Food Stars

 In every good movie, there is a celebrity.  A star.  The main actor.  The reason you watch the movie in the first place.

Food isn’t so different.

Take breakfast, for example.  Just my standard bowl of banana ‘n’ oats, topped with granola, chia seeds, coconut…


 …and Trader Joe’s almond butter. 

Almond butter.  It stole the show.  I mean, everything else was delicious, and there would have been no meal without the oats, the milk, the banana.  But still.  It was all about the almond butter.


 Then there was lunch.

You all know I love my salads.  Whether it’s basic like this one, or filled out to the max.  Love. 

 Extra virgin olive oil.  Tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden.  Buttery white beans.

But it all came down to the cheese.  Robusto cheese, to be exact.  Full of little crystals that pop when you chew, melting into your tongue with a burst of sharp, nutty flavor.  I like to try all different types of cheese, but I’m pretty sure I could settle down and enjoy this one for the rest of my life. 


dessert: watermelon x2!!!

snack: grapefruit and almonds


 Dinner had a major role player as well, although this one was a little harder to narrow down.

Was it the brown rice cooked in vegetable broth?

The grilled zucchini, cooked with olive oil, garlic powder and pepper?


 Was it the grilled chicken, smothered in garlic powder, paprika, parsley, pepper, & a little olive oil?

Was it the fresh salsa, made of Trader Joe’s mild salsa and diced avocado?



It was the date.  The sweet, innocent medjool date that I ate for dessert.  At first glance, he doesn’t look like much.  But, you know, first appearances really aren’t everything.

Densely sweet.  Chewy.  Nature’s candy. 

Melt.  In.  Your.  Mouth.  Delicious.

Question: What were some of the “food stars” of your day?


12 thoughts on “Food Stars

  1. So true – my breakfast would have been nothing if it weren’t for the delicious maple syrup I’d been neglecting lately, and my lunch not so amazing if it weren’t for the chopped dates.
    I’ve never heard of Robusto cheese!! But that salad looks absolutely delicious, as does your breakfast. Of course, has it ever not?!

  2. I’m with you…dates are unbelievable. I usually start my day with a date. 🙂

    My food stars for the day:

    Breakfast: cinnamon on my mushed banana/pb toast
    Lunch: Hummus + BBQ dressing on my salad
    Dinner: Unknown, I haven’t had dinner yet. 😉

  3. I love how you theme your posts. I completely agree with all your “stars”, especially the date. “Nature’s candy”…perfect description!!

  4. All your food looks delicious, but the date is the best :-). I just discovered dates this summer, and I have them every day – I can never stop at just one though!

  5. food star of my day = 2 new larabar flavors 🙂 So fantastic.
    I love how you relate the movies to food. True foodie! haha but I think every meals has a star/”main event”

    TJ’s almond butter sure is epic!

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