one step closer

I have a slight confession to make.  I can’t eat raw bananas. 

I think this problem originated back when I was a little girl and found myself biting into a green, very under-ripe—not talking just a little under-ripe here, folks!—banana.  My face squirmed up as my tongue felt like it had instantly been shriveled and dried.  Not even water could help.  Considering the fact that I was expecting to bite into a sweet, marhsmallow-y banana, this incident proved to be quite traumatic (nobody had told me that green bananas weren’t as perfectly sweet as their yellow counterparts…lesson learned.)  I haven’t eaten a raw banana since.

That being said, today was the closest I’ve come to eating a banana all by itself, outside of mixing one with yogurt or oatmeal (in which I think the banana is the most heavenly fruit of all.)  Of course, the banana was smeared with peanut butter, layered with chopped dates, doused with dark chocolate hunks, and lovingly sprinkled with coconut.  Just in case it wasn’t quite ripe enough, I wanted all of the bases covered.  

This experiment was partially used as a way for me to refuel from an invigorating, 4-mile speed walk session with dad (we were practically on the verge of running and my knees felt great!), partially used as a way to feed my curiousity after spotting the idea for banana boats in a Taste of Home magazine, and partially used as a way to feed my inner kid at heart by cooking over an open fire.

Nestled near the fire pit, I waited patiently.  Flipping the banana around once in a while to allow it to heat evenly, while also allowing the banana to get warm and gooey.  That was, after all, kind of the point. 

The peel started to blacken and shrivel, and I was suddenly struck with the smells of toasted coconut mixed with warm chocolate and peanut butter.  Time to eat my not-so-straight-up-raw-banana. 

It was just as wonderful as it sounds.  Highly recommend trying this for your next campfire adventure.  Preferrably with a very yellow banana that has been speckled with brown age spots.  It’s the sign of a perfect banana.

So yes, I am one step closer to eating a straight up banana.  Obviously I still have a ways to go. 

Happy Saturday!

Question: Do you eat straigh up bananas or do you usually mix them in with something else?

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14 thoughts on “one step closer

  1. I love bananas, but I can’t stand when there is an green on them at all- even if there was green yesterday that is not ripe enough for me. Oddly, my sister loves them green (or at least a little green)- not me though. However, this treat you made looks amazing. I love the combination of chocolate and bananas and I think coconut could only add to the greatness!

  2. OH MY GOSH! That looks so yummy! I’ll have to try that out sometime.

    Green bananas are gross – I’m pretty sure that’s why I HATED bananas before college…somehow I was always fed really under ripe bananas whenever I got foot cramps during swim season. Bleck!

  3. THAT’s GENIUS!!!
    I actually don’t like bananas unless they’re mixed in with something else like oatmeal or yogurt. You’re not alone!! =P

  4. I just found your blog thru fitandfortysomething.

    I agree with the others- PURE GENIUS!!

    I do like bananas but this has got to be the best idea I’ve ever seen for a banana! But then again I’d probably eat anything with gooey chocolate, peanut butter and coconut on it!

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. see i am one of the weird people who LOVE bananas when they are slightly green. I think that is when they taste the best, but thats just me. Regardless, this looks divine. I love your creative creations!

  6. Oh I LOVE bananas, raw or cooked! I would probably be scarred if I had a similar experience, though 😉 I’ve thought “eh, ripe enough…” before when a banana was only slightly green and it just leaves this awful gritty feeling!!
    your banana boat looks heavenly – i bet the dates got all nice and melty, too – and you can’t go wrong with coconut. especially when combined like that!!

  7. I prefer my bananas mixed into things as well. They can be raw or cooked, just so long as they are perfectly be-speckled with some brown spots. I have been enjoying banana and PB with cinnamon and raisins in my morning overnight oats, as of late.

  8. What a brilliant idea!! I will have to try this!!

    I used to HATE bananas, but they are growing on me. I can’t eat them with anything (except in banana bread) and I really dislike banana flavored things, but I can eat them straight up when they are slightly under-ripe. When they get ripe, they make me gag.

  9. Wow, that looks SOoooo good! And I do eat raw bananas sometimes, but they make my teeth hurt. Ha, ha. Is that even possible? I mostly eat them in smoothies or in my cereal though.

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