coo coo for coconuts

So the coconut presentation went pretty well…

I wish I would have had a bit more time to prepare for it (one or two days would have been nice!) but at least it came together enough to make some sense (rehearsing really does help!)  Presenting has always been nerve-racking for me, but this past semester has left me feeling ten times more confident about speaking in front of a group of people.  Practice, practice, practice.  The more I do it, the more I feel comfortable with it.  And—gasp—I think I might even kind of enjoy it! :mrgreen:

Enough of that though…onto the coconut research. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of studies out there on the long term effects of eating coconut meats and oils (which are high in saturated fats.)  I looked at three specific studies that were small (30 participants maximum) and short.  One study showed that women’s good cholesterol (aka, the HDL) went up when eating coconut oil compared to sunflower oil.  Another study showed the exact opposite! 

I found myself a little frustrated over the outcomes of both studies, especially since I had to conclude the presentation with the cliche statement: “more research is needed.”  Boo!  I wanted a clear cut answer!

However, currently it looks as if there’s no hardcore evidence in favor or against coconuts.  In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the stuff in moderation (I love sprinkling a small amount on to my morning bowl of oats! 😀 ) while focusing mostly on healthy fats such as olive oils, avocados, etc. which do have the research to back up their many health benefits. 😀

***As an aside, BEWARE of a lot of false misinformation out there regarding coconuts.  I found stuff on everything and anything in favor of coconut (some were downright sillly!)***

Do you eat coconuts/coconut oil/coconut milk/coconut meat, etc.?  What do you think about the coconut and its relation to your health? 


When I came home from classes tonight, I had a sudden urge to test out the waters with my injured knee.  I haven’t felt any pain in walking for the past week or so and it was time to give running a shot!  So I laced up my sneaks and headed out with shorts and a t-shirt into the 80 degree temps!

Wait…rewind.  First, I foam rolled.  This is a great way to warm up the muscles, which is especially important for those of us rebounding from injuries. 😉  I followed this with a quick quad stretch + walking.

I went out for a 4-mile walk which was infused with the occasional run.  I certainly don’t feel that I’ve lost too much fitness (YAY!) but I was definitely slower (that’s a good thing!)  It was hard to fight the urge to not burst out with speed at some points when my knees were feeling fine. 😉  Thankfully I resisted though, and came home to finish off with some more foam rolling and icing.  My knees are feeling a little tired, but they’re not in pain.  Gotta keep this process moving s-l-o-w-l-y.

Leftovers for dinner!

  • leftover Cooks Illustrated Light recipe for the Turkey Meatloaf
  • leftover mashed garlic potatoes from Easter
  • leftover cranberry sauce

…noticing a pattern?  

  • stir-fried zucchini and summer squash (throw a diced zucchini and summer squash in a pan with cooking spray on medium heat, add garlic powder + salt + pepper, cook until tender…add a good dousing of balsamic vinegar towards end and let it sizzle to perfection! 😀 Quick and easy and delicious! )

Love Leftovers!

I finished the meal with a scoop of Coconut Bliss Mint Galactica.  I thought it was ironically appropriate to eat coconut icecream for dessert. :mrgreen:

Off to study for tomorrow’s exams!!

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12 thoughts on “coo coo for coconuts

  1. I loveeee coconut 😀 Honestly, I think that if people who are native to tropical islands can eat tons of coconut and be fine…then it’s fine. I read somewhere that studies showing coconut lowered HDL cholesterol were using partially hydrogenated coconut?? Becuase that would explain a lot lol

    I’m glad your knees are feeling good!

  2. there’s so many controversies in nutrition. So what I do is to eat whatever I like in moderation, just like coconut. I like coconut oil in baking and sometimes in stir-fries. 🙂

  3. I NEVER eat cocunut, but it’s not because of nutritional reasons. I just forget about the stuff. Ha, ha. But I do like it when I eat it… that icecream looks amazing!

  4. Sarah, thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this… it is so nice to hear your objective comments and reasoning- and that you used real research papers! The ingrained Biochemist/Medic in me was literally just about to turn off from the blogworld because I keep encountering people writing about things as if 1. The research they’ve read is 100% certain and set in stone and 2. The ‘research’ they’ve read is actually just some view or spin on things from a ‘nutritionists’ website/other bloggers. It actually scares me a little how people are making big decisions which can impact on their health by trusting the ‘nutritionists’ over what the professionals are saying, when they are being amazing for trying to be healthy! I haven’t found anything concrete about how medium chain saturated FAs are processed any differently than long chain- have you? Oh dear, rant over… I hope your knees continue to improve, I know how painful and difficult knee injuries can be. And there is at least one blog I will continue to read- keep up the good work 😉 Oh, and sorry for taking up so much of your comment space!

  5. I remember reading years ago how coconut oil was brilliant for you…then it was completely bashed and now it’s back in favour. Go figure. I use it in cooking sometimes, use coconut milk often as we eat a lot of curries and in general, I just love coconut…especially gelati. 🙂

    Interesting to hear you foam roll BEFORE running…I never would have thought of doing that to warm up and only ever do it when sore/after exercising. Cool tip!

  6. interesting…i am working on a coconut article and have been looking for some concrete studies. would you perhaps be willing to send me the studies you looked at? i think more research is definitely needed – however, i look at coconut as a whole food, that grows and is natural, so i figure it can’t be too bad for me 🙂

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the mint galactica flavor – its my fave 🙂

  7. I went to the Caribbean and it was awesome to see the coconuts growing on trees. I tried to convince my parents to let me sneak one through customs to no avail 😦 Thanks for the post on them!

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