seeing the community alive with action.  Everyone was out walking, playing baseball, running, and just being active.  I love that feeling of spring. 😀

Tonight for dinner, I tried flounder for my first time ever.  I remember my sis trying it a while back, and I knew immediately that I wanted to try it at some point.  I love white fish, but usually stay with what I know (i.e., cod and haddock.)  I cooked the flounder much like I would a peice of tilapia (1/2 T. butter, melted in a nonstick skillet…fish cooked until brown and starting to crisp.)  The verdict?  I loved it!  It would make for an awesome fish sandwich. 😀

On the side, I steamed some broccoli, roasted some red potatoes in olive oil and rosemary, and added a dollop of cranberry sauce to the side.

+ a night snack of LIFE cereal and milk

Time to get back to studying!  I have a Diabetes quiz in Nutrition Problems tomorrow…after that, spring break is official. 😀

ALSO, keep up with all of the awesome sweet potato challenge recipes!  I love seeing all the creative ideas and can’t wait to post them up on Saturday. 😀

Question: What is your favorite thing about spring?  Aside from the warm weather, I love the feeling of energy that spring brings, as everyone gets out and gets active. 😀

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20 thoughts on “First Time Flounder

  1. My favorite thing about spring is definitely the effect it has on your mood! I’m a happy camper 😀

    I’m always hesitant to pre-chop my veggies because I’m afraid they’ll go bad!

    p.s. I tried raw tempeh today and it was great 😀

  2. Mmmm Life cereal!! LOVES it 🙂 Oh spring – love that too. I just love the blooming trees and the warmth. Finally get to wear skirts and shorts!

  3. I tried the same bar today! I’ll have to post my review tomorrow because I’m so tired!!!!

    Love flounder! I’ll get some this weekend. Have a great day tomorrow.

  4. Girl you are killin’ me with these breakfasts lately! So delish!

    Question about the challenge – should I email you my pics? and should I include recipes/directions. I’m sorry if you’ve mentioned this already, I’m a bad student hahaha.

    • Hey Susan! That’s totally okay…haha. I’m not sure if I actually even specificed that or not. 😉 Just post up the sweet potato goodness on your blog, let me know which recipe you want in the challenge, and I’ll post it up on Saturday for the Hall of Fame post. 😀

  5. I would love to try an Amazing Grass bar. Sometimes I like things that have weird tastes because I know how healthy they are, which is the case with kombucha. I loved its vinegary, weird taste from the first sip!

    I didn’t have time to run yesterday and it was such nice weather! Boo. Hopefully I’ll get a chance today! Any chance you get to go outside and seize a beautiful day is good!

  6. I love the cool, warm, breezy, sunny with a few clouds in the sky weather of course as that means great outside runs and trips to the park with my daughter! Oh and eating outside on the patio too. But my favorite would have to be TULIPS………I love them so! =0

  7. I love the rain that srping brings- but not the tornadoes. I have been keeping on with the sweet potato challenge (hot cakes or crepes, anyone?) I have one question for you (or anyone, for that matter)- what is :mrgreen: ?

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your spring-


    • The “:mrgreen” (with a colon at the end of the word) makes the big grinny happy face ( :mrgreen: ) I didn’t know what it was at first either.

  8. Good for you having flounder rather than cod or haddock- both cod and haddock have such depleted numbers that marine Biologists are getting quite worried… well done you on your willpower to not run 😉 It’ll be worth it in the end, I’m sure! Spring- I love the baby ducklings, lambs and bunny rabbits appearing!

  9. I love salads for lunch!
    I have so many favorites for spring. The sunshine just seems more inviting than winter sunshine, bright, fun clothes, NO BIG COATS, light foods, & all the summer veggies! =]
    I have a sweet potato recipe which I call “Oompa Loompa” 🙂
    *small baked sweet potato *1/2C pure pumpkin *1/2C shredded carrots *3/4oz jalepeno or colby jack cheese *2T red onion *1/2oz ezekiel cereal *1 tsp extra virgin olive oil *generous amount of cumin…YUM! 🙂

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