Rockin’ Rockport

If you’ve ever watched The Proposal with Sandra Bullock, then you’ve seen Rockport, MA.  The movie was supposed to take place in Alaska (just envision big mountains in the background of these pics 😉 ) but they really filmed it in this quaint little New England town. 

My parents and I decided to spend the entire day meandering our way around, enjoying one of the first (of many) warm summer days. 😀

The entire dock was full of these lobster traps!

Aside from taking in the scenery and fresh air, there was lots of shopping! :mrgreen:

And more shopping.  (poor dad…haha :mrgreen: )

Don’t worry, we all had a blast walking around the quaint New England town. 😉

We also stopped at the Green Leaf Cafe which is one of my favorite sandwich shops in town.  I always order the hummus wrap on wheat because it’s so fresh and delicious, filled with roasted red peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, hummus (of course), and alfalfa sprouts.  Yum!

I’ve always said that if I could choose to live anywhere, Rockport would be high up on my list of favorite places to live.  Everything is within walking distance which I love.  I could run to a local cafe for my morning latte, bring breakfast back to the ocean, and bike along the coastline.  *Sigh.*  Love, love, love it!

From there we traveled to a quarry, which looked like a giant pool of water surrounded by lush greenery.  Gorgeous!

Everything was so breathtaking and tranquil.  I do believe this is New England at its finest. 😀

Funny Faces! :mrgreen:

There were also tons of ladybugs by the rocks.  I swear I must have had at least a dozen land on my leg.  They’re the only bug that I don’t squirm over. 😉

The day ended with more walking and more of just taking it all in.  I love laid back days where there’s nothing but the ocean for noise and the smell of fresh ocean air.  Love it! 

Dad treated everyone to coffees before we all headed home!

Chocolate soy au lait?  Yes Please! 😀

Gorgeous day.  Gorgeous views.  Wonderful coffee (and food!)  Awesome parents.  Perfect Day. 😀

The rest of my day is going to entail a whole lot of homework since I completely put it all behind me yesterday (eeks!!)  One last push before finals and graduation!

Question: If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

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18 thoughts on “Rockin’ Rockport

  1. What a cute town!!!! I never get why movies film in places and then say it’s somewhere else haha. If I could live anywhere, I’d pick somewhere with nice, mild weather all year round- so wherever that is 😉 But I’d have to be rich so I could fly home to see my family anytime I wanted 🙂

  2. Without a doubt, I’d live on my own little rock in the Bahamas. Went there on a cruise at the end of February.. Something the size of Coco Cay (Royal Caribbean’s island) is all I’d ever want..

    Of course, I’m a bit of a hermit.

  3. haha…that is so funny you posted this because i just watched the movie this weekend! and obviously fell in love with what i thought was alaska. this place is gorgeous! i have never really been to the east coast, but trust me – after seeing this – i know i gotta go!

  4. my aunt lives in rockport!!!! love that place! the seafood is so fresh too. if i could live anywhere it’d probably be on newbury street haha

  5. What a beautiful town! It’s so funny when films are not really filmed where they are supposed to be in the movie.

    I have not found a place that I think I would LOVE to live. I like the forest preserves by us now, but hate my commute. I have lived in Rome, but am not sure if that is the place either.

  6. Oh my word, how insanely beautiful!! I can’t even believe it! It looked straight out of a magazine.

    I would live somewhere HOT, like Arizona or TROPICAL like an island. The hotter the better!

  7. I would move to Montreal in a heartbeat! It looks like you’re having such a wonderful time. 🙂
    Family and vacations were just made for each other. (I know I have said it before, but you take such pretty photos! I love when you post more than just your normal eats. But I love your eats too!)

  8. Wow. these are absolutely gorgeous pictures! I definitely want to visit Rockport sometime!
    I don’t yet have a place that I would absolutely love to live over any other place. But, it definitely has to be a walkable town with lots of running trails and water! Rockport sounds pretty good! Actually, if Traverse City, Michigan was a bit warmer in the winter, I’d move there in a heartbeat!

  9. this totally makes me want to visit Rockport this weekend and it is only an hour a way from us!!! 🙂 love all the pics!!!

    If i could live anywhere with all my friends and family near by it would be northern Cali for sure 🙂

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