Weekend Post: life’s to-do list

I decided to create my own version of “life’s to-do list.”  The movie The Bucket List—as well as the book, The Next Thing on the List—have inspired meI’ve always envied people who have set goals and ideas for themselves, then follow through by actually doing them.  And how fun would it be to check off the list as I go?  It’s still in the works, but I’m excited to see what new adventures it will bring my way. 😀

I can tell you at least one “to-do” that will definitely find it’s way onto that list: Try something completely new at your favorite restaurants.  Or something along those lines.  I’m such a creature of habit.  When I saw black bean soup on the menu at Panera this afternoon, it was the oh-so-obvious choice.  On the side I had 1/2 of a Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich and an apple.  Mmm…how I love Panera’s soups.

It was so much fun eating out for lunch with this girl.  I told her that she needs to order the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich next time we eat there so that she can figure out what’s in it and then recreate it at home (and teach me how.)  😉  I don’t know how she does it, but somehow she knows exactly what’s in a meal so that she can make it again. 

Trying something new isn’t easy, but advertising helps a little. 😉  Starbucks has been promoting their frappucino’s for a while now, with the claim that “you can make it your way!”  I’ve been wanting to try a soy version for a while now, and today was my chance.  Nicole ordered their caramel light frappucino (um…amazing!) and I ordered the tall soy mocha light frappucino.  It tasted just like a wendy’s frosty—only better. 

What a fun treat! 😀

Creating my own version of “life’s to-do list” will be challenging and fun.  Who knows what new foods I’ll try?  What excursions I’ll go on?  What kinds of people I’ll meet?  What lessons I’ll learn?

Of course I’ll share the completed list as soon as it’s complete. 😉

Question: What are some things you would add to your own “life’s to-do list”?  I need some brilliant ideas to add to the list!


18 thoughts on “Weekend Post: life’s to-do list

  1. I recently blogged about my list of 30 things I want to do by my 30th birthday (I am 29 now). The list included things as small as paying for the food of the people in line behind me in the drive thru to big things like running a marathon. It was fun to think of things that I really wanted to accomplish within the next year. I also have a bucket list of some long term goals. Looking forward to reading yours!
    Btw, I found your blog via No Meat Athlete 🙂

    • I started the list with the idea of “age 30” in mind too. I think having some sort of ‘deadline’ will help to actually make things happen. 😀

  2. i love this! what a great idea to try all these new things and so fun to read what else you may have up your sleeve-so happy you are getting the biking bug too 🙂

  3. Hey there!

    I just stumbled across your blog. Yesterday, I just launched my own baby Bucket List project. I’m looking for other goal achieving enthusiasts to help me get started. If you have a free sec, check my list out at http://sueslist.wordpress.com/

    I’m excited to see what goals you put on yours! Good luck writing that list, and with all your other endeavors!


  4. that looks like about exactly what i get whenever i go to panera! and i am envious too, my list includes mostly stuff i cant do right now, like move to new york, move to caliornia..!

  5. I was just (this weekend) contemplating making a list of things to do during this summer. While a lifetime is a whole lot more challenging (and fun!) – I think it’s a great idea. I always wanted to run a marathon when I was a little kid, so I started training for one in college and got that one checked off the list early in life…it felt great! Can’t wait to see what makes your list…

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