Dining Al Fresco

I swear Runner’s World has spies that are constantly checking in on me.  Each month seems to have at least one article that is totally directed to me.


Injured?  Yes!  Prevent muscle soreness?  Yes please!  Would like more sanity throughout the whole healing process?  Yes! :mrgreen:

I’m normally not one for reading while eating, but it was kind of fun browsing through a fresh new magazine while scraping down a peanut butter jar. 😀

  • 1/4 c oatbran
  • 1/4 c. wheat bran
  • cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 c. milk + 3/4 c. water
  • after oatbran is cooked: pile an almost empty peanut butter jar (this one probably had about 2 T.) and top with a bit of Galaxy Granola. 


Mmmmighty Mmmmaple!

I’ve been wanting to try this flavor for a while, and Natures Path offered to send me some samples (YAY!)  I decided to eat 1/2 of this bar before going for my morning bike ride.  It was intensely sweet and smelled & tasted just like a maple sugar candy. 😀  It was a little higher in sugar than I would like for a snack, but it would be perfect as a dessert/snack after lunch.  I especially loved how chewy and sticky the texture was! 

I think a small peice of it may find its way into a morning bowl of oats. 😀

My bike ride was fun!  I flew through puddles and fields, for a total of 11.5 miles.  Being active outdoors made for a nice change of pace from my regular routine at the gym, and my legs felt so free and loose (especially since I was wearing shorts—summer, here I come! )

Once home, I scrambled to get ready for my Physical Therapy appointment and brought along the other 1/2 of my granola bar and an apple.

Speaking of Physical Therapy, I’m on the verge of stopping (I’m saying ‘on the verge’ because it takes me forever to make final decisions 😉 )

I called to cancel Monday’s appointment, and from that point on, I’ll decide if I want to stop for good or not.  I just haven’t been noticing any progression in what we’ve been doing.  Most of the exercises are ones that I can do at home.  I know I have to strengthen my hips.  I know I have to stretch out my quads and strengthen my VMO.  I know I have to continue my running hiatus for a while longer.  Now it’s just about waiting and keeping up with the exercises!

I think I may have just made my final decision. 😉

Lunch was eaten al fresco!!!

It was a gloriously summer-y lunch filled with lots of flavors!

  • mesculin mix
  • 1 carrot
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1/2 tomato
  • red onions
  • toppings: a generous scoop of homemade garlic hummus, roasted brussels sprouts, and a scoop of homemade lobster (!!) salad and a spritz of balsamic vinegar + orange juice

My Memere and Pepere bought my dad a can of Wild-Caught Canadian lobster for his birthday and dad was nice enough to share (I told him that if it were mine, I’d probably just eat it straight out of the can…haha. 😉 )  The lobster was so sweet and delicious.  I only added a tiny bit of mayo and celery to the mix—gotta let the lobster shine for itself! 😀

+ some homemade oven-roasted potato fries on the side 

For dessert, I had the last of the strawberries

Afternoon snack: 1/2 a whole wheat english muffin with a tsp of peanut butter

…with an iced coffee (1 c. cold coffee, 1/2 c. milk, 1 tsp sugar).  I don’t know why, but there’s something about Friday that makes me want an afternoon cup of coffee.  You think I’d want it more during the week when I’m running around like a mad woman.

But honestly, I need to start brewing decaf.  I just love the taste of coffee and could oftentimes care less over whether there’s caffeine in it or not (except for my morning cup of joe!)

The sunny afternoon continued, and I was so incredibly productive.  Somehow I managed to keep myself glued to my laptop, and found myself catching up on so many different assignments.  I love when this happens!

I was so productive that I had the time to sneak outside for a brisk 3-mile walk in the sun.  I feel so saturated with vitamin D. :mrgreen:

A real sign of spring/summer: the chairs are out on the deck!  I can’t wait until the table is back and there are flowers hanging off the plant hangers.  Then it will truly be official. 😀

I don’t think anyone was feeling like making dinner tonight so we decided to order a large veggie supreme pizza from the local pizza barn.  Perfect for a Friday night!

Pre-pizza, I snacked on a side salad to fend off the growls before dinner arrived.


I went back for seconds and felt content and satisfied. 😀

Tomorrow I have a busy (but fun!) day planned with Nicole.  We’re checking out some home good stores after going for a morning walk, hitting up a starbucks (of course!) and giving the kitties a bath.


Question: When does it “officially” feel like summer to you?  First day of wearing flip-flops?  Increasingly being more active outdoors?  Going to the beach?  I’m probably a little early in asking this, but it was 73 degrees here today and I can’t help but think summer!!! :D  To me, summer is official once I’m wearing shorts, eating outdoors and going for after-dinner walks because I simply can’t get enough of the glorious sunshine. 😀

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11 thoughts on “Dining Al Fresco

  1. I think of Summer as done with school,, so I think that’s May 15th or so for me. I can’t wait!
    I love getting new magazines in the mail, but nowadays I haven’t even read the previous months when I get the new ones!

  2. I brew decaf all day long (and even in the morning!) just because I LOVE the taste of coffee. Just love it! Summer is when the warm days stay warm into the night. And I can wear shorts. And not be cold 🙂

  3. I hear you on wanting to continue the PT on your own. It reminds me of when the personal trainers want you to keep coming/paying to see them when you have learned how to do all the exercises on your own.

  4. You had me at homemade lobster salad!!!! There aren’t enough exclamation marks to make you know how excited I was when I saw that. I just love lobster!
    I feel like it’s summer when I begin wearing flip flops! It’s freedom!

  5. long time no talk!! hope everything is going well!! i just read the new issue of runnersworld magazine, too. i like how it was all sleak and white on the cover hahah im such a dork. anyway… i could not be more excited about this beautiful weather! it makes me be in such much of a better mood!

  6. I always feel like that with RW too 😉

    I feel like summer begins when it gets really hot too! And it has been. Right now it is 73. So strange!

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