Sometimes. Most times.

SOMETIMES.  Most times.

Sometimes I eat the same exact thing, two days in a row.  Exact same thing.  From my breakfast…


 …to my dinner.  Exact. 

And sometimes I’m completely okay with that.

Sometimes.  Most times.


 Sometimes it takes a gentle stroll through your very own vegetable garden…


…and flower garden…


 …and herb garden…


 …in your bare feet.  Just to remind yourself that, yes, it’s summer. 

And sometimes, by the way, it’s okay to be busy doing nothing.


 Sometimes my parents surprise me with little things, like a brand new spoon, because they know that’s how I roll. 

Sometimes those little things make me smile all day long.

Sometimes.  Most times.

 Sometimes I get a craving for chocolate. 

Sometimes—most times—I wave a white flag and surrender.  A lil’ bit of what I really, truly love goes a long way.  I really, truly love Coconut Bliss Dark Chocolate.

Sometimes.  Most times.


Sometimes it takes a cat named Stitch…


 …one lonely bubble…


 …tickling your nose…


 …and a brick…

…to remind me that it’s okay to get really excited over the simple things of life.

Sometimes.  Most times.

Question: What made you smile today? 

21 thoughts on “Sometimes. Most times.

  1. Sometimes I have days where I will consequtively eat the same things too.. sometimes it’s just that good!

    … uh, is it just me or is your kitty’s front paw a little funny looking? No shame.. I’m just wondering 🙂

    What made me smile today? My horse when she almost knowcked me over trying to scratch her nose by rubbing it on my back. I debbated for a good twenty mminutes before leaving the house whether or not I actually wanted to go and see her… and when I did I ended up having a wonderful time 🙂
    ❤ Tat

  2. Your photographs have been absolutely beautiful, especially lately! Is Stitch named after the Disney movie character? I think he needs to make more blog appearances!

    • That’s a great question. Stitch is actually my sister’s cat, and I actually never asked her about how he got his name. I’ll have to do that. 😀

      And I’m a very, very proud aunt, so I’ll definitely make the effort to include him into the blog more often. 😉

  3. Awesome post!!!! I LOVE the pictures, especially of the kitty & bubble! 🙂 I smiled because I’m so happy to be blessed with such an amazing twin sis that I love unconditionally. 🙂

  4. coconut ice cream make me smile from one ear to the other, that’s for sure.
    but other things that made me smile yesterday were the wonderful weather here in geneva, the french language and a great bowl of oatmeal for breakfast

  5. This post flows like a poem! I love the way you wrote it, and I feel that so much of it rings very true with me. Have a great “Hump Day”, Sarah!

    • Aww…thanks so much for such a great compliment! I really appreciate it, and would love to learn more about photography in the future. 😀

  6. Your post totally made me smile! Awesome blog for sure! 😀 And I’m the same way with eating the same thing sometimes. I can just like make something that I really like and just keep eating it… It sometimes will save on waste, because sometimes I make something and then make something else and forget about the other food… ahhaha may times has this happened! I love the photography though! I have but a crappy little snapshot camera and no money for a good camera! I’m definitely in love with your cat though. He’s adorable!
    😀 Thanks for this post! Cutee!

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