(a) (b) (c)

I didn’t realize until after making breakfast, that all my toppings and mix-ins were of the same color.  (a) oatmeal = brown, (b) peanut butter = brown, (c) pumpkin = brown/orange.  Oh well.  At least the flavors were far from boring. 😉

  • 1/2 c. raw oatmeal
  • 1/2 c. canned pumpkin
  • 1 small mac apple, diced
  • 6-oz. plain, nonfat dannon yogurt
  • cinnamon, nutmeg and clove + splash of vanilla
  • topping: 1 T. Teddy’s chunky peanut butter and 1 T. Galaxy Granola (“very vanilla” flavor)

Super creamy! 😀

Pre-walk snack: orange and a handful of salted, dry roasted peanuts.

I forgot how much I love peanuts in a shell.  They’re (a) filled with filling protein, (b) fun to crack open and (b) make for a tasty snack. 😀

Yesterday I double batched the Black Bean Soup which means I basically have enough to either (a) feed an army, (b) feed the entire family lunches for the week, or (c) freeze for future use.  I don’t think the family would appreciate (b), and I’m really hoping that the soup freezes well because it sure would make for a quick lunch option next week. 

(p.s. I double most soups, especially when they’re some of the more time-intensive ones to make.  It makes life easy when you need it to be. 😉 )   

I cut up some more of the cornbread which I served on the side.

I’ve been eyeballing Voskos Greek Yogurt on other blogs for a while now, so when Allison from Voskos volunteered to send me some to sample and review, I was more then excited.   I normally use Dannon as my yogurt of choice because it’s (a) cheap (as in “40 cents cheap”!!) (b) pretty creamy for nonfat, plain yogurt and (c) free of gunky additives.  But—at heart—I will always be a greek yogurt kinda girl.  😉

There are five flavors (aside from plain) to be sampled, and the first one that instantly leaped out at me was the Exotic Fig.  This was wonderful!!  Not quite as creamy as other greek yogurts I’ve tried in the past, but the flavor was unique and delicious.  It reminded me of a fig newton (it even had little fig seeds that gave a fun little crunch :mrgreen: ).  I topped mine with walnuts and chopped dates. 

So yes, definitely recommend this flavor.  Can’t wait to try the other flave-ahs; thanks Voskos! 😀

In a desparate attempt to finish off some meat from the freezer, I defrosted some already grilled burgers and reheated them in a pan with sauteed onions (with a bit of EVOO.)  Talk about easy.  And I do love eating a good burger now and then.

Stepping aside from the traditional hamburger bun, however, I used a slice of toasted whole wheat sourdough bread which I loved.  I could eat this bread with everything.  Not even kidding.

On the side, I made a larger-than-life salad complete with black olives, broccoli, feta cheese, and a splash of balsamic vinegar and orange.

Off to spend the night with the fam!!  😀  We have a campfire planned since it’s too gorgeous outside not to have one. 


Question: What is your yogurt of choice?  (a) Plain, non-fat Dannon for when I need a daily yogurt fix (b) fage 2% when I can make the extra monetary splurge 😉 and (c) chobani pineapple when I can make the monetary splurge and when I want it to be flavored.


13 thoughts on “(a) (b) (c)

  1. is that sourdough bread from trader joes? I tried their version and it was SO GOOD. I could easily see it being a great base for a burger!
    oats look great – I love reading your blog because you always add different oat toppings that just sound fabulous.

    low fat plain greek yogurt = favorite. Anything fat free doesn’t keep me full.

  2. i am in canada…have never seen voskos or fage …WISH i did though!!
    Love yogurt…i think i eat a lot of it…its easy for me to go thru a 500 g tub in a day…oops 🙂

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