Sunny Sunday

I always plan for Sunday mornings to be hectic, crazy, and “oh my goodness, where did I put my other shoe?” kind of busy.  Which is why I usually plan my breakfast ahead of time.  At least one thing has to remain calm.  Cool.  Collected.  It may as well be breakfast. 😉

The Chocolate Lover’s Breakfast Cookie

  • 1/2 c. uncooked oatmeal
  • 2 T. wheat bran
  • 1 T. Teddy Peanut Butter
  • 2 T. cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • 1 banana, mashed (saving 1/4 for the top)

Mash, mash, mash everything together.  Don’t hold back.  The more you mash, the better it will taste.  Add in a splash of milk (or soymilk) if it’s too dry and needs the extra liquid.  Then mash some more.  Spread out on a plate and chill in the fridge overnight. 

This is best served with a cold glass of milk.  😀

So yes.  Going back to my busy Sunday morning.  I found my shoe and made it to church in one piece.  Success. 😉


Last week, I experienced tofu in a whole new light.  I’ve always enjoyed tempeh (a fermented, cake form of tofu which has a firm, nutty texture.)  But tofu?  After one horrible, tasteless, spongy experience, I quickly turned up my nose and called it quits.  It wasn’t meant to be.  But then I tasted it after my Dad had cooked it on the grill.  *Gasp*  It was head over heels kind of love, my friends. 

I do believe that part of the secret to its firm, chewy bite and crusty exterior is in the freezing method.  I first drain the tofu, press it until most of the liquid is excreted and then pop the block (which is now cut into 4 pieces) into the freezer.  Once it dethaws for use, I press it again which leaves it much drier then before the freezing.  The dryness is what allows it to seep up all that delicious flavor from a marinade (in this case, a peanut sauce.)  Trust me on this one.  It really works.

Needless to say, lunch was Ah-mazing.  Kudos to Dad.  There was sauteed green beans and a slice of wholegrain boule with butter on the side.  Eaten at Peperes, out on the deck, while listening to stories of his childhood in Canada.  Perfect.  Everything was perfect.

Afternoon Snack!

I live the perfect distance from an icecream barn.  Close enough that I can walk there when the mood strikes, but not too close that I take advantage of it too often. 😉

We were all in the mood for an afternoon sweet today and went out for a 4-mile, round-trip stroll.  I was determined to try something new.  Break the mold!  And so I did.  Instead of ordering the usual (i.e., Oatmeal Cookie, which is is as good as it sounds) I opted for the Peanut Butter Caramel Swirl Delight.  Which was also as good as it sounds.  There were chunks of peanut butter and swirls of deep, rich caramel.  I’m still more a fan of the Oatmeal Cookie flavor, but this one ranks high on the list too. 😉


Sunday nights are “fend for yourself” nights when we all basically scurry through the kitchen and find whatever we’re in the mood for.  But tonight was a bit different.  Our brains were all in sync and we came up with a quick and delicious taco salad creation.  Basic salad mix topped with 1/3 a can of Vegetarian Refried Beans (slightly heated), feta cheese, onions, scoop of spicy salsa, and a dollop of Voskos Organic Greek Yogurt (which, by the way, tastes very similair to sour cream.)

+ kashis for crushing on top (or you could use tortilla chips if you prefer!)

It was a delicious way to end a warm, sunny Sunday. 😀

Question: What was the highlight of your Sunday?  For me, it was simply sitting out on my Pepere’s deck and talking about Canada, moose and gardening. 😀


13 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday

  1. all of this looks amazing! I tried a recipe last night for a quiche with tofu. I had never made quiche or cooked tofu! I’m not a big tofu fan because I’m really not sure about soy and try not to eat it often, but other than the tofu this sounded really good – and it was! Glad you enjoyed it too. I love that you walked to/from the ice cream place. Local ice cream is the best!

  2. That breakfast cookie looks really good.

    I went for a drive with my boyfriend and a good friend today, and one of the highlights was stopping in this tiny town in the middle of nowhere to get soft serve. It was an old-fashioned stand, painted pink, with misters coming off the side. Very fun.

  3. I’m with you on the tofu – I love it with a nice, crunchy exterior. I’ll have to try your drying and freezing method!

    Sundays are always a little sad for me…it’s the day I have to pack up and head back to my apartment for work. I hate leaving my family 😦 I’m such a homebody, haha!

  4. whew – everything looks amazing! i still need to try this breakfast cookie creation 🙂
    and i’ve had only mediocre experiences with tofu – so i just settled with tempeh and then seitan…i really like tempeh, and figure i would like tofu prepared the right way. just haven’t been inspired to do so yet! haha. will need to keep your method in mind 🙂
    glad you had a good sunday, sound slike a lot of good times and bonding 🙂

  5. That ice cream! I swoon. Waffle cones are the best. Thanks for the tofu tip! I am DEFINITELY going to try that out! It’d love to get a tofu press, but those babies are more than 30 dollars! Yowza! Hopefully the freezing method will produce a similar effect.

  6. Hmmm, that icecream looks SO good! The highlight of my Sunday was catching up with a special friend… and then actually having time to relax afterward. I love lazy Sundays! 🙂

  7. It would be so much gun to hear memories of Canada- I returned from Montreal a fee days ago and I love it there so much. That icecream sounds so wonderful, especially for a warm day!

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