Running-Related Injuries

Most runners will find themselves plagued with some sort of injury at one point or another.  Some injuries take only a few days of resting and icing while others take a long time.  Having faced a plethora of my own running-related injuries, I figured I’d share a few thoughts that carried me through them while keeping (most of) my sanity. 😀  Feel free to add your own!

A few things I’ve learned through running-related injuries:

  • Not being able to run isn’t the end of the world!  Okay, it is at first.  But give it a few weeks and it’s really not as bad.  Especially if you can replace it with something else that you love and enjoy doing.
  • Keep in mind that you are doing other activities not instead of running but because you are a runner.  These words of wisdom kept me strong through many injuries. 😀
  • It is entirely possible to keep a good fitness level up while not running.  I’ve been biking, using the elliptical and walking.  My running fitness definitely feels a little lower (i.e., 11-miles sounds like in insanely impossible feat at this point!) but I still feel fit.  Better yet, I’m more fit in other areas.  My arms, abs and quads have really become stronger!
  • The foam roller is an indispensible peice of equipment that I would highly recommend to all runners.  I use it as a pre-run warmup and a post-run cooldown.  Roll over those tight quads and hold for a few seconds when you reach a tight spot (trust me, you’ll know when you reach a tight spot…they don’t call this the torture device for nothing. 😉 )

  • Fuel up!  Now is not the time to skimp on calories simply because you feel that you’ll be working out less and don’t need the extra calories.  Your body needs to repair itself.  If you’re continuing to workout, you’ll still need those extra calories.  And if you’re taking the injury as a chance to lay low for a while, your body will learn to adjust and tell you what it needs when you’re hungry or full.
  • Learn what works for you!!  The upper part of my foot was hurting for the longest time, and I started wondering if I should still heed the advice from an old running friend who told me to lace up my shoelaces really tight at the top.  Once I lowered that part of my shoe lace by excluding the last hole and tying it more loosely?  No more upper foot pain! 

  • Whoever came up with RICE was on to something: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.  It does wonders for inflammation!  I always ice after working out for 20 minutes at a time, preferrably 3x a day.

  • Stay positive and relish each run you do, no matter how short or long.  And if you’re in pain…stop!  It’s not worth pushing through one run which could land you in a position of not being able to run for several months or longer.  I know this from experience. 😉

Even if you haven’t experienced an injury, I’m sure you have some tips and tricks up your sleeve that help you to prevent them as well. 😉  Any tips on dealing with injuries, recovering from injuries, avoiding injuries, etc? 

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20 thoughts on “Running-Related Injuries

  1. Great tips!! Also ibuprofen (or other anti-inflammatories). I was thinking taking 2 pills 2x a day was enough. But I found out that in order to actually get the anti-inflammatory effect, you have to take 2400 mg worth, which comes out to 4 pills 3x a day!! Obviously, only take that for 1-2 weeks, but I found it interesting!

  2. This is a good post. I have to say though, fitness is tough depending on the injury. For the first few weeks of mine, I wasn’t allowed to do anything! But my body still wanted to eat like I had been for the past few years. Now that I have started back up, everything is like it was in the beginning. I expected to bounce back a lot faster!

    Oh and yes, the foam roller is GOD!!!!

  3. thanks for these tips. I’m a new runner and i haven’t had any injuries yet but it’s good to know before that happens.
    related to this, do you have tips to avoid getting injured? thanks

      • I think many activities (biking, soccer, etc.), while performance can be improved with cross-training, running seems to be something where people think if they just run then that’s all they need to do. After going through lots of injuries cross-training is smart as a way to not only mix things up, but doing consisten specific core strengthening, flexibility and balancing work I think reduces the chances of getting running-related injuries.

      • Not to butt in, but remember to avoid “too much, too fast, too soon”! That is what did it for me 🙂 You start to love running and want to do it every day… but your body is not ready! Can’t wait to read your reply!

  4. Going unshod was the biggest thing for me. Of course, I went too much too soon and got stress fractures, but that’s unfortunately my fault.

  5. I don’t consider myself a runner, as a ‘fast-paced-walker’, I had a problem with shin splints for a while also found that I was experiencing quite a bit of soarness on both side of my foot at the widest point. I got a new pair of shoes with a thicker sole and started lacing my laces looser at the bottom of the shoe. I did the trick.


  6. avoid if at all possible!? I don’t have any advice because I’m so bad about safety/nursing injury. Thanks for the tips; they’re great!

  7. Great tips. I’m dealing with a foot injury that does not want to go away. Finally got a cortisone shot this morning. Hopefully that will help but so far I don’t feel much of a difference. Anyway, I like the second point you made. I hadn’t really thought about it that way. Thanks for this post!

  8. Hi

    You have a nice blog. I used to be a runner and health stuff has me out of it all now for over a year. So, yep, I am learning to appreciate the value of a short walk. Its hard…but I need to appreciate just being able to walk.
    Your blog is so nice and nice food presentations.

  9. Mr. Masochism told me that about cross training BECAUSE I’m a runner, not instead of. It’s been on my mind lately with the IT flare up again. I hate the pool but I hate losing running fitness more.

    Great advice! I second the ibu/naproxen advice. I was taking prescription naproxen which is the same as 4 over the counter strength alieve. I took it 4 xs a day for the first couple of weeks. That’s what I started taking last week and it has helped a lot along with foam rolling and some yoga poses for the IT band.

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