D-D-D-Drivin’ Along

I love waking up to a big bowl of fruit.  A big ol’ bowl of watermelon.  Juicy.  Sweet.  Refreshing.


It held me over until everyone else woke up around 8:30.  Time for oats, coffee, and the discussion of plans for the day.

I made the same mix as yesterday, only I subbed in a nectarine for the banana. 


We decided to keep the plans laid back for today.  It was raining, so hiking was out of the question.  Not that I’m against hiking in the rain, but I’d much rather be out hiking and have it start to rain, versus starting out a hike in the rain.  If that makes any sense at all.  Probably not. 😉

Anyways, as I was saying, the plans were laid back. 



Act like a tourist.


 We took a drive out to North Conway, and hit one of our favorite restaurants in the area for lunch.  The Muddy Moose.  I have yet to be disappointed here.  Their food is always delicious and the selection is great—everyone leaves happy and satisfied, no matter what the palate preference.

Dad ordered a dish of mussels in a white wine sauce for the table to share.  Um.  Amazing.  ‘Nuff said.



 Love the New Hampshire charm of the restaurant.

Picture drawing is NOT just for kids, FYI.


 In addition to the mussels, the meal started out with some warm, crispy bread.  So good!  I’m kind of a self-proclaimed bread snob, and this one was perfect.  Doughy on the inside, crispy on the out.  Yum!


 For my entree, I ordered the Portobello Burger.  I was expecting an actual burger-styled mushroom, but it came out in a roll.  At first I felt disappointed.  And then I took a bite.  Disapointment flew out the window.  Whoooosh!!!

This.  Was.  Delicious. 

The mushrooms were moist and meaty—packed with flavor.  They mixed and mingled with the broccoli, onions, olive oil & garlic, and tomatoes, creating the ultimate flavor combination.  I will definitely be attempting a “remake” at home. 😉


 Fellow Bloggie! :mrgreen:


 The rest of the day involved:

More driving…

More eating… (granola bars, fruits, hummus & veggies)


Viewing rivers, mountains, lakes…

 Being silly…


Trying on hats and looking totally chic while doing it…


 Did I mention driving?

We drove through mountains, over mountains, by mountains.  We drove through towns, cities, forests.  We drove through rainstorms.


Driving.  Lots of driving.

Nicole and I entered into fits of laughter by the end of the car trip.  We’ll just blame it on exhaustion.  Pure, complete exhaustion. 😉


 By the time we rolled on home, we were all starving, and Nate & Nicole treated everyone to some pizza.  I had one giant slice of vegetable pizza and a large side salad, dolloped with a bit of refried beans. 



 Dinner was delicious.  😀


Peace Out.

Question: What is the longest car ride you have ever been on? 


14 thoughts on “D-D-D-Drivin’ Along

  1. What an awesome day! I always love all of your photos. The last photo of the sky is unbelievable…that’s probably one of my favorite things to photograph & look at! What a delicious looking lunch(!), & the pic of your sis getting her blog pic is funny! 🙂 Did you mean to make your dinner salad have a smile? haha The farthest road trip I’ve ever taken was probably between 15-17 hours. It was not fun. haha

  2. Wow, The Muddy Moose looks really cool! That portobello burger looks excellent – nothing better than meaty mushrooms 🙂 yum!!

    I HATE long car rides – I’m a baby about it. The drive to Savannah a few weeks ago was only 5 hours, but I thought I was going to die of boredom!

  3. From Chapel Hill, NC to Key West. Holy-drive. It was out of control. I’m guessing it took us a good 14 hours. Maybe more. I try to block out the memory of the time we spent in the car.

  4. I’ve gone on a lot of long car trips- I live in Chicago and went to Boston College. My parents and I would drive my stuff there and back every fall and summer. It took about 18 hours, but I never minded- road trips are fun! 🙂

    That portabella “burger” looks awesome, but it does kinda look like a sub more than a burger. Ah well, who cares if it looks like that!

  5. I love all of your photos!! They are gorgeoous, and the food looks amazing, too 🙂 I love the interior of that restaraunt – how fun is that antler chandelier? SO new england, too 😉
    My longest car ride was Vermont to Virginia…however long that was. I can’t remember, but if I remember correctly it was something like 15 hours too many 😛

  6. I’ve been to Muddy Moose before, a long time ago, and thought it was delicious. And I love your shorts btw, where did you get them? Next time you are in Conway, check out Raffertys pub. They have some great food and an entire gluten free menu ( which I love ). I definitely prefer lakes, since Ive grown up on Lake Winnepesaukee.

    • Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll definitely check out that place the next time I’m in conway. 😀

      I bought the shorts from New York and Company. They always have the best fitting shorts, in my opinion. 😀

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