Foodie Highlights

Highlight #1: Breakfast

I was craving eggs for breakfast and only eggs would do.  Stealing a fun idea from Everyday Food with Martha Stewart, I cut two slices of green bell pepper, tossed them onto a hot pan with cooking spray, and cracked an egg into each.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper and flip gently when it’s solidified underneath.  Sprinkle again with salt and pepper and cook to desired doneness. 😀

The secret to these babies is to make sure that the pan is hot enough so that the eggs don’t leak out from the pepper.  😉

On the side I had two toasted slices of Trader Joe’s whole wheat sourdough bread with a bit of butter and a juicy grapefruit. 

Best breakfast of the week! 😀

Highlight #2: Lunch

This salad was gigantic beyond belief.  Garbanzos, avocados, sweet potato, cilantro, asparagus, alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers, pickles!!, and lots of mixed greens.  It was super fresh and summer-y feeling. 😀

Highlight #3: Dinner

This Cauliflower Curry  (click for recipe) is one of my favorite Moosewood recipes.  It appears at first to have a long list of ingredients, but it’s actually relatively simple.  It’s also pretty quick to put together considering the fact that curries usually take quite a bit of work.  The flavor is lovely too.  Very spicy and well rounded.

This is tasty served over brown rice (tonight I mixed it with peas for some veggies and color!) or served in a whole wheat wrap (tomorrow, maybe?)  Yum! 😀

When it comes to cooking dinner, I follow a strict time schedule.  As in, dinner must be on the table by 5 o’clock—it must, it must, it must!  This results in a frantic cook (i.e., me) and a rushed meal.  But I’ve discovered that in order for good food to be great, it needs a little extra TLC.  So I’m giving myself a new goal of slowing down and enjoying the cooking process.  Who cares if dinner comes a little later then normal?

On that note, I’m off to catch the Biggest Loser…last week before the finale! 😀

Question: Do you follow a pretty strict schedule when it comes to meal-time or do you eat at all different hours?

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a 30 something year old who loves Jesus, nutrition, green tea, my family and my tuxedo cat named Humphrey. I enjoy photography, cooking and working at the local hospital as a Registered Dietitian. Thanks for stopping by!

20 thoughts on “Foodie Highlights

  1. Oh my gosh, that breakfast pepper/egg idea is genius! I can’t wait to try it!

    The husband and my work schedule varies so much that sometimes dinner is at 5pm, sometimes it’s at 8:30. It always depends.

  2. Wow you eat early! I usually eat dinner around 7 PM, but I just make it when I am hungry for it or when I get home from work. Sometimes it is 6, sometimes 8. All depends, but 7 is the norm.

  3. I’m eating dinner right now at 10 pm! I work as a waitress so depending if I have morning or evening shift my meal times change. Lunh can be a snack with mt real lunch at 3 pm. If I work at night I have a good snack in the pm and a very late dinner. I just try and roll with it!

  4. The egg pepper idea is pretty great. I have no peppers but I’m inspired to have some eggs tomorrow morning!

    Lately my eating schedule is a bit all over the place, mainly because my life is a little unstructured and unroutined right now. So I’m kind of just eating all the time. Naw good but whatevs. I typically eat AROUND the same times though… 8-9 breakfast, 12-1 lunch, 5-6 dinner. Pretty standard, but it has been shifting around a bit more lately.

  5. First of all, I love that green pepper idea! 🙂 My meals tend to be all over the map, because of me and Nate’s crazy schedules. But lately, I’ve been really good about having consistent snacks (you’d be so proud of me), so if dinner is going to be really late, I have half a peanut butter sandwich to hold me over. That way I don’t go crazy when there’s finally a meal in front of me. Ha, ha.

  6. I’m a schedule kind of girl. But when it comes to dinner – it depends on the day, to be honest. Some days I go to the gym after work and so dinner follows that. Other days I’m not only cooking for myself but for my boyfriend, and I take my time making something a little more time-consuming. Lunch on the other hand – needs to be eating around 12:00 or 12:30 – or I am starrrrving.

  7. I eat dinner at 5 too! People always say “that’s what grandmas do” lol…but why??

    And I do the same thing when I’m cooking at home- rush! Slowing down would be a good idea 🙂

  8. Oh I eat at so many different hours! It completely depends on everything else: whether I’m at yoga, running, at happy hour, not hungry enough, cooking a long meal…I definitely don’t stress over it!
    Also: LOVE that breakfast idea!!

  9. where did you get the genius egg and pepper idea? it’s fantastic! I’m like clockwork when I get hungry 6, 11 lunch always , snack 3:30 dinner 5:30/6 but dinner sometimes changes…

  10. I watched the biggest loser last night for the first time, it was so good! It was so inspiring and I can’t believe those people used to weigh so much and have changed their lives so much! Ah! Ha ha anyways, your breakfast looks divine, when I was younger I cracked my eggs into a hole in the toast without breaking the yolk, it was delicious (:

  11. oh your eggs look great! what a fabulous idea! i follow a pretty set schedule for meals…..i like it that way!

  12. Yup these are definitely highlights! Everything looks amazing. I don’t really have a schedule for meals – my days are always a little crazy and unpredictable!

  13. Hi!
    I’ve been following your blog for a while.. I have a google reader and I have to say I always save your posts to savour last. 🙂 The egg idea is brilliant – my mum and I tried it and loved it.

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