best of friends

Not gonna lie.  This was probably one of my favorite breakfasts of the week. 

Yes, I love oats.

But there’s something about biting into a giant sized whole wheat bagel, smeared with chunky peanut butter, and finishing the meal off with fruity sweetness.  Perfect.

Here’s another bite of truth: blueberry picking with my Pepere was the highlight of my week.  The blueberries literally—literally!!!—came off the branches in clusters.  You simply had to grab a handful, and they fell directly into your bucket.  And they’re absolutely bursting with sweetness.  Which makes this (this = cottage cheese, raw oats and blueberries) my favorite snack of the week.


There is no competition for these two treats of today.  None. 

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that Nicole, aka Loving Simple Moments, is my very best friend.  And I’m not just saying that as a cliche statement.  I mean, really, if you knew this girl in person, you would totally understand.

Whenever we hang out, I always have fun.  It doesn’t matter if we’re meandering our way through a country fair in the middle of nowhere…


 It doesn’t matter if we’re spending time at Trader Joes, where we say “yes” to any and all free food samples….

squirting ketchup onto a beef hotdog…note that my face is saying, “umm…I don’t know about this.” :mrgreen:



 It doesn’t matter if we’re shopping till we’re dropping….


 We always—always, always—have a blast.  I can count on this girl for when I need a good cry, a long conversation, or just a drive out to the mall.  She’s always there.  And she’s always an awesome friend.

This weekend, starting tomorrow night at 5:30 sharp, Nicole is kidnapping me.  Yes, kidnapping.  To where?  No idea.  Seriously.  Not a clue.  All she told me is that I need to…

(a) Bring a cute, girly sundress. (b) Bring my pj’s, toothbrush, and any makeup necessities.

And (c) bring my appetite.  Yes.  I can do that.

Needless to say, I may not be around for much of this weekend.  Instead, I’ll be off somewhere, living it up with my bestest of friends. 

I.  Can.  Not.  Wait. :mrgreen:

Question: What was your favorite snack/meal of the day?


9 thoughts on “best of friends

  1. I need to go blueberry picking this weekend! I’m afraid my time is running out 🙂
    My favorite meal of the day was definitely this morning’s breakfast of overnight oats. Of course, i think that’s alllways my favorite meal 😛
    Have a super fun weekend!!

  2. I think it’s so awesome that your sister and you are best friends! I just think that’s such a beautiful thing. I am not nearly so close to my sister, but maybe one day we will be closer. Have a blast this weekend!

  3. The dinner you made with lentils the other day inspired me to cook lentils for dinner!! It was a first for me & I loved them!

    Have a fun weekend being kidnapped! Oh yeah, my fav snack of the day was none other than greek yogurt with cereal & grapes. Yum.

  4. “whenever we hang out, I always have fun”…I LOVE that quote because that’s what real friends are about!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  5. Awww, that was the nicest post ever!! 🙂 You’re MY best friend, and I can’t than you enough for always being there. This weekend is going to be a blast!!!

  6. You and your bestie are adorable! Sigh…now I really really miss my bestie! She’s all the way in Italy, having fun while interning there.

    My favorite meal is easily breakfast! I can satisfy my sweet tooth at this meal, and also enjoy the leisurely, quiet mornings.

    Btw, I fell in love with your blog the moment I stumbled upon it. It radiates so much warmth and happiness! 😀

  7. How about that! I just came here from Nicole’s website! I just featured my bestie on my blog when I took her to a birthday lunch! My favorite meal of the day, ooh that’s tough. Can I cheat and say brunch? I really love breakfast food (more the savory stuff) but I also am a big fan of pasta salad!

  8. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I thought it was about time I say “hey”! I just switched majors to nutrition, so it’s been really awesome reading some of your old posts about your program. I’m excited to see how your internship goes!

    Have fun with your bff this weekend! I love surprises like that. 😀

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